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Barbara's Panties

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I had to attend a convention and it happened to be in the same city that my wife's older sister lives. My wife suggested that I go a day early so I could visit her sister and family. I was going to spend the first night with them and then check into the hotel. I arrived around noon and visited with the family that afternoon. That night my sister in law informed me that she was going to let me sleep in her youngest daughter's room. She said Barbara had agreed to give up her room for the night. Barbara was a senior in high school and the only child still living at home. Now you would have to see Barbara to fully understand what I am about to tell you. She is absolutely gorgeous. She is about five-five with long blond hair. I would guess that her weight is around 120. The most fascinating part of Barbara's body is her breasts. A shapely pair of 38D tits. In addition to her beautiful face and knock-out body, Barbara is sexy as any woman I have ever seen. And as I was to find out a few months later, a natural blond. That night everyone had gone to bed except me and Barb. We watched a late movie and when it came time to turn in she said she needed to change the sheets on the bed because she had been sleeping on them. I assured her it was OK to leave the sheets that were there. To be honest with you I found it rather sexy to know that I was lying where her beautiful young body had been. That night after I went to bed my dick got hard just thinking of Barbara between those sheets and maybe masturbating. I tried to ignore my condition but it would not go down so I jacked off, shooting cum on her sheets. I don't know if she used the same sheets the next night but I hoped that she would.

Fast forward about six months and Barbara had graduated from high school and came out to spend the weekend with my wife and me. There was this outdoor flea market that Barb and my wife wanted to go to. She arrived Friday and was to leave Sunday. That Saturday morning around 10 they left for the flea market and told me not to expect them back until late that afternoon. I gave them time to get out of the neighborhood before I checked the guest bedroom and Barb's overnight bag. I found a clean pair of panties in the bag and in a side compartment I found a dirty pair. I figured the dirty pair were the ones she wore Friday. She put on a clean pair for that day and would probably wear the other pair Sunday. I took both pairs and watched some porno movies while sniffing the dirty pair. One sniff of her sweet musky aroma and my dick was hard. If I have ever smelled a better pair of panties, and I have smelt many, I don't remember. Those were some fine smelling panties with lots of dried pussy juice in the crotch. Over the next hour I licked, sucked, chewed and smelled the crotch of her panties. I felt like I could have eaten the crotch out of her panties. Several times I had to wipe the precum off my cock so I used her clean panties. They were nylon panties with a cotton lining in the crotch. I worked up a good load and finally could not stand it any more. I held the crotch of the dirty panties to my nose and inhaled deeply and jacked my dick with her clean panties. I promise you I filled the crotch of the clean ones full of cum. I know I came more than usual that day. By the time I finished cumming her clean panties had so much cum in them that I thought for a second I might have to wash them. I then took my fingers and smeared my cum all over the crotch of her panties. The cotton lining soaked it up but they had to dry. I left them out and after they dried I inspected them. The crotch was a little crusty but hopefully she would not notice. I neatly folded her panties and put them back where I found them. I put the dirty pair back in the side compartment. The dirty pair had no smell of her pussy after I finished with them. All the pussy juice and odor had been sucked out.

As expected Barbara and my wife returned late that afternoon hot and sweaty. As soon as they got home they both wanted to take a shower. My wife told Barbara to go first. About thirty minutes later Barbara came out and had clean clothes on. My wife then jumped in the shower. Barbara and I talked about what all they had done that day. After my wife came in the room following her shower she sat down with us. Barbara looked at my wife and said, 'After being so hot and sweaty doesn't it make you feel so much better after you shower and put on clean underwear?' It was at this point that I realized that that sweet young thing was sitting there with the cum filled panties on at that moment with my dried cum getting all over her pussy and mixing with her wonderful smelling pussy juice. My cock got so hard I could not get up for fear of them seeing it. I was still half hard when we went to bed that night. My wife was the beneficiary of me smelling Barbara's hot juicy panties that night after we got in bed.



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