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Be Careful When You Bet

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I thought it was a safe bet.


My name is Margie and I'm nineteen years-old and this is what happened last weekend. My parents were gone for the weekend and my step-brother had two friends over to watch football. Both him and I are big fans but of two different teams. This was the weekend that they were playing each other. The three of them cheered for their team and I cheered for mine.

At the half the teams were tied. We started to talk bad about each others teams. My step-brother's friend, Richard, told me to put my money where my mouth was. I told him that I was broke. He told me that there were other things to bet. I had to ask him what he had in mind. Richard then suggested that loser do a striptease. That the three of them would strip if their team lost. They were good looking boys but I declined. Richard said that maybe I thought my team wasn't good enough to bet on. I couldn't let them put down my team, so I reluctantly agreed to the wager.

I was nervous at first but as the third quarter went on my team pulled ahead by two touchdowns. I was now confident that they would win and told the boys that I would enjoy watching their naked bodies dancing. At the beginning of the fourth quarter Richard said that he was so sure their team would win that he would like to up the bet. He said that if his team lost, that not only would they strip, but that they would jerk themselves off. The other two quickly complained but Richard told them to relax because they would win the bet. I had to ask him what would happen if they won. He said that they would watch me Jill myself. Right after he made the proposition my team made a field goal. They would need three touchdowns to win. I thought about it but it seemed unlikely that my team would loose. I agreed.

Nothing happened; score wise, for five minutes. Then their team finally scored. I became slightly concerned, but they still needed two touchdowns. I was starting to feel better when the game had three minutes left and my team had the ball. Then the quarterback fumbled the ball and their team recovered it. One and a half minutes later they scored. With just under one and a half minutes to go my team was still ahead by a field goal. My team had the ball and began to work their way down the field when they fumbled again. The other team had less than a minute to score. It was now down to the last play. It was a pass and they scored. The other team had one.

After they were done cheering they looked over at me. I was blushing. I knew what I had to do. They turned off the television which was my clue to get started. I walked over and stood in front off the television. I never done this before so the first thing I thought I should remove was my socks. The boys laughed and cheered as I threw my socks at them. They became very quiet when I pulled my jersey off. I was wearing one of my skimpy 'Victoria's Secret' bras. I think that my C cups look good. I was feeling really warm. I undid my jeans and slowly slid them down and removed them. The boys now got an eyeful of the matching panties that went with the bra. They were staring at my small patch of hair that they could see through the panties. I slid my bra off. My nipples have never felt so hard. I was nervously shaking as I slid my panties off. I did it, I had removed my clothing. The boys were squirming nervously in anticipation of what was next.

I will truthfully say that I only masturbate twice a month. I do it privately in my bedroom. I usually play with my boobs first and then work myself down to my pussy. I figured I would do the same for them. I lay down on the floor. At first I was so nervous that I thought I was going to throw up. I laid there for a few minutes and tried to calm down. I stared at the ceiling as I began to play with my boobs. I gently rubbed, pinched and tugged on my nipples. At first I was just going through the motions but then it started to feel good. I kept playing with my boobs and could feel myself becoming wet. I slid my one hand slowly down and started to play with my pussy hair. It was already damp. I played with my pubes for a moment. I began to draw my knees up and spread them. The boys could see my pussy as I opened up my thighs but I no longer cared. I had to touch myself. I began to finger my clit. It was really sensitive. I began to feel really tingly. I needed more. I rubbed faster and faster until I felt my orgasm rip through me.

I tried to catch my breath as I laid there. I finally sat up and saw the boys staring at me. They were all trying to hide their wood. They were all red in the face and one by one excused themselves. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they were doing. I slowly gathered my clothing and headed for my shower. Thou I don't regret what I did, I really don't want to do that again. I like my privacy.



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