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Bathroom Pee by Aunt

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When I was 15, I stayed with my Aunt Jessica who was in her early 30's, for a weekend when my parents went out of town. She lived in a nice two-bedroom apartment, which had only one bathroom. Aunt Jessica was tall and thin with brown hair. She wore glasses and was sort of plain, not wearing much make up. She was my mom's younger sister; in contrast mom always wore a lot of make up and dressed up more.

It was exciting to get away from my parents as Aunt Jessica always let me do almost anything I wanted. The first night she took me out for pizza and all I could eat. Then the next day she took me to a baseball game. As we were driving home from the game, she said we could stay up late and watch videos we had rented from the store.

We got to her apartment, so she told me I should go change and we could make a snack before watching the movies. I went to my room to change into some shorts and an old shirt. It took me a while, as I had to dig for them in my bag and I could not find them right away. After a while I was all changed, but needed to pee, so I walked into the bathroom.

My heart dropped when I say Aunt Jessica sitting on the toilet peeing. She must have changed, or was in the process of changing. She was naked, sitting on the toilet, wearing nothing but pink panties that were down to her knees. I stared at the sides of her breasts; they were so small and perky, sticking almost straight out. Her legs and side of her butt were so smooth and wonderful.

'I'll be just a minute.' Aunt Jessica said. I was frozen as I heard the last tinkle of pee hitting the water.

'I have to pee,' I stammered.

'Okay, I'm done, I was just changing.' She replied. I think she wanted me to leave, but I was not going to budge. I did not move, mesmerized by her breasts and ass cheeks.

She took some toilet paper and stood up to wipe, giving me a clear view of her clean-shaven pussy. I could see a beautiful slit where her pubic hair should be, soft and puffy. She wiped herself and dropped the toilet paper in the toilet, turned half around and flushed the toilet. Her tummy was flat, her breasts small but perky, her pussy slit had long and puffy lips. I thought I was going to cum in my pants right then.

She pulled up her pink panties and moved to get out, but not quickly, as she did not appear embarrassed.

'What is wrong down there?' I blurted out.

'What do you mean?' she asked.

'Why don't you have any hair there?' I asked naively.

'Because I shave, like your daddy shaves his face or your mom shaves her legs.' she answered.

'Why?' I asked stupidly.

'I don't know, I just do,' she said.

'Can I see it again?' I asked honestly.

'Oh, I don't think so, you shouldn't have seen me in the first place.' She said.

'Please! Just one more time, can you show me what everything is, I have never seen one?' I pleaded.

Without saying anything, she lowered her pink panties all the way off and stepped out of them.

She cupped her tiny little breast and said, 'These are breasts. Every woman has them, but they are different for every woman.'

Without asking, I gently reached out and touched one, then the other. I cupped one, then circled the nipple of the other with my finger. I then held both of them with both my hands.

She pulled back a little, and looked down.

'This is where pee comes out,' she said, parting her clit. 'This other hole is where babies come out and the last hole, the butt hole, is just like yours.'

I bent over and got as close as I could to her slit. I again reached out and touched her clit, feeling it, exploring it with my hand. It felt so soft and smooth, not wet at all, just warm. She raised her arms up and turned around. I cupped her round butt in my hands, rubbing it gently and it was so smooth. She put her hands on the sink and sort of stood on her tiptoes. I could clearly see her vagina; it had a smell to it, but did not reach in there. She turned around and said something about how important it is for a man and woman to love each other before having sex.

Finally, she said that I was not to touch and men in general, should never ever touch a woman in any way unless they said it was okay first. She repeated that a second time and it is burned into my mind.

I said, 'I'm sorry.'

She said, 'It's oka, I'm just being honest with you. Always respect and be nice and careful to girls and women.'

I sat on the toilet seat and watched her put her undies on, then her bra, next a pair of shorts and finally a sweat shirt. She left, so I locked the bathroom door as fast as I could and dropped my pants. My underwear was soaked, as I might have cum slightly already. I came so hard; I covered the sink with semen.

We watched movies that night and nothing was ever said after that.



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