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Bathtub Ecstasy

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Bathtub Ecstasy
Hi I am a 15 year female who received this site from a good friend. It has helped me to become more open about what we do and helped me realize that almost everybody does it. I have done it everyday since i can remember and have been exposed to sex ever since i was abused at age 3. I couldn't help but recreate that painful pleasurable feeling although it reminded of how I got to know that feeling. I enjoy sharing it with a few select friends and try to open up others to the joy. I hope you enjoy my contribution. Happy jerking and rubbing.
This morning I was feeling in need of a little pampering so decided to take a bath. I went into the bathroom and slowly undressed admiring my body in the bathroom mirror as the hot water steamed into the tub. I poured the bottle of raspberry scented bubble bath in slowly, forming mountains of bubbles. I carefully stepped in and slow sat down sliding into the oily water. Mmmmm It was so hot and relaxing, feeling it around my body and feeling the cold air on my floating breasts and the steam rising off the water got my nipples and clit very hard. Oh God, just thinking of you set me off and I had to touch myself one hand rubbing my chest feeling all over playing with my nipples. My other hand feeling up my pussy and I began thinking of my masturbating friend. I slowly open my eyes remembering you and something another friend told me earlier about how shaved pussies add more pleasure. I glanced up at my razor sitting up on the edge of the tub. Perfect. I reached for it and took the plastic mirror off the wall and went to work. I carefully shaved it over, stretching my lips carefully so I won't cut them. I loved feeling the head of my razor graze over my soft skin revealing its warm pink softness. It was so beautiful, and it felt so good feeling the other parts of the razor bump into my lips and clit. The scent, the steam, the hotness of the water and feeling my own body pulsating from these very sensations plus the joy of my newly shaved pussy drove me wild. I shoved the large round handle of my razor into my pussy humping it wildly but pulled it out and inserted my fingers instead hoping for greater satisfaction. I started with the two middle fingers on my right hand pushing deeper and deeper. Then letting my first finger intrude into my pussy, feeling it stretching as I pushed in and out moaning to myself trying not to be too loud. Oh it felt so good, I had to stop. I pulled my hand out, my fingers completely covered in cum and I felt the hot juice between my fingers and licked it off. My hand hurt a little but I couldn't help but start again.
Like the first time I first inserted two fingers then the third and finally my pinkie, no big deal just a little more. I went in and out of my strutted, hot pink pussy looking at its beauty and started rubbing my clit with my other hand. I was getting hotter and hotter and my thighs were tremendously hot and my humps were pushing water up over the edge of the half filled tub. My horniness intensified so I cupped my hand around my thumb and pushed all five fingers in and out almost screaming, but between the running water and the exhaust fan no one could hear it but me. I shoved my hand in up to my knuckles in deep pleasure humping harder and harder my hand aching. I tried to go up over my knuckles but the pain was so immense that I had tears in my eyes and I could feel my pussy near ripping. Not wanting to go farther I simply pleasured myself using these fingers and reached my second orgasm, gradually slowing down and wiping the cum all over my body and on my breasts, licking it off my body and hands. It was soo yummy! I continued going back for more, wiping it on my body and once I went back in a little too far and started up again bringing on two more orgasms it was unbelievable. I finally calmed down letting the water soothe me rubbing my body admiring my newly found joy of my shaved hot pink cunt engorged and swollen from my loving. I couldn't believe it but it was hot pink and so beautifully swollen, I sat there with the mirror admiring it and wishing you could see it. I laid there for the longest time thinking about my special friend and how I'd tell him all about this. Finally I got up and showered and cleaned up my mess, fully enthralled by what just took place. ~Rose



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