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Beach Beating

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This happened just last weekend. One of the best orgasms I've ever had.


Last weekend, my friends and I were at the beach having a beach-fire and generally having a good time. It was a beautiful night, and as the sun was setting, the guitar was resonating and we were all having an excellent time.

At about midnight, it was decided that going swimming would be the best thing to do, and so it was; seven teenagers swimming in the absolutely frigid water of the Pacific, but having a good time none the less. After a very short-lived swim, the guys-there were three of us-sat around the fire whilst the girls made their way up the heavily forested cliff to get changed at my friends' house.

After a few minutes, a breeze blew by and it was discovered that our members were somewhat cold. So, the three seperate boxers came off and our cocks were left in the open around the fire. Damien's was a 7-inch uncut cock that was complimented by a well-sculpted body. Reese's was very much like mine: 6 and a half inches cut.

Well, there us three sat, warmed by the fire. After about half an hour, one of the girls called my cell from the beach house and let us know that they were going to go to bed. Us three guys deliberated whether or not to make our way up the cliff, but decided to stay out and finish our drinks.

The wind began to start up again, and it was obvious that the three of us were only getting a little bit of heat from the fire, so we all got closer. The three of us with me in the middle, sat closely around the fire, and talked about chicks, etc.

After a few minutes, I began to rub my shoulders to create friction and in turn create warmth; the others followed suit. Our hands were hitting each other's whilst rubbing our shoulders, so it was decided just to sit so close that our shoulders would make contact and heat each other. The same was done for our legs and feet, and all was warm. Except for, you guessed it, our cocks. I began to reach down to my own, and the other two, understanding what I was doing, did the same.

I started just by holding my soft cock in my fist, but when I looked over and saw Reese getting semi-hard, I couldn't help it. I said 'Fuck it' and just started wanking. The other two did the same, and it was awesome. I then reached over and grabbed Damien's meat; it was warm, and was the first uncut cock I've ever held. I started jacking him off, and he let out a sigh.

Reese then decided that my cock needed some work, so grabbed mine and started wanking it for me. It felt so awesome to have another guys' hand on my member. He knew exactly what to do, having vitually the same meat as me, and it felt awesome. He started fast, and then spat in his hand and started getting slower and harder. I was ready to explode, and so were the other two (Reese was jacking himself).

I said: 'Reese, I gotta cum. Damien, I'm gonna show you what lube is like'. And then I partially stood up and let my load fall on to Damien's temporarily resting cock. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I was thrusting my hips forward and back and Damien was just sitting in front of me watching.

When I was done, I sat back down and worked my cum in to Damien's now throbbing cock. I got faster and faster until his hips started thrusting and he lifted his ass so his toned legs were flexed. With a massive grunt and a few more screams, he shot his load on to the burning coals.

Reese, watching this, than came on the fire as well, and we were all done. The smell of burning cum is not something I recommend, and we all felt that we should head up to the house. After an amazing night, we started our trek up the cliff, all of us with a lot on our minds.



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