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Recently, my wife, Karen, and I travelled to small-town Oregon to go to her parent's 50th anniversary party. Not having a lot of money to spare we planned stay at a local B&B in an old farm house. Her older sister, Lori, had driven down from her home in Portland and asked if we could let her stay with us. Like us she needs to watch every dollar. Lori is married but has been separated from her husband for several years. They had no children and I know she was a virgin when she married. Karen has told me that Lori is ready to start 'dating' but has not as her divorce is not final.

If you saw Karen and Lori together you would not know they were sisters. Lori is a full figured redhead, with freckles and green eyes. Karen is a petite dark haired woman, with an athlete's body, slim hips and small breasts. Much to the annoyance of Lori, Karen has given us three children in five years and not put on any weight although her bra size has gone to a B cup.

The B&B place gave us a large room on the top floor that had a large four-poster bed and a small single bed on the far side of the room. There was a large old bath-tub, sink and toilet all out in the open; the toilet was behind a small folding screen painted with Japanese art.

There was not going to be much privacy but it was only for one night.

The party was in the late afternoon and when we headed back to the B&B it was about 9:00 PM. Karen and Lori were both tipsy and I had to help them up the narrow attic stairs and into our bedroom.

On the way upstairs I could not help looking down Lori's dress at her large breasts as she had her arm around me. Once in the room the girls took off their dresses and sat around in their underwear talking about the family and home-town friends we had met that afternoon. I turned the TV off and climbed into bed as the ladies teased me for being a wimp and going to bed at 10:00 on a Saturday night.

I had been asleep for several hours when Karen got into bed with me. She woke me up by pulling on my penis which soon got hard. We snuggled and after some foreplay we began to have sex as quietly as we could. The bed was creaking and out of the darkness I heard Lori say 'Hurry up; I can't sleep with the noise of the bed'. The three of us broke down laughing and I lost both my focus and my erection.

Karen and I went back to snuggling and we soon fell asleep in each other arms.

At some point in the night, Lori got into bed with us. I recall her getting up to use the toilet several times because I was thinking about her sexually as I listened to her pee. She said that the single bed was too uncomfortable and she was unable to sleep.

At first she got into the far side of the bed, beside Karen. We all had to move over to make room and I went back to sleep. Later, Karen, who was in the middle of the bed had to get up to pee and she climbed over me to get out. Upon her return she just got in on the side, leaving me in the center, still naked from our abortive lovemaking.

I am not really sure what happened next. I have tried to talk to Karen about it but she just says we are never going to talk about it.

I rolled over and spooned with Karen, sliding my penis between her buttocks.

I was having a dream where I was on a beach, floating in shallow warm water. I awoke on my back just as I was ejaculating a huge load of semen into the sheets. Karen, now lying on her side facing me, had slowly masturbated me when I was sleeping. I turned to her and gave her a kiss and she whispered it was her turn. Thinking that she wanted me to return the favor, I reached out to touch her but she indicated that I was to watch her masturbate.

Watching Karen masturbate is one of my all time best turn-ons. This kind of foreplay is something we do now and then. She will lie in front of me, legs open and bring herself close to orgasm until either I can't take it anymore and enter her or she tells me she wants me inside her. Either way, she comes soon afterwards, as do I.

I put my head under the covers and in the early morning light could make out the shapes of her legs, knees up, and her hands pushing down between them. The scent of her juices, mixed with the smell of my semen, still wet, on my body was wonderful.

She came with a loud grunt, rolled over into a fetal position, shaking as if she was freezing. I tried to snuggle up against her with the thought of going inside her from behind but she pushed me away.

I lay back on the bed and listened to her gasping for breath, like a fish out of water. As Karen's breathing slowly returned to normal, from the other side of the bed, Lori was starting to breathe faster and faster.

I turned to face her and our eyes met for a moment but she looked right through me as if I was not there. She had a bewildered look on her face. Lori was in the same exact position as Karen had been a moment before except that she was on top of the quilt, uncovered. Closing her eyes with her face pointed at the ceiling, her back arched, she held her labia open with one hand while rubbing her clitoris in a circular movement with the other. Her breasts, with their large dark brown nipples heaved up and down as she took deep breaths, rocking her hips back and forth at the same time.

As I watched, Karen sat up and leaned over me to get a better view. Together, we watched Lori masturbate. I too started to masturbate by stroking my penis but Karen held my hand preventing me, however after a few minutes she began to stroke me slowly, holding the skin at the base of my cock, at the balls. This feels good and keeps me hard but won't provide enough stimulation to come.

Lori continued to masturbate, now plunging two then three fingers deep inside her vagina, faster and faster while still rubbing on her clitoris. As she did she was talking to herself. Lori kept saying 'fuck me -fuck me harder' as she got closer. This was unexpected as Lori never swears or uses bad language, ever.

When she came, she did the exact thing Karen does. She rolled up in a ball and shivered. She had squirted and left a huge wet spot on the quilt. From where I was, I could clearly see the opening to her vagina, wet and glistening still twitching and contracting after her orgasm. After a moment she sat up and was shocked to see Karen and I, in the bed, watching her. She jumped up out of the bed and stood facing us and began to cry.

Karen got up, ran around the bed and hugged her. They spoke in whispers so I do not know what was said, but after a moment they both got back into the bed, forcing me to slide over.

When Lori got in she asked 'why is the bed all wet?' Laughing, Karen told her that it was from her squirting. This really embarrassed her for some reason. The ladies then began to talk about squirting and how they learned to masturbate when they were little girls.

As they talked, I began to masturbate. When they become conscious what I was up to they both turned to watch me. Karen held my hand as I jerked-off with the other. Lori sat cross-legged on the end of the bed watching me. I shifted to a more upright sitting position so I could get a direct view of Lori with her legs spread. There was an awkward moment as Karen was at first not happy with me looking at her sisters vagina but she told Lori it was alright when Lori pulled the quilt up between her legs to cover herself up. Lori pushed the cover flat and with her hands gently pulled on the inner parts of her legs, causing her lips to open. She keeps herself clean shaven, except for a small triangle of thin reddish-brown pubic hair on her mound. She had large brown labia that almost entirely cover her clitoris. When they opened fully that revealed the small opening to her vagina under the bright pink spot that is her clitoris. She ran her finger up her crack, from her ass, over the mouth of her vagina, over her clitoris and up into her pubic hair. As she did this her eyes unfocused, glazed over and the bewildered look returned to her face. It was a look of pure pleasure as a mature woman enjoyed the feeling of touching her own body. This was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced.

I have masturbated with my wife watching many times and once with an old girlfriend many years ago bur never with two people watching. It took me a long time to come, but with Karen giving me some sexy words of encouragement and me secretly fantasizing about fucking Lori I was able to come. The climax was intense and protracted yet I was only able to ejaculate a single glob of semen which landed on my tummy. I scooped it up with my finger and placed it into Karen's vagina.

An eerie silence began. The three of us just sat on the bed for a moment looking at one another. I began to think about what I would have to say or do in order to convince Karen to allow me to have sex with Lori. This got me hard again but it was not to be. The women decided it was too early to get up and we all went got back in bed and went to sleep.

I awoke several hours later to the smell of coffee and the sounds of giggling. The women were both in the bathtub together. Although I can't be sure, I believe that they were touching each other under the water. I got up, poured a cup of coffee and stood by the tub, still naked, giant morning hard-on hanging out, watching them. Whatever they were doing, they stopped.

Lori offered to get out and make room for me. We switched places and I sank into the warm water. I recalled my dream from earlier and told Karen about it. As I described my dream, she took my erect penis in her hand and jacked me off, Lori lay on the bed and masturbated again, watching us.

Afterwards, we packed up our things and checked out. Lori quickly got into her car and drove away after a brief goodbye.

Karen and I drove in complete silence for two hours until we reached the airport rental car return.

She said we would need to talk about what had happened later, when we got home, but not now. Everything was normal on the flight home. When we landed, Karen had a voice mail message from Lori on her cell phone. When we got home, she called her and they talked, as they often do for an hour or so. Our kids were still ay my mom's so we had the house to ourselves for a change. When Karen got off the telephone, I poured her a glass of wine and asked if she was ready to have our talk.

Her answer was a firm 'No'.

She said that she and Lori and agreed never to talk about what had happened and that their decision applied to me as well. As far as Karen and Lori were concerned it never happened.

Two weeks later we received a $35 dry cleaning bill from the B&B for 'cleaning and sanitizing' the quilt.

Karen told me it was from me spilling my coffee and I should be more careful in the future.



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