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Baylee and I

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Hey, Jackers and Jillers! I've got a juicy story for you.

Baylee is one of the women I work with. She's one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. Long brown hair, big dark eyes, full lips, and she's definately curvaceous and voluptuous (no, she's not fat, but she's not bony and frail, either. Baby's got back!). We work together a lot, and we've become friends. Sometimes, when we have to work later than usual, we'll head around the corner and have burgers and drinks, and hang out for a while after work. I've become increasingly infatuated with her, which is a frustrating mess, since she has a nice engagement ring on her finger and talks about her guy all the time.

One Saturday afternoon recently, she calls me up. Her boyfriend's away on a business trip, and she needs my help with something. Can I come over? When I get to her place, she tells me she's doing something for her boyfriend, and she's not sure that she can do it herself, that she's never done it before and that she doesn't want to mess it up. She says she trusts me and that we'll need to keep this whole thing a secret.

I ask her what this secret project is. I'm hugely stunned and astounded when she says she wants me to shave her pussy. What could I say to that? Of course I'll shave her pussy! She took me into the kitchen, where she had all the equipment set up. Her razor, her boyfriend's shaving cream, a towel. I add on a bowl of water, a wet wash cloth and some hand lotion (to use as an aftershave lotion).

Then she pulls off her shorts and panties, and she's naked from the waist down. And I'm finding it hard to breathe. She climbs onto the table and lays down, with her crotch toward me, and tells me how she wants it done. I pull up a chair and sit down between her legs, trying to play it cool, like this is no big thing, but my pulse is racing and I've got a raging hard-on. This is going to take a lot of hand to pussy contact, and I'm nervous as hell. I ask her if she really wants to do this, if she really wants me touching her pussy, and she tells me not to worry, it's fine.

Fine. I take a deep breath, dip my hand in the bowl of water, and start spreading water over the hair on her lips, which is where I decide to start. Then I start spreading shaving cream over the wet hair. I can't believe it! I've got my hands on Baylee's pussy! Another deep breath, and I start shaving one lip, starting at the bottom. So I can get all the hair, I use the fingers of my free hand to stretch the lip. Her pussy spreads open. The inner lips are pink and wrinkly, and between them, it's pink and wet and shiny. This is pure torture! I finish that lip and start on the other one. As I spread her open again, I can tell I'm not the only one getting turned on here: I can see that her clit is nice and hard, peeking at me from between those pink, wrinkly lips. I can barely stand it, but I struggle on and finish the second lip. Only her bush is left. She wants it shaved into a triangle, with the base facing up toward her belly and the point above her clit. Damn! It seems like this is going too fast! I'm almost done shaving her! I don't want it to end, but at the same time I want to get it over with so I can go home and settle in for some serious jacking.

I hold those thoughts and soldier on, lathering the edges of her bush. I start shaving her, using my free hand to stretch her skin. As I'm doing that, I let my knuckle brush her clit several times 'accidentally'. Each time I do, I hear her inhale sharply. Finishing one edge, I examine her pussy. She's definately getting hot and bothered! Her clit's harder than ever, her inner lips are pinker and swollen, and she's so wet that juice is actually oozing out of her pussy, trickling down to her asshole. It's driving me crazy! I start shaving the other edge of her bush, brushing her clit a few more times in the process, and then I'm done. It's a damn good job, if I say so myself! Her pussy looks superb like this. I drop the razor into the water bowl filled with lather and pubic hair and use the washcloth to wipe up all the extra lather left around her pussy. Now for the lotion. This is going to take a lot of rubbing, and I ask her if she wants to do it herself. She says no, so I squirt some lotion onto my palm. Another deep breath and I start rubbing it on. Her smooth lips and skin are so soft under my hand that I can barely stand it. I try thinking of dental work, doing taxes, shit like that, because it feels like I'm right on the edge. If I go over it, I'll have a nice hot, sticky load in my sweats. Dental drills. Writing checks to the IRS. The DMV. There, it's a little better now. I grind the butt of my palm over her clit. Baylee gasps softly, and it seems like she's breathing faster now. Maybe she should try thinking about the DMV, too. I give her clit one more pass then lean back in my chair. 'There you go. All done. Looks pretty sharp,' I tell her.

She sits up and runs her fingers through her triangle of bush, over her smooth lips. 'Oooh! It's perfect. Thanks!' she says and flashes one of her killer smiles. She puts her legs together and starts to turn around. I stand up, so she can get off the table, forgetting at the moment that my hard on is pushing out against my sweats. Baylee, of course, notices it immediately. 'Oh my goodness! Looks like somebody got a little turned on!' she says.

I can feel my face turning red and sit down. Baylee's giggling now. 'You're soooo red!' I shake my head and start rubbing the corner of my eye with my middle finger. This only makes her giggle harder.

Finally I say, 'I'm hardly the only one. You got turned on, too.'

'I did not!'

I grab her left knee and push it away from me, so that her pussy's back in view. 'I'm not the only one sportin' wood here,' I say, pressing my finger hard against her clit, 'I noticed that you're clit's nice and hard. And if that's not enough of a clue, I noticed that you're really wet.' I ran my thumb though the trickle of Baylee juice below her pussy and held it up to her. 'This isn't water or lotion, you know.'

She looks at me and starts giggling again. 'Okay, you got me. I couldn't help it. You made me feel good.' We sat there in silence for about twenty seconds, and then she spreads her legs wider and flashes me another killer smile. 'Well, aren't you going to finish up?'

Suddenly, I'm afflicted with acute stupidity. 'I thought I had finished. What's left?' I say. Duh!

Maybe it's the right thing to say, though, because she starts giggling again. 'You're so cute!' she says and grabs my hand. She folds down three of my fingers and slides my index finger into her pussy. It's so hot and wet in there! 'I'm left!' she says. 'You can't get me this far then leave me hanging like this!'

Maybe I was shocked into immobility by it all, I don't know, but I just sat there like a jackass with my finger in her pussy. She tells me I'm sooo cute again, grabs my hand, and starts fucking herself with it. Like this, she says.

Yeah, like that. I brush her hand away and take over. I slip my middle finger in beside my first finger and keep going. It's kind of mesmerizing, watching her wet, pink lips sliding around my fingers as I slip them in and out. She's getting wetter and wetter, and my fingers are making sucking sounds in her pussy. Milky juice is all over the place now, on my hand, on her thighs, on the table. It's very cool! I've never seen anything like it. I've heard of girls who get dripping wet, but this is wild! I start wondering if Baylee's one of those girls who squirt when they come. That would be something to see.

Baylee's breathing faster again, so I start rubbing her clit with my free hand, in a circular motion with all four fingers. She gasps when I first touch it. I tear my eyes away from her pussy and look at her face. She's making a sex face, her eyes closed tightly, hissing and gasping through clenched teeth. All of a sudden, she opens her mouth wide, takes a deep breath and snaps her legs shut, trapping my arm, my fingers still in her pussy. Her whole body starts spasming, and I can feel her pussy flexing around my fingers. I got her off! She didn't squirt, but who cares? It's still one helluva show! She starts to roll over onto her side, still breathing hard, and I manage to pull my arm free. While she's not looking, I smell my wet fingers. Oh, yeah. Girl-cum! That's what I've been smelling! I stick my fingers in my mouth and suck them clean, finally getting a taste of Baylee. Then I get distracted by her butt, which is now facing me. Who knows how many times I've stared at her ass? I just can't resist! I reach out and feel her butt, rub it and squeeze it. It's smooth and soft. It's outstanding.

Baylee recovers and sits up, gives me another of those famous smiles. 'Well, that wasn't part of the plan, but it was really nice,' she says. Instead of standing up, this time I just lean back as she scoots off the table. She puts on her panties and shorts and comes back to the table. 'Thanks,' she says, 'You did a good job there, with both things.' Then she tilts her head a little bit and looks at the ceiling. 'I could do you now, if you want,' she says casually.

I'm stunned. Again. Outwardly, I'm cool. 'Well,' I say, 'since you're offering, sure!' Inwardly, I'm a little jittery. I stand and follow her into the living room. She sits down and looks at me expectantly. I'm a little apprehensive about showing her my dick. I'll admit it, I don't have a big one. Let's just say that it's more than four and less than six inches. All that happy horseshit about size not mattering goes out the window when you're showing your dick to a girl for the first time. I wish I could whip out a colossal thirteen incher for her. I take a deep breath, kick off my sandals and pull off my sweats and underwear. 'Fair's fair. You showed me yours, so I'll show you mine,' I say, making her giggle some more. She pats the couch beside her and I sit down. I lean back against the arm of the couch.

She wraps her hand around my dick and starts stroking it. It feels good, real good. Her touch is a lot different from mine, and she's using her whole hand on the whole length of my dick. When I'm jacking off, I tend to work with just my thumb and index finger. I use short, fast strokes over the ridge around the bottom of the head. She's also rubbing my sack with her other hand, jostling my balls. It feels weird but good. I close my eyes and enjoy it. Unfortunately, it doesn't last. The pressure's been building up inside for too long. I've been hard for about thirty minutes already, and already came close to blowing a nut earlier when I was shaving her. My body tightened up and I groaned as I came. This was a ball drainer. I've never spewed so much cum, and never so hard and far. Baylee yelps and jerks back as cum splatters on her arm and her shirt, on her leg and on the couch. She starts scolding me, but she's laughing at the same time. And she's still stroking me, squeezing my dick tightly, getting all the spooge out of it. My dick's hypersensitive now, and it almost hurts, but it sure feels good, too.

Baylee finishes stroking me and gets up, goes into the kitchen. She comes back with a couple of washcloths, wiping my cum off herself with one of them. She sits down and uses the other one to clean up my dick.

I'm very contented. This whole event was thoroughly unexpected, and thoroughly satisfying. It was only later that I realized my problem with Baylee had gotten worse. I'm falling even harder for her now. Shit. I know, it's stupid, futile and ridiculous, but there you go. Talk about the dreaming the impossible dream! At least she seemed to get the hint when I mentioned that her pussy's going to need some regular maintenance to keep it smooth and soft.

See? It turned out to be a masturbation story after all. It just took a while. I shaved her, then masturbated her and then she masturbated me.



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