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Bathroom Window

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I love to watch women


The dogs were barking like crazy the other night. I cussed at them from the bed but that didn't deter them. I got out of bed, grabbed a torch and went outside. The dogs quietened down and I walked round the house. Nothing. I cursed at the dogs again and chased them to their kennels.

My neighbors house is very close to mine and I saw that the light in his bathroom was on. I decided to have a peek. I stood on my toes and looked through the semi-open window. The blinds were angled just right and I could see inside without difficulty. It was jackpot time!

His wife was having a bath. She sat with her back to me and was busy soaping a sponge. Her hair was tied up and she washed herself. She was plumpish but that didn't bother me in the least. I saw her work her way down with the soapy sponge and she lifted herself a bit while washing her privates.

By now I was as hard as steel. I had a look round to see if somebody else could see me but my house was between the street and where I was standing. I pressed myself against the wall and stood on tiptoe again to see what was happening. I couldn't wait for her to get out of the bath so I could see her from the front. The cold and rough wall felt good against my hardness as I lightly rubbed against it.

When I peered in again she was laying back in the water. Her head was resting on the side of the bath. I couldn't see if her eyes were open or closed but she wasn't really moving. What I could see made my day. Her slightly sagging boobs were topped with areolas the color of cooked caramel. They were about an inch in diameter and had medium sized nipples. The nipples were not erect but still looked delicious. I could also see the dark hair of her fanny just sticking out of the water. Her legs were together and she was playing with the faucet with her toe. Pressing the toe of her right foot in as far as it would go and then taking it out again.

I was starting to get cramps from standing on my tip toes but I wasn't going to let that spoil my fun.

I watched for a while and started rubbing myself through my pants as she just lay in the steaming water. She brought her right hand out of the water and cupped her breast. I saw her lift her head a bit as well, looking down at her breast. She moved her thumb over her nipple and it tightened slightly. The areola started to pucker and she started gently pulling on her nipple. Her nails were unpolished and I could make out that she was pinching it quite a bit as the color of her nail beds whitened. Her left nipple also responded without her touching it. She lifted her breast out of the water only holding it by the nipple. She pulled and released it a couple of times letting tiny waves splash against the sides of the bath.

I now had my hand around myself, still through the pants, and was increasing the speed of my strokes by the second.

Her left hand moved towards her bush as her legs opened and pulled back at the same time. She put her right foot on the edge of the bath and her hand disappeared below the water. I could see it moving slightly and slowly, imagining that they were slowly spreading her labia. She lay her head down again but didn't seize her movements. Her right hand was now alternating between her breasts. She flopped them from side to side in the water, all the time pinching and pulling her lovely nipples. Her hand down at her fanny was now so angled that it was clear that she had at least two fingers in herself with her thumb rubbing in the clit area.

I was close to coming but the cramps in my calves were distracting me enough to last a little longer.

She started straightening her legs and I could see the muscles in them getting more taught while her right hand joined the left at her fanny. Her feet were pressed against the bottom end of the tub and she was really working herself. Her legs started opening and I started cumming. I felt my cum first spurting and then oozing in my pants. I didn't care. I concentrated as best I could to see her orgasm.

Her toes were curled up and then splayed wide open. Her knees were back together, trapping her hand between them. Her lower body was lifted out of the water and her head tilted back. Her eyes were closed tightly and I could see her mouth wide open, no sound coming from it. For five seconds time looked to be frozen.

She relaxed and lay back in the water. She kept one hand at her fanny, the other gently lapping water over her breasts. It looked like she was gonna lay here for a while and I thought it better to make my exit.

I wanked again when back in bed and although it took a little longer this time I came easily whilst replaying those scenes in my head.



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