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Bath Time With My Brother

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After that night me and my brother became alot closer and yes before anyone says it I know its wrong but it was just amazing experiences. Comment to hear more.


I had to share a bath with my younger brother as mum was pretty strict on saving water as we had tank water. We were all pretty open with nudity and stuff so I guess it didn't really bother us to much but I had always had a little glance every now and than at my brothers duck and I'm sure he too also such a peek every now and than at my boobs or my pussy.

My brother was 13 and I was 15 and I had to look after him for the night as my parents went into town and wouldn't be back till the next day. Now I didn't mean what happened next to actually happen by curiosity got the better of me. It was time for our bath and as I ran the bath my brother had already stripped and again I couldn't help but take a peak at his dick.

The bath was full so I shut off the water and my brother got in as I undressed and got in myself I knew my brother eyes were looking at my boobs. We talked for a bit about what we were going to do after our bath but couldn't agree on anything. I don't know why and where it came from but my brother asked if I could wash him.

Not really thinking anything of it I said sure and as we usually did we stood up and by brother turned around and I washed his back. He turned back around again I washed him all over and left his dick and told him to wash that but he some how convinced me to do it and I started by washing his balls and as I did I watched as his dick grew harder.

I told him he was gross and he said he was sorry but he couldn't help it and told me that it just gets hard whenever it wants to but than realised I was gross for even agreeing to wash my brother. I grabbed his dick and pulled his foreskin back to wash its head and that's when he shook all over and his cum shot out of his dick and landed on my chest. He laughed and said looks like ill have to wash that off you.

I later learned that I was the one who gave him his first orgasm. He grabbed the soap off me and washed me all over only to leave my boobs and my pussy left. He was cheeky though, instead of using the soap on my skin he got the soap and soaped his hands up and put them on my b cup boobs and washed them and I felt my nipples harden as his fingers went over the top of them which sent a tingle between my legs.

He looked at me and smiled and soaped up his hand again and started rubbing the soap into my pussy and as weird as it all sounds it actually felt amazing having someone else touch me there even if it is my brother. He would rub his finger up and down the slit of my pussy and pressing harder each time and before long slipping into my wet pussy.

He pulled it out at first but seeing we came this far I told him to put his finger back and he did and as I played with my nipples and my brothers finger inside of my it wasn't long till he made me have one huge orgasm that made me collapse into the bath tub and water splashed everywhere. He asked if I was ok and I told him I was fine. As I lay there my brother washed the soap off his hand and got out and got dressed.

About 5 minutes later I got out and dried myself off and joined my brother in the lounge room where he was watching tv. A couple of hours later I told him it was time for bed and he asked me if I could do again what I did to him in the bath and I agreed. So we went to his bedroom turned on his light, he took off his shorts and laid on his bed before I grabbed his hardening dick and pulled his foreskin back and forth a couple of time before he shot another two ropes out of his dick. He gave me a hug and said thank you and put his pants on before going to sleep.



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