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Bathrooms, Toilets and Tissues

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Horrible title I know...this is my first attempt at writing this kind of thing. I have another story or two I might do another time.


This certainly isn't an extraordinary story, but here I go anyway.

Firstly: I'm an only child, straight and have a girlfriend. Just wanted to clear that up. Over the past year (maybe two), I've been visiting this site regularly. I love reading the M/M stories personally, because I've always wanted to have an experience similar.

One day, a few months ago, my parents were upstairs sorting out the house (as they are now). I'd been reading stories here from a few categories, mostly Male Solo. An hour must of passed by, and I was as hard as hell and really horny. For the past few weeks, I'd hoped to wank away in the bathroom-but I'd never had the courage or the opportunity.

'Ah, what the hell-I'll go for it.' I thought, and I opened up a series of new windows until my desktop just said '8 Firefox'. After opening one and setting it to a news article on the BBC, I set off.

Now, let me explain something first: our bathroom door doesn't quite fit. From the inside, you can't see outside. But from the room directly outside it, you can see part of the bathroom through a thin crack-normaly enough to see, say, someone's right leg if their on the toilet. Back to the story-when I got into the bathroom, I shut the door and turned the knob above the handle to lock it.

The second the door was locked, I took off my top and vest (I'm usually cold, so I wear it to keep warm) and discarded them on the side of the sink so they weren't visible outside. I gently stroked my hard cock through my pyjama bottoms, before forcefuly pulling them down from the back so that the front almost became wrapped around my cock. Slowly but forcefuly again, I pulled down the front, causing my cock to bounce. I always do that-it's a great feeling as my cock is forced down and then released up.

I then proceeded to strip off my briefs in the same manner, untill I was standing naked (minus socks staying on, to avoid anyone noticing me through the gap at the bottom of the door). I quickly grasped my hard cock in my right hand and began to stroke very slowly, but getting faster by a tiny fraction with each stroke. Then I stopped-I needed some place decent to blow my load. My first thought was right in front of the door, where (ironicaly) it was safest if I stood close to the sink. Instead, I decided to go for the toilet, cock still grasped firmly in my hand.

I crossed the tiny distance, and placed my free hand on the toilet tank and leaned forward-my cock would have been clearly visible from the side-on door crack! The thought just excited me even more, and I eagerly began to jack off.

I had no time to edge, so I just kept on jacking. The feeling, coupled with the excitement and fear of being seen, turned me on so much. As I was nearing my climax, I suddenly heard a voice shouting outside-my mother had come down for a bag! She was asking if I was on the toilet. I wanted to stop there and wait for her to go, but I was too absorbed. I grunted loudly 'Yeah!' before exploding right there over the toilet. Most of my cum went into the toilet. I hastily 'dived' to the other side of the bathroom to grasp tissues. I quickly cleaned up and dressed. By the time I was out, my mother had gone back upstairs...

I loved that day. I'm so going to repeat it sometime! I wank a lot remembering this, along with thinking about many other things. But their stories for another time...



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