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Bathroom JO With a Huge Hung Stranger

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Love jerking with random guys and this one was amazing


Last Christmas in Ottawa, Ontario. I was at the Rideau Centre downtown taking a leak in a very busy bathroom and trying to mind my own business. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy shaking something a few too many times about three urinals over. I peeked over and saw him staring at me and stroking a massive dick. Long and thick and floppy and heavy looking. I got very nervous and embarrassed and stared for a few seconds then zipped up and left but noticed him following me. A very tall average-looking black guy in his mid-twenties I would guess. You would never know from looking at him that he was packing, or that he liked to show it off or watch other guys.

Despite my nervousness and general disbelief at the whole situation I decided to go to a more private bathroom to see what would happen and sure enough he followed me. I could not believe it when he walked right up to the urinal next to me and hauled it out again. There it was, and it was huge. Very long (I asked and he said 9 inches), soooo thick, cut, with this amazing downward curve about half way along. I was hardly touching my dick but he watched as I drooled precum continuously into the urinal and I watched as he stroked up and down on his massive shaft and got hard. We turned towards each other and he tried to grab my dick but worried I would cum right away I brushed his hand away. But I did grab his... and I just remember feeling complete awe at its thickness and sponginess and warmth as it bobbed up and down. It is such a cliche especially with him being black and everything... but my hand did not fit around it. Just... wow. Huge low-hanging balls too.

Thinking that these opportunities come along once in a blue moon I boldly leaned over and tried to put it in my mouth (only my second time for that) but discovered that his head was too thick for it to really go anywhere. For a few seconds I just held it in my mouth and felt it bounce. That was enough though... I turned towards the urinal and shot an incredibly powerful load. My legs were shaking as I moaned with the release. He seemed to like that because a few seconds later he also shot a big long creamy load into his urinal.

Afterwards I just remember giggling with delight and telling him that he had the most beautiful dick I had ever seen. He laughed and told me he loved mine too especially all the precum and cum (it's 7 inches cut and thick and hot btw). We cleaned up and got out of there and carried on with our day. I still leak a little when I remember that episode... wish I had gotten a pic or something of his prototype beautiful BBC.

The randomness of it was so hot... and I am not necessarily interested in big dicks... just ones that are average or above, and nice looking... but that was just a dream come true. Perfect little encounter, no strings attached, just two guys admiring each other and getting off on it.



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