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Bath Tub Fun With Katie

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When i was in 5th grade my best friend Katie came to sleep at my house. We were sitting on my bed and she mentioned that she saw her brother and his girlfriend doing something that she thought was sex but she really wasn't sure. I wanted to know what it looked like so she tried to explain it the best she could but finally gave up.
Later that night we were playing in our bathing suits in my bath tub and she brought up her brother and his girlfriend again.she drained the tub and she told me that it would be easier to show me and she told me to lie down. I agreed because at that time i wanted to learn everything about sex because i wanted to be just like the older highschool girls. Katie spread my legs and started licking my pussy over my bathing suit. I got reall freaked out but then i realized how good it felt and relaxed. As soon as i was really getting used to it Katie sat up and asked if i ever touch myself 'down there.' I wanted to be truthful so i told her that sometimes when i was taking my bath i would feel around my 'private parts.' She told me she did that too and that it felt really good ,she also said she had that feeling right now. I did too and i wanted her to keep licking my pussy because it only made that feelig better. It was like Katie read my mind because she told me to take off my bathing suit. We both stripped down and I got a little more daring and asked if he wantd to practice kissing with out tounges so we would be ready when we had to do it with a boy. She eagerly agreed to this and we positioned ourselves close together and just went for it. Neither of us had done this before but we got the idea pretty quick. All of a sudden i felt her hand moving and i looked down a realized she was rubbing her pussy i stopped kissing her and asked her what she was doing and she just told me to try it. I did and it felt wonderful. I came up with the idea of rubbing each other and she agreed soon we were rubbing each there and kissing like crazy. We both started shaking and we soon had our first orgasm not even knowing what it was. Katie asked if i wanted her to show me exactly what her brother was doing to his girlfriend because now that we were naked it would be more accurate. I quickly lied down and she kneeled infront of me and started to lick my pussy. I couldn't believe how good it felt i just lay there is shock and let Katie go to town on my young pussy. All of a sudden she stopped climbed on top of me and started humping me. I wasn't sure what to do at first but i quickly figured that i should hump her back. We did this for awhile and we started french kissing again. But Katie soon stopped kissing me and said that she had also seen her brother sucking on his girlfriend breasts and that it probably felt great so without wasting anytime i grabbed her small developing breast in my mouth and started sucking away because at that time i was willing to try anything.
Katie and had repeated sessions during her stay and once more when i slept at her house but later that month her family moved away and i never managed to keep in touch. I never found another friend to do anything like that with but i always wish that i could. When i masturbate now i always close my eyes and imagine doing those things with Katie again. If i ever get in touch with her again i'll be sure to bring up our bath tub fun and see if she wants to try it again.



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