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Band Festival

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When I was a senior in high school, I was in the band and at the end of the year we were invited to a college out of state to participate in a competition. It was close to our graduation, and since the college had already let out for the summer, we were invited to stay in the dorm rooms since we would be there for three days. The only problem was, since hardly anyone was ever in them during the warm months, they had no A/C.

The days were fine, because we were in an auditorium for most of the day, but the nights were unbearable. The first night since it was so hot, we spent most of the night wandering around campus or laying around in the grass, but the second night we were told we had to stay in the building. With four of us per room it was sweltering, even with the window open. A couple of the girls were in their bra and panties, I was just in a long t-shirt and the last was wearing nothing but her towel after she got out of the shower.

We were all sitting on the two bottom bunks looking at magazines or talking, but we kept going back to how hot it was. I mentioned that I was drenched in sweat, when someone else said it's because I had my big shirt on and that I should take it off. I said I couldn't because it's all that I had on, and she then said we're all girls here, so who cares. I said that I didn't want to, but I would if someone else would along with me. The same girl jumped at the chance, unhooking her bra and kicking off her panties, almost loving the fact that she was naked. She then said it was my turn, so slowly I pulled my shirt off, showing my smallish breasts and hairy pussy.

We sat there spread out, showing off our goods to the other two, when the other girl in her underwear said she didn't want to be left out, almost jumping out of her few clothes. that just left the girl in the towel. We tried getting her to take it off, but she was kind of overweight and probably too embarrassed to. We kept urging, but she kept resisting, but when the three of us looked at each other, we had something else in mind. Slowly, we all got closer to her, and when she figured out what was going to happen, she held tight onto the towel and we pounced. We tried tugging at it at first, but then tried tickling her so she would let go. She busted out in laughter as we tickled under her arms and the soles of her feet, and eventually we got it off and tossed the towel out of the window.

She was, indeed, overweight, but had kind of a cuteness to her. She had very large breasts and a big belly, but her skin was tight and actually had a shaved pussy with a big clit that stuck out like a button. Surprisingly, after we all were bare, I noticed that I was the only one who wasn't shaved. One of the others said that we should change that, and I agreed to. She pulled her razor and cream out of her bag and I spread apart my legs as she knelt down and started lathering me up. I won't lie; it got me horny with another girl that close to me, and it made me feel even naughtier feeling the razor go up and down my vagina lips. When she was done, I actually liked how it looked, and feeling myself it was a whole lot better. Someone joked around and asked if I was going to masturbate now, but I said sure and started rubbing myself. With everyone around, it didn't take long before I balled up with an orgasm.

When I came, it got everyone else started, and pretty soon, the room was filled with the sound of smacking wet pussies and soft moans. The big girl took it a little further than the rest of us, getting on her hands and knees and thrusting her fingers in and out with her ass pointing right at us. I decided I was going to give her a hand, so I reached up between her legs and started rubbing her wet, fleshy vagina. When she came, she cried out and plopped down on the bed wiggling her hips.

The rest of that night was filled with masturbation and experimenting with each other, sex talk and our own secrets, and we eventually decided to get some sleep around 3 AM. We didn't play as good as we should have the next day, but we did alright considering our night before.

After we graduated, we all lost touch with each other, but I never forgot that night as my first, and only masturbation with other women. I still think about it all the time.



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