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Basement Fun

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This story is from age 12 thru 18.


When my parents remodelled the house they decided the basement would be made into a teens room. This was the room my sister and I used to watch TV and have friends sleep over. We had a TV, VCR, Pool Table and two bedrooms/bathrooms. When I was 12 I had three friends. When we stayed over at my house my father would go and rent us porn. The first time this happened I was surprised and my father just winked at me. After watching a regular movie I decided to put in the porn. When the first scene came on my friends all had their mouth drop open. After a few minutes we were all hard. In another few minutes we were all ready to jerk off. After another minute I asked if anyone wants tissues and all three said yes. We all decided to get naked and jerk off. As we were jerking off we kept checking each others method. When a good scene came on we all watched the tv and jerked off. All you heard was heavy breathing and skin being rubbed. We all came at the same time and threw away our tissues. We did this until we were 15 and a few times dared each other to walk around the house outside naked.

We stopped being friends when we were 15 when someone a year older than us got his drivers licence and didn't like me. My friends dropped me like day old bread. I would still go downstairs and jerk off to porn but soon I was bored with it. That's when Lauren came into my life. She was a neighbor who lived two doors down. One night she was locked out of her house and came by to wait for her parents to get home. When she asked why I was home I told her my friends were with someone else. She told me that was too bad because she missed seeing us naked at night. I almost choked on my soda.

When I said what, she told me she was coming back from the bathroom one night and saw the four of us naked in front of my house. I got beet red and Lauren laughed and told me it was okay. She told me it turned her on to see us walking with our dicks swinging. I told her we were stupid and if we got caught it wouldn't have been fun. Lauren got very quite and when I asked her if she was okay she nodded and asked me if I would do that again. I asked if she wanted to see me naked and she said yes. I told her I would if after she did the same. After a few seconds she said ok. I took off my sweatpants and shirt and was in my underwear. I was hard so they were sticking out. Lauren got wide-eyed and when I removed my underwear had a huge smile on her face. I then walked around the room stroking myself. When I came near Lauren she reaching her hand out when the door bell rang. We froze and my mom buzzed down that Laurens parents were home and she could go home now. Lauren got up to leave but turned and gave me a kiss on my cheek and told me good night.

I was rock hard and thought I was going to score.

I turned on the tv and vcr and jerked off to a porno movie. After I went to my room to go to sleep my phone rang. It was Lauren who told me I was the first guy she ever saw naked and she came home and played with herself. I told her I did the same. We decided to get together the next day to watch tv.

When Lauren came over my parents told me they were going to a friends house to watch the football games and they would be back later. Lauren told me her parents were going to the game and had left about an hour before. After watching some of the game Lauren kept glancing at my crotch which was making me hard. I was in shorts with no underwear and I was poking out. Lauren looked at me and told me she wanted to continue last night. I stripped in about one second and my dick was hard as ever. She moved her hand to my dick and touched it. It was her first time touching a dick and my first time having a girl touch me. she felt the head, shaft and then my balls. With my balls she put them in her palm of her hand and lifted them and told me they felt heavy. I told her I was horney and my balls were full of sperm. After a few minutes and told her I was going to cum and she rubbed me quicker and I then spurted on her fingers, hand, arm and shirt. She went to the bathroom to clean up. I was still recovering when Lauren came back out of the bathroom. She was naked and stood before me. My mouth dropped open and I looked at her. She had nice size breasts about 36C, a flat stomach, long legs and a trimmed bush. She sat next to me and took my hands to her breasts. I squeezed them and then softly rubbed them. I circled her nipples and gave them a pinch. I then looked down and caressed her thighs and then her vagina. I went up and down her opening and felt her get wetter and wetter. I then inserted my finger and she shuddered and moaned. I kept this up and in a few minutes she was lying on the couch and soon had an orgasm. She was moaning and her body was vibrating and she then gasped and started to shake. Her pussy shut on my fingers and she laid still for a few minutes. She smiled and told me that was amazing. When I took my finger out I smelled them and then licked them clean.

After a few months of seeing each other our parents got us together and asked us what was going on. Lauren told them we were dating and sexually active. Her father looked at me all mad, but told her she was going to go on the pill. My father then told me he would buy my condoms to make sure I was getting the right type. Up to this point we had either masturbated each other or ourselves. This was almost telling us to screw.

After college started my mother told me Lauren and her family had moved. We stayed in touch for a few months but we both met new people and stopped talking.



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