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Bath of a Lifetime

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I had just turned 13 and remember at that time starting to have bodily urges that ended up in wet dreams and uncontrollable hardons. Debbie had been our usual baby sitter for me and my sister for about three years. My sister was 14, almost 15 that year and Debbie was a senior in high school probably 17.

I had just gotten into the bathtub when I heard the doorbell ring, which was the baby sitter Debbie. I could hear my parents telling her where everything was, even though she had sat for us about two dozen times. Then I heard my parents leave. I remember this as being a time when I would spend a lot of time playing with toys in the tub rather than washing and I had been in there for a good fifteen minutes. This is the first time I had not finished my bath before Debbie showed up.

All of the sudden Debbie was lightly knocking on the door as she opened it. I remember hiding myself when she came in, but she walked in anyway. She came in saying, 'Everything okay in here? You didn't drown or anything did you?'

I kept hiding myself but she continued over to the side of the tub and knelt down. 'Oh, I see you're just playing with your toys in here aren't you?' I didn't say anything. She said, 'Let's see if I can help you finish up.' So she took the wash cloth and the soap and started washing my neck, chest, arms, and back. Then she started to pull me up saying, 'I'll never reach the rest of you down there, help me out and stand up.' I was still embarrassed with her seeing me, especially since I was starting to get hard, but I stood up anyway. She started washing at the bottom of both of my legs and washed up one, then the other and even washed my butt, the whole time being eye level with my penis which was pointing pretty much straight at her by then. I was looking down at her face when I saw her look right at it and smile. She paused for a moment, soaped up the cloth really well and then she reached out and gently and slowly washed my penis. I got instantly hard the rest of the way. She took much longer than it should have taken to just wash it. She continued to stare right at it as she washed it. She was obviously enjoying herself playing with it. All of the sudden she stopped abruptly, as if she suddenly realized what she was doing.

I remember I then asked her to wash it again. She looked at me for a few seconds and then slowly said, 'Okay, but you do NOT tell your parents.' I nodded, kind of knowing what she meant and I remember feeling this rush of excitement about what was going to happen. She adjusted her position to get in a more comfortable spot apparently. She soaped up the cloth again and stared slowly stroking me with it. After about a minute she dropped the cloth and was soaping up both of her hands and alternated stroking me with her bare hands, one after the other. It wasn't but another few seconds before I exploded, shooting cum straight in her face. She held one hand up to block her face and continued to stroke me until I was done shooting cum. She even continued on afterwards a few strokes more and then cleaned me off. It was incredible. I was only 13, I had never had someone else touch me that way before then.

We watched a movie that night with my sister. I can't remember which one because all I was thinking about was how wonderful that bath felt. Also, that night and other nights after that when Debbie would sit for us, I would find excuses to run around naked in front of Debbie and my sister too.

Debbie did baby sit for us many more times and as many of them as I could, I made sure I was in the tub when she showed up. Sometimes she wouldn't come in, she would just check on me through the door, but about a half a dozen more times she did come in to help me finish my bath. A couple times she told me to do it myself and she just watched me. I think she enjoyed that as much as I did.



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