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Band Love

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Band Love
I love masturbation I do it at least once a day. Mostly I just do the hand stroke approach. Well, when I was 15 about 5 years ago I had my first really erotic sexual experience. I was in the high school band and we would play at any of the varsity football teams games. I live in the northern U.S. so during football season it was always cold.
Well, anyway at one of these football games it was very cold. I was cold but the cold never really bothered me much. But it did bother a close friend of mine, Crystal. Crystal was about five foot six a great ass nice legs and a really good rack. Crystal had just broken up with her boyfriend and was constantly rubbing up against me hugging me and just flirting. Maybe she was cold or maybe just really horny but she started to cuddle up under me while we were in the bleachers between songs.
Eventually she ended up sitting on my lap for "warmth" she said. I was really attracted to her and my cock started to get rock hard I could tell she could feel it against her ass. She looked at me and stood up. I felt so embarrassed! Then to my surprise she sat back down but now she was sitting on her hand she started to gently rub my cock to a huge erection. She asked the band instructor if she and I could be excused to the concession stand for some dinner. To her delight (and in reflection to mine) he said yes. She grabbed my hand which was ice cold and dragged me to the girls locker room. This was the first time I had ever been in there to my surprise there was a couch and chairs unlike the smelly messy boys locker room that I was accustomed to. She put her hand down my pants but I had to push her back her hand was just so cold. I told her that her hand was cold as ice she said really? And put her hand down her own pants to tell she immediately agreed. I told her I wanted her so bad. She said I can tell staring at my crotch.
She sat down on the couch and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles and spread her legs. I could see her panties were wet from the moisture seeping out of her wet clit. I sat down beside her and she asked me to show her my cock. I pulled it out at the time I was about 6 inches long. I was rock hard to the point that it hurt I wanted her so bad. She gazed at it and touched her clit. She started to trace her lips and caress her tits. This turned me on so much I mean she was really going at it all the time staring at my cock. I started to stroke it slowly without really thinking. This made her go after it even more. She rubbed her palm over whole pussy then she slipped her finger inside. I couldn't resist any more I started to stroke fast I wanted an orgasm so badly. I looked over and she was thrusting her hips and cuming every were I was so turned on I immediately shot my load every were. She started to lick the cum off of my dick. The next thing I new her head was bobbing up and down it felt so good. I thought I was going to cum right that second but luckily I didn't. It was pure ecstasy!! I tried to hold back as long as I could but I finally told her I was about to cum apparently she didn't care because she downed every drop.
I was so exhausted but I knew that she was still horny she was still fingering her self. So I said let me do that for you and I took her fingers in my mouth and suck her juices of. She tasted so good. She spread her legs open and I started to lick her cunt. I liked her clit up and down and slipped my tongue deep inside her swollen opening. She moaned and gyrated her hips with the rhythm of my tongue. She yelled yes and her juices poured out of her and I lapped them up as much as I could. We cleaned up and walked out to the bleachers I think probably the whole band new what we had been doing and it almost turned me on but it was back to work playing my bass drum.



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