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Basketball Camp

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In the summer between high school and college I got a job as an instructor at an all girls basketball camp that was being held at the college that I was attending the next fall on a scholarship. The instructors were housed in a dormitory in rooms that held two girls. My roommate was a sophmore who was playing on the college team that I was going to be playing for the next school year. She was a really nice girl, more than six feet tall, blonde and very thin. We liked each other right away and began sharing conversation at night talking about boyfriends, teachers and what it would be like to play on the same team the next year.

One night I told my new friend that I was suffering from a very sore shoulder from a fall that I had taken earlier in the week. She suggested that I take a warm bath and immediately went to the bathroom to fill the tub. Then she waited while I took my clothing off and stepped into the tub. 'Let me rub your shoulder for you' she offered, 'I can loosen it up.'

She sat on the edge of the tub and began rubbing my shoulder. Her touch was electric making me relax. I had originally been uncomfortable undressing in front of her but I soon forgot my discomfort as she rubbed. Slowly she moved her stroking from my shoulder to my back and as she did my inhibitions melted and I bent over to let her have access to my entire back.

Gently she put her left hand around my waist and exherted pressure while she rubbed my neck. I responded by straightening up in the tub and her right hand went down my back toward my lower back. As her right hand found its way lower her left hand moved up and rested just under my breasts. Then it happened. Her hand moved to my breast and gently cupped it. 'These are so beautiful' she said. I was so excited and so surprised that I just trembled but it was so sexy that I didn't want her to stop.

She looked me in the eye and asked if she could continue. I whispered yes. Her hand moved between my breasts touching my nipples and teasing them until they both tingled in a way that I didn't know was possible. Then her hand found it's way down between my legs. By this time I was so excited that I almost immediately began to climax, slipping into more powerful convulsions than I had never experienced before.

When I calmed down she helped me out of the tub, dried me gently with a towel and led me to her bed. It was a single bed with very little room for the two of us but she took her clothing off and pressed herself against me. I was on my back and leaning against the wall so that she would fit in the small bed, and she rolled against me pressing until I could feel the heat of her vagina against my thigh. She kissed me gently as she rubbed herself against me and as she did I could feel her moisture on my leg. Slowly she ground against me with her breathing intensifying as she gyrated.

Suddenly my own pubic area responded again coming back to life after just having had a climax. I had never had more than one in such a short time. I pulled her to me and began pressing back, rubbing against her thigh and kissing her as she undulated against me. Then she was exactly on top of me releaving the pressure by holding her upper body off the bed with her elbows and hands. But she was so light that her weight was more delicious than uncomfortable. I couldn't believe how perfectly our vaginas felt against each others taut thighs, or the powerful feelings of pleasure that her touch stimulated. She was on fire, rubbing her entire body against mine and especially her small breasts. For quite a long time she squeezed her nipple which became huge when she stimulated it and directed it against my own breasts and nipples. After what seemed like an eternity of kissing and touching she collapsed on top of me with all of her weight against me whispering that she was going to climax. She buried her face in my neck and moaned and as she did my own excitement rose again.

We climaxed together collapsing into each other after it was over. She laughed and told me that we had to be more quiet because the walls were so thin. It was my first but not my last experience with another girl.



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