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Band Trip

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Alright here is a story of what happened on my freshman band trip over thanksgiving. I was staying in a room with two other friends so we would have to trade who got to sleep alone every night. The first night I slept in a bed with one friend and the second night I slept alone. On the third night I was getting ready for bed when I realized it had been a few days since I had relieved myself and I was feeling very horny.

Before we all got in bed and turned out the lights, I was laying on a bed with one friend watching tv when the other friend accused me of spooning with him. I wasn't, but the idea of it got me aroused. The friend I was laying on the bed with and I had to sleep with each other that night so I got to thinking and fantasizing about what could happen. I had a hunch this friend was bi and I was always open for experimentation.

The lights were off and we were in bed. Both of us were pretty open and we were in our boxers. Remembering that I was horny, I started to rub myself gently while we were all watching tv, so that nobody would notice. We all agreed to turn the tv off and get some sleep because we had to get up early the next day.

I could not get to sleep because my bed partner was texting. So I pulled my dick out and started to jack every time he would turn over to text. I guess I wasn't being quiet enough because he soon said, 'Richard, what are you doing?' He obviously knew the way he said it so it reminded me of what could happen. I checked to make sure my friend in the other bed was asleep. He wasn't, so I began to move closer to him every time he turned over. By now I was extremely hard and the tip was just inches from his body. I then made my move. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my dick. He didn't resist at all and grabbed my hand and placed it on his and I felt it grow in my hand. He started rubbing my balls and he pulled his dick out. I started to jack him slowly and he did the same to me. While I started to rub his balls he jacked both of us. I started to pull off my underwear and he pulled off his. I flipped over so my backside was against him. He put his dick between my legs and we started to hump and he grabbed me and pushed hard. I then got on my back and we jacked until he came all over the sheet. A little bit later I came on his body.



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