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Basketball Tournament with Nick

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An experience with one of my best high school friends.


It was February, and time again for the annual winter basketball tournament in the city. This year, my friend Nick joined me on the basketball team. It's unusual to join as a junior, but he's a solid athlete and hard worker, and the coach wisely decided it would be a good idea to have him around and see what he could contribute. Of course, I completely agreed! Each year, we go down to a big winter tournament, stay in a nice hotel, and play ball at a college from Thursday-Sunday. As we got to pick our roommates, Nick and I stayed together, and we were lucky enough that it ended up being just the two of us.

We got to the hotel Thursday evening, planning to play our first game that night. The room was small but totally fine for two people, with a queen sized bed and a decent size bathroom, which happened to not have a lock. The first night, we were running a bit late so we quickly changed from our boxer-briefs into our uniforms and headed down to catch the bus over to the courts. Nick's red boxer-briefs were pretty revealing; I could clearly see the outline of his ass crack when he turned around and bent over his suitcase, and the outline of his penis was also clearly visible. But anyway, we changed and headed down.

Later that night, around 12:30am, we headed back up to the room to shower down and get some sleep. Neither of us had played much that night, so we were sweaty but nothing too bad, and overall just exhausted from a long day of traveling. On the way up, I called the first shower, and Nick reluctantly agreed. We take calling things pretty seriously. When we got up there, I peeled off my shorts and shirt, and sat down on the bed for a minute just to chill before taking a shower. Nick did the same. He has a slim, pale-skinned body with a little bit of hair leading from his belly button down to his pubic area, but lots of dark leg hair and pit hair that he has kind of a funny habit of playing with when he's bored.

We were about 15 minutes into a Family Guy episode, both of us sitting there in our boxer-briefs. Then, Nick jumps up and breaks for the bathroom. Being pretty stubborn, and, as I said, a guy who takes calling things pretty seriously, I wasn't going to let this slide. He beat me there by a few seconds and started closing the door, but I pushed back hard. I could see him in the mirror working to push me out, the outline of his penis and balls clearly visible through his boxer-briefs, bouncing and swaying with each push. Needless to say, I was getting a somewhat substantial erection at this point, and figured it was time to regroup and figure out another strategy. Remember, the lock on the door was broken.

So, I peeled off, and said 'okay man, you take the first one, whatever,' and pretended to go back to watching TV. Instead, I grabbed a Styrofoam cup and filled it with some Gatorade we had lying around, planning on surprising him over the shower curtain. I could hear it running, so I figured he was already in, and started to open the bathroom door.

When I did, I realized I was definitely wrong. He was standing there, his back towards me, underwear at his ankles, bending over to adjust the knob on the shower temperature. His butt was round and smooth, with some hair on the lower half, and I thought I caught a glimpse of his balls between his legs. He quickly popped up, grabbing for his boxers at his ankles to cover up. I of course was dying with laughter, seeing him standing there naked and fumbling to cover up. Almost forgetting the cup of Gatorade in my hand, I heaved it at him, soaking his back and everything else as he pulled his underwear back up. Fearing the repercussion, I ran out and grabbed a pillow. Nick followed, his now soaking red boxer-briefs clinging tightly to the outline of his penis and ass. As he ran, his penis seemed to stiffen with every step, eventually sticking almost straight out as he ran towards me.

I jumped on the bed and swung the pillow, but missed. He lunged towards me, grabbing the pillow out of my hands and pushing my shoulders down, forcing me on to my back. I was laughing too hard to struggle much; the whole situation was hilarious! Here Nick is, soaking wet with Gatorade, straddling me over the bed. I made eye contact with him, but then my eyes drifted back down to his stiffening penis. He looked down, then back up at me, and I said, 'you must like Gatorade dude.'

'You, too,' he responded, noticing my growing erection in my gray boxer briefs. Just then, kind of to get him off of me and kind of to see how far he was willing to take it, I made a motion with my fist towards his balls, as if I was going to hit him. He jumped back, giving me just enough time to reverse our previous position and pin him.

'Fine, dude, you can take the first shower, just know that I kicked your ass,' I said, letting him go. Reluctantly, and with a look of defeat that was hilarious, he stumbled back to the door.

How could I let it go that easily? Looking around the room, I found some free instant coffee for the machine on the desk. Tearing open a package, I waited until I heard the shower running (and then a minute or two more), and started to twist the knob again. Immediately, I dumped the coffee all over him, moving side to side over the curtain. Not wanting to give him a way out to get me back, I grabbed his underwear from the floor and the two towels left on the rack on my way out.

After a few expletives, and realizing his situation, Nick made a move I wasn't expecting. He came out anyway. As he stalked towards me ready to take his revenge, his semi-erect penis bobbed up and down, pointing farther and farther up along the way. It was long and thick, probably around 6 inches and growing, and he had a significant bush of dark black pubic hair that was soaking wet from the shower, the Gatorade, and probably a little coffee too. His balls were big and hairless, one of those ball sacks that makes it kind of difficult to tell one from the other, and is generally just very round. His head was white but darker compared to the rest of his penis, and was almost fully circumsized, to the point where you could see the head fully. The tip was pointed, almost like an arrow. All the while, I'm laughing hysterically.

'God man can't I just take a frickin shower?' he said jokingly, 'now it's time for some serious pay back.'

I let him pin me on my back again, his penis hovering over my body.

'You've sure seen mine, now let's see how much your dick likes being harassed while it's trying to take a shower.'

And with that, he quickly yanked at my boxer-briefs. I sat up a little, allowing him to pull them free. My own 6 inch penis sprung up at attention, the head already turning a deep shade of reddish purple in anticipation. I pushed him over next to me, so we were laying side by side. He was still soaking, so his balls were hanging pretty low and his penis was shiny and dripping wet. He started slowly pulling his penis up and down, wrapping his right hand around it gingerly.

'You don't seem that good at this, dude,' I said, pulling his hand away and putting my right hand in its place. I tickled his balls briefly, which were wet too and pretty much hairless except for a few medium length black hairs. His hips squirmed in anticipation, and he was breathing heavily. I then moved up to his penis, which jumped a little when I first put my hand on it.

He then moved his left hand over to my lower stomach, and started tickling my pubes lightly with the tip of his fingers. Now it was my turn to start squirming. He, too, tickled my pretty round and hairy balls gently, and then put his hand on my shaft, which was throbbing almost painfully at this point.

I definitely did not forget about him, though, and moved my right hand up and down his throbbing shaft, using only two fingers delicately. I then switched over to his penis head, which had just begun leaking dabs of pre-cum, and used my fingers and palms to rub his now red head in circles. This continued for about ten minutes, which is a surprisingly long time when you are constantly being masturbated to orgasm but then brought down right before the point of no return.

Eventually, though, I noticed he was squirming more and more, and I glanced over and saw his eyes starting to narrow. I took his hand off of my penis, and straddled him to get a little bit better position before finishing him off. Man, his eyes and face made it seem like he was in heaven, and his penis was throbbing like no other. I grabbed it, and this time, used my right hand to slowly jack him up and down while my left hand alternated between tickling his sack and making small circles around his head. After barely 20 seconds, his balls started to clench up towards his stomach, his hips bucked forward as his ass came up off the bed, and his penis tensed in my hand. I pulled my hand off, hoping to hold him one more time, and watched him sit there for probably less than two seconds with what must've been the best feeling in his life. I then picked up again, barely completing two rapid jerks before the cum started to flow in long shots. The first hit the bed board behind him, the second his shoulder, and the third and fourth covered his stomach and belly button, with the last covering his pubes. My hand, too, was covered in shots of warm cum. I let go, and he slowly sat back down on the bed, closing his eyes for 20 seconds as his penis started to soften a little bit.

Without warning, he popped up and pushed me onto my back too, straddling me in a similar way. His limp penis and balls were dangling between his legs, and his face was barely a few inches above my lower stomach. I was watching him as he started to jack me, his penis and balls swaying back and forth as he moved his body, slowly jerking my penis and rubbing my head, and occasionally tickling my balls. I can't imagine I lasted more than three or four minutes, and I really don't remember the details, because I was in the midst of way too much pleasure to really care how I was receiving it. I did notice his penis slowly but surely starting to stiffen again, and stick farther and farther away from his body. Finally, I couldn't hang in there any longer, and my hips started to buck forward, my penis tensing in his hand. He let me hang there for a few seconds, and then finished me off, as I shot probably five or six ropes of cum all over the bed board behind me, my stomach, and pubes, covering his hands too. He continued to pull gently until every last drop was squeezed out, and then it was my turn to sit back. Almost out of breath, I definitely needed a few seconds to catch up.

'Can I have the shower now, Brian?'

'All yours, buddy, all yours,' I replied.

That tournament was considerably more fun than years past, and we jacked each other off to unbelievable orgasms almost every night. One morning, I woke up to his hands gently massaging my rapidly stiffening penis from the outside of the boxer-briefs I was sleeping in. We didn't bother calling showers anymore; it was almost more fun when we had to contest for it.

Nick was one of my best friends before the tournament, and remained one after. We had yet another thing in common that we figured out; we are (mostly) straight guys who enjoy jerking each other off.



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