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Bath Time Fun

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I masturbate quite frequently for a girl, every day at least once (but usually more). I have had a lot of memorable orgasms, a few that stand out more in my mind than others. I will tell you about all of them eventually, I promise, but this one happened just tonight so I think I will write it out while the memory of the intense sensations are still fresh in my mind...

I hadnt masturbated yet tonight when I decided to draw myself a bath. I knew from the second I walked into the bathroom that I needed to take advantage of this alone time to get myself off. I hadnt taken any time to read stories from this site or look at any pictures to help myself along, but I was pretty sure i could get horny all by myself. I turned the tap on and added some bubble bath. I waited a little while for the tub to fill up before getting in. While I was waiting, I got everything I would need: my electric toothbrush and my razor (minus the blade, naturally). I slowly undressed myself, looking into the mirror while I did. I slowly peeled my clothing off, layer by layer. I noticed that my nipples were already starting to harden in anticipation. I gave them a little squeeze that sent shocks of pleasure through my body. I smiled to myself coyly in the mirror. It wasn't going to be difficult tonight.

I got into the warm, foamy bath and made myself comfortable. I turned the electric toothbrush on and let it sit just above my clit, holding it there with my legs while I used my fingers to continue to pinch, stroke and tease my nipples. I could feel it building. I began to fantisize having a threesome with two people that I know, one male and one female. I imagined that they were both working together to give me pleasure, one working my nipples, the other licking my clit tantalizingly. this thought was enough to make my breathing start to become irregular. I could see my toes curl. It was happening too fast. I pulled the toothbrush away from my clit with the last ounce of self-restraint in me, and focussed entirely on my breasts and my hard, acheing nipples. I began to soap them up, and slowly roll each nipple between my thumbs and index fingers. This felt amazing, and the lack of stimulation on my clit helped me to be able to drag the feelings out for a longer period of time. Once in a while, one hand would slip down my thighs and onto my aching, wet pussy, which by now was begging to be taken over the edge. After a while, I could feel myself cooling down to the point where I felt it was safe to bring back the sweet vibrations of the toothbrush. I turned it back on and placed it again on my clit. I grabbed the razor off the side of the bath, and from behind, i stuck it into my tight hole. The ridges on it sent shocks through my body as it went in. I began to bring it slowly in and out, but soon found that I could not concentrate on anything but the extreme pleasure that was rising through my body. I decided to try something new, and tightened my vaginal muscles around the razor. As soon as I had done this, i felt myself lose it. I began to shake as the feeling in my vagina and the feeling on my clit merged together in a dizzy, pulsing, wet, orgasm that sent every muscle in my body into spasms. I turned off the toothbrush after finally regaining control of my hands, and pulled the razor out of my vagina, which was now glistening with its own juices, despite being in bath water. I lay there, absent mindedly rubbing my body until I felt I could stand. Even then I was shakey! I DEFINATELY need to take more baths from now on!



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