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I have never had any homosexual experiences. I have never masturbated with another man. The nearest thing was when I was 13 or 14 a friend slept over one night and we compared the sizes of our cocks. His was much bigger as I was not really hard.

After being married for over 10 years my wife left me. Masturbation was one of the issues. She said I masturbated too much. I said I jerked-off each night because we had not had sex in over a year.

Sex or lack of, was not the real issue, but a symptom of the deeper problems between us.

Instead of diving back into the dating scene I decided to take a year off from any relationships. This led to an increase in my masturbation to twice a night, sometimes in the afternoon when I got home from work and most mornings in the shower.

I began to focus more on new techniques and methods. I found a local sex shop that sells lubes and toys, mainly aimed at gay men, but the staff are really friendly and I feel comfortable shopping there.

My search for new methods of self-pleasure led me to the internet. Websites like this one not only gave me new ideas to try but the material to get me horny as well. One website I frequent has a collection of home videos that regular people upload. Now I dislike porn. I have never been able to get off watching the stuff they show in hotels - skinny women with fake boobs, high-heels screaming: it's awful. Now amateur porn is great, I love that stuff.

The website has a section called 'cock shots' that are short videos of men masturbating. It has become my favorite section. I am fascinated watching other men masturbate.

Recently I experienced this for myself first hand.

My company was involved in a lawsuit and I had to travel to New York City to meet with the other firm's legal department to be deposed. My company sent a lawyer to go with me. His name was Gary and he was very, very gay.

Let me be clear, his gayness is not a problem for me. (as you will soon see)

We spent two days together in a conference room or in a briefing room or eating dinner. We had a third day scheduled but it was called off at the last minute. We had gone in to the law office only to be told that we were not needed that day.

Returning to the hotel I caught up on some sleep and had just awoken when Gary called and asked me if I wanted to have lunch. At lunch he apologized that he could not go to dinner with me as he was meeting a friend and his partner for drinks and he did not think 'it was my scene'. I joked that I wanted to go and I could be his date. Gary got very serious and said; 'we are going to a bathhouse'

I replied; 'I want to go too'.

That night, after some of the best sushi I have ever eaten I found myself in a gay bathhouse. The three other men thought it was strangely cool that I, a straight guy, wanted to go to the bathhouse with them. They were very careful to explain all the rules in the cab on the way over. The main one was that I had to wear a condom anytime I had an erection. They also explained what rooms on what floors were dedicated to what sort of activity.

The bathhouse was in an older Brownstone, the saunas, steam rooms were in the basement, the ground floor was the locker-room and reception and the two upper floors were for sex.

I never went to the top floor where Gary and his two friends ended up. I had a long dry sauna and then went and sat in the steam room. There was a man who asked me several times if I wanted to go upstairs with him, making me feel uncomfortable so I went for another sauna session. Afterwards I showered and went upstairs to explore. Everybody wore these thin terry-cloth bathrobes. At strategic points around the halls there were small tables with condoms, lube packets and baby-wipes. I took a few of each.

Not knowing what to do or where to go I went into a quiet empty room that looked like your grandmothers formal sitting room except that the furniture was all covered with plastic.

I watched an older man; he went in, chose a chair, wiped it down with the baby-wipe, sat and began to masturbate.

I also wiped a chair down that was off to one side away from the door. Several other men entered and they all sat; some facing each other, some as if they were alone and masturbated.

When in Rome...

I took some of the lube I had picked up and squirted it into a condom. The condom was a very heavy thick one: I guess it was made for anal sex. I got hard quickly and within a few minutes was sitting holding a condom filled with my semen. I made the mistake of getting up to find a trash can for the condom and to use the toilet (I always have to piss right after I ejaculate) because when I came back there was another man jerking off in my corner chair.

I went into another room and there was a man masturbating on the floor with three other men standing over him jerking off. I left before anybody came but I assume they were going to cum on him.

I returned to the first room and found an empty chair that faced an empty sofa. Soon two other men sat on the sofa and they began to fondle each other. This was an obvious breach of some rule as another of the men told them to stop. They did and soon were just sitting side-by-side stroking.

I began to understand, this was like an elevator. You were not supposed to talk or even acknowledge each other. Sexual contact was out of the question and you were expected to clean up after yourself.. This was a place to sit and masturbate after your sauna; nothing more.

This is when I broke one of the rules. I was watching the men across from me. The first guy had already come but his friend had not. He was slowly stroking the tip of his very long thin penis and was clearly in ecstasy. This got me hard and I also began to stroke. The other man looked at me and hissed. Not knowing why I ignored him until he said 'condom' under his breath. I had not put on a condom when I got hard and he had noticed. One of the other men behind told us to be quiet and tossed me a condom. Shamefully; I stood up, took it off the floor and put it on.

I jerked-off two more times before Gary came in looking for me. We went down to the locker room, showered, got dressed and met our friends in the reception area.

Outside we said good-bye to Gary's friends and got into separate cabs and headed back to the hotel. Gary never said a word in the cab and the silence was awkward.

At the hotel, Gary suggested we get a drink as the bar was still open. We got a table at the back and he asked me what I thought of the bathhouse visit.

I was honest and said I enjoyed it but would never go by myself and most likely would never go again. It was just one of those one-time things. He told me that when they were ready to leave they had looked all through the bathhouse but could not find me. The locker room attendant said I had not left so they knew I was somewhere. At first they thought I had gone into one of the private rooms for sex. One of the other guys found me in the masturbation salon and he had watched me climax before telling Gary where I was. He told Gary to tell me I have a nice dick, I thought that was very kind.

He asked me if I was gay and I explained my entire sexual life, something I have never done before, even to my ex-wife, from my first masturbation experience, to losing my virginity with a cousin at 14 to jerking off that morning before meeting him for breakfast.

He asked if I wanted to know what he and his friends had done on the third floor and I said 'no'.

This was enough for me.



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