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Barefoot after the Bath

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My best friend at school was called Tim. We often used to spend the night together at his house or mine. When the bedroom door was safely shut we would get ready for bed and somehow or other we always managed to find some excuse to wrestle in our underwear. I especially remember we would fight each other with our feet, sitting down either on the bed or the floor and moving about like crabs. After we had worn ourselves out we would just sit like that touching, getting our breath back. I used to like the feeling of his bare feet on my chest or on my thighs. Sometimes like this we would talk about masturbation and orgasms and things.

On his fourteenth birthday, I think, I stayed over at his house. It was summer and during the day we went to an adventure assault course. When we got home in the evening we were very dusty and achy and his mum said we could have a bath before bed. He went first while I sat on the toilet and talked to him, and then we swapped and I got in his water. We laughed about how a hot bath makes your balls hang really low, and when he stood up he showed me his. I was relieved to see that, like me, he had quite an erection as well. After I had had a soak, we went back to his bedroom and laid down on the floor exhausted. We couldn't be bothered to put our pyjamas on even, so we just laid there naked looking at each other. We were propped up on our elbows and had our legs like we were going to have a foot fight.

But this time, instead of kicking me, he put his foot between my legs and started to press my penis with his soft toes. The moment was just right, and it all felt very natural: it felt strange, but nice. He did it quite gingerly at first but I quickly got a hard-on, which made his face light up, and he started to do it more firmly, his eyes flitting up and down all the time in case I gave any signs that I didn't want him to do it. Of course I didn't move a muscle! I couldn't believe this amazing thing was happening. I just opened my legs more to allow him to squeeze and kneed my erection with his toes. All the muscles in his calf and ankle were taught and firm and he was screwing and pressing his toes into the sensitive place at the top of my penis. Sometimes it would slip between his big and second toes so that he was sort of wanking me with his foot, faster and faster. He continued his wonderful massage and the room started to swim. It was so good I didn't want to come, but of course, at that age, I couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop my knees twitching, and as my breath started to catch it must have been obvious what was going to happen and I thought he would stop. But he didn't, he kept on doing it to me as I felt myself lose control. And then I was coming all over my tummy and his toes.



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