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Bath Time With New Wife

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One evening my new wife came up to me while I was watching TV. She kissed me on the cheek and said that she was going to take a bath. There was nothing worth watching on the tube, so I asked her if I could bathe with her. She glared at me and said she was going to shave her legs. My reply was, I'll scrub your back. She smiled and said come on.
Once in the tub she was between my legs with her back to me. I did as promised and scrubbed her back, then I found myself rubbing my soapy hands all over her front slowly massaging her firm belly and beautiful breasts. After a few minutes of this she said it was time for me to get the same treatment. She turned to face me and did a wonderful job of running her soapy hands all over me paying special attention to my hardening penis. This surely beat watching TV.
As I was on the verge of coming, she smiled and said it was time for her to do her legs. She reached for my razor and shave gel. I said wait that's my razor and she replied it's ok I put in a new blade. She then put her left heal on my shoulder and started to cover her leg with gel. In that position I was afforded a perfect view of the neatly trimmed auburn hair covering her crotch. After carefully shaving her left leg her right heal was put on my left shoulder. As she shaved her right leg I was transfixed on her pussy and my hard-on was now in an irreversible state. She finished her right leg and said let's get out. I slowly caressed her crotch and said you missed a spot. She said, what? I take showers at the gym after playing racquetball and do not want people looking at me. I said, you can do just the area between your legs and leave the hair above and no one at the gym will notice. She moaned handed me the razor and said ok, you have to do it because I cannot see down there. With that she put both her heels on my shoulders and lifted her ass to the surface of the water.
I put some shave gel on my hands and lather up her red pubes. I have to admit that I was very excited by this time, so I worked very slowly and carefully. I stretched her outer lips and slowly stroked the razor, being careful not to nick anything. As my left hand gently stretched and pulled on her labia aiming for the perfect razor stroke I could see and feel natural lubricants flowing from within her inner lips. When I had finished she had a perfectly bald vulva and a nicely trimmed batch of hair above. I said I missed a couple of hairs but I'm afraid to run a razor there. Let's get out. She smiled and said wait a minute big boy it's your turn now I want your feet on each side of the tub and your crotch out of the water. I thought, turn about is fair play and with my dick acting as a periscope I complied.
While slowly lathering my crotch she deftly stroked my cock and balls. As I had done to her she carefully pulled and stretched skin making sure that there would be no nicks on sensitive areas. I have to admit that she did an excellent job of shaving my scrotum and the area around the base of my penis. When she was done she rinsed my crotch clean, took the tip of my dick and stretched it from side to side. She then leaned over planted a kiss on the opening of my urethra, stuck out her tongue and gave the underside a lick. With that I came on her face. She giggled and I asked her to forgive me. She said, no I was wondering what it was going to take to get you to come.
While drying off it became obvious that it was not over. After toweling each other off she grabbed me by the penis and said come with me. She took me to the bedroom and had me lie on my back. She stroked my cock and balls and said now that's smooth. I was erect again. She climbed on top of me, spread her bald pussy lips and started to ride my hard on. After a couple of strokes she found some razor stubble at the base of my cock would rub against her clit and went wild. She said now I like that feeling. After many more mutual thrusts she came, tongue kissed me, and went limp for a few seconds. My cock was still inside her. She came around and started working her hips again. This time she we pumped for a good half hour before she came again. I had not come a second time and was sporting a ragging boner when she finally curled up next to me. She reached out once again for my cock and squeezed it. She pulled my hand to my dick and said you can come again if you do it yourself. As she slowly pumped her wet crotch against my thigh and her right breast into my chest I stroked my penis. She started whispering... come for me. I could not go on any longer and came a second time.
The next morning she fixed me a nice breakfast and we changed the sheets on the bed. Although we continue to bathe together we no longer shave each other's pubes. When she wants to be feisty she'll do a close trim and say I know you like this.



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