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Beach Boys

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When I was sixteen and got my driver's license, I used to go up the coast to a stretch of beach that wasn't very public and most everyone went topless or nude.. At the end of that beach, around a point, was a very private beach where couples would often go.


There were cliffs above the beach, with farmland along the edge. One day, I figured out how to get along the top of the cliff to the place where couples went, and to spy on them. The first day I went there, the first thing I saw was a girl with big tits shaking them for your boyfriend. Then they made out something fierce. They didn't fuck, but it was enough to keep me coming back.

Usually I didn't see anything, but it didn't matter. Just going there was so exciting; I would get aroused and hard and jack off. If someone was there, I was so excited I usually wouldn't jack while I watched, but the memory and fantasy would keep me happy for a long time and many sessions between the sheets.

I was always alone there, which added to my excitement. I brought Kleenex and lube, and would stretch out and have long wanking sessions. One day, my legs were open wide, pants down, and I was happily wanking when I suddenly looked up to find another guy staring at me. I was totally startled and freaked, but he just walked closer and said something like 'I see you like the view from here, too!'

As I quickly pulled up my pants and tried to look normal, he came over and squatted next to me. 'Don't worry, I know what you've been doing, I've been coming here for a long time myself to do just the same as you're doing.'

Pretty soon we were both having a great time trading stories of what we'd seen. Sometimes we'd seen the same couple on different days, even once on the same day, we figured. Both of us had seen fucking for the first time from that very spot (and neither of us had a girlfriend ourselves).

While we were talking, we spotted a couple coming around the point. They were in bathing suits, but once they got behind the big rock, the both stripped, hugged and kissed, and then continued walking, naked. My new friend, Rob, and I, both fell absolutely silent and still while we watched.

The girl found a soft spot of beach and spread out a towel. We could see from where we were that he was already erect. The had come here to make love, and were ready!! As soon as the towel was down, they were in each other's arms, her legs wrapped around him, his hands and mouth on her breasts, lost in deep desire.

Next to me, Rob slipped his pants down, and a glanced just a little and saw his hand slowly stroking his stiff cock. For a moment I felt panic, didn't know what to do. Then I calmed down. The scene below was so hot, almost the hottest I'd seen, ever. I slipped down my pants, carefully, as if I wouldn't be noticed. It wasn't enough, and I took them off entirely, kneeling with my full erection in my hand.

As we watched, we became more and more aware of each other, the sounds, the gentle grunting, the shifting on the ground, and gradually we peeked more and more at each other. We began to speak.... 'Oh, yes, man, that's so hot, yea look at her, oh man it feels so good, yes, oh man this is so hot, yeah, you look so hard, oh, god this feels so good...'

The ocean was relentlessly noisy, but now and then the wind carried the sound of the girl, beginning to moan and cry. Her legs were up, wide, and her boyfriend was pounding her hard and long. Rob and I stroked harder, too, closer and closer to cumming with every stroke. I remember seeing him cum, I'd never seen another guy's cum before and then uncontrollably shooting so hard and big I was totally in ecstasy.

I'm sure you can imagine that we met again. Actually, it was difficult for either of us to get away, and we never knew when we would meet, but we were never disappointed. We'd leave little 'clues' for each other...a sign, some rocks in a suggestive shape, and the memories of what I'd seen, below on the beach, and of Rob and his cock, always stirred me to a very good orgasm.

And when we did meet, we were so fucking horny!!! We both liked to look and stroke and take our time, and man! When we came it was BIG.



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