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Barefoot Babysitter

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When I was younger my parents hired a babysitter for when they went out on the weekends. Me being home by myself was fine during the day, but they thought at night was a different story. The girl was the daughter of a friend of my mom at work, she was a cute blond that was probably 19-20 at the time. Not only that, but every time she was around her shoes were always off. Not just kicking her sandals off, but taking off shoes and socks basically as soon as she was in the door. I guess she hated having anything on her feet. I wasn't sure why at the time, but I always liked staring at her feet when she was around (I now know it's a foot fetish). She was usually around on Saturdays, both Friday and Saturday when it was warmer, so I had lots of opportunities to stare and think about at night when I would play with myself.

One weekend they had to go out of town for a wedding so they had her spend the night. When she showed up late that afternoon she already looked ready for bed in a hoodie, sweatpants and worn moccasins that she kicked off by the couch. Like most other times, she wore them barefoot. When she would go to the bathroom I would grab one and play with it, feeling the footprint inside it. By the time she came back I would have to hide my hard-on.

We watched a couple of movies that night, but I didn't see a lot of them because my attention was on her feet propped up on the table. I stayed there until about 10 when I needed to go to bed. I woke up about an hour later and heard the TV still on, so I went back downstairs. I saw that she was asleep on the couch, but her feet were hanging off of the edge. As soon as I saw them I felt my hard-on coming back. She was dead asleep so I started feeling and smelling her moccasins for a while. I don't know what got into me, but when I was done with that I started smelling her feet. I liked it. I ran my nose and lips on her soles and under her toes. My cock was straining so I knew I had to cum. I slid off my shorts and underwear right there and started stroking with her feet in my face. I wrapped my cock in my underwear and started licking her feet and between her toes. I came almost immediately with her big toe in my mouth. I couldn't believe what I did, but it felt great. After I dried off my cock I ran the head of it up and down her foot. When I was done I was still hard so I turned off the TV and went back upstairs, making myself cum one more time before I fell asleep.

The next morning I went downstairs and she had changed into a t-shirt and shorts, leaving a great view of the feet I licked and sucked the night before. She didn't stay long, and she switched to a pair of flip flops she had in her bag. She went to the bathroom one more time before she left, and while she was in there I nudged her other shoes under the couch, hoping she would forget them. When she came out she grabbed her bag and hugged me, saying she had fun and left, forgetting the shoes. For the next week I kept them hidden in my room, pulling them out every time I masturbated, even wearing them a few times. When she came back I gave them to her saying she forgot them and she thanked me for holding onto them. I should have been thanking her for the fun week I had with them.



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