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Band Competition

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When high school bands go to competitions, it's usually an all day thing, and at my school, it was usually very far away. So the director told us to bring shorts and shirts to change into after we performed in the competition. We would stay to watch the other bands and to see the awards ceremony. My high school's band was very big (about 190 people) so we had three drum majors (the people who conduct the band on the field). I was a drum major as a junior and the other two were Brian and Anna, two seniors.

After we performed (and did very well I might say) the band got together and the director told everyone to go to the restrooms to change but he needed to talk to the drum majors for a second. Well, one second turned into about twenty minutes. At that point, everyone was done changing. Brian, Anna, and I all went onto the bus to get our clothes. Some of our friends walked by and yelled that they wee going to get something to eat and for us to hurry up. Brian said that we could just change on our bus because no one else was there. Anna didn't care because we could hide behind the seats.

So we all started changing and Anna (who has HUGE boobs) starts taking off her shirt. Brian and I were in the front of the bus. Brian motions toward the mirror above the driver's seat where you could easily see Anna standing in only her bra. Brian yells back to her without turning around, 'Nice boobs, Anna!' They were good friends so they could joke around like that. She yells back, 'Oh sneaking a peek, are we Brian?'

'Hell yea!' He responds. I was quiet throughout this. So he turns around and puts his hands up to his large pecs and moves his hands up and down as if he were holding boobs. I turned around at this point laughing. So Anna suprised us both and starts shaking her cleavage like Brian had been doing. We laughed as she put her shirt back on and left the bus calling us huge pervs.

'Dang, she is so hot,' Brian says. 'Look at what she did to me,' he says and steps out into the aisle and shows me his huge boner inside his boxers. I quickly glanced away. I'm pretty shy. Anyways, he says, 'Have you every noticed that drum majors are always the hottest people in the band? That's why you were able to get it as a junior.' (Juniors RARELY get drum major, its a very high position). It was somewhat true; we were both well-built because we both ran often and work out. I am 6 feet tall and he was about 6'2' I would guess. We are both dirty blonde.

'I mean look at your ass!' he says jokingly as he slaps it. (I was still in the process of changing and I was in my boxers at that point). From all of that I start geting hard as well.

I retort, 'I'm not one to brag,' and slap his butt right back. To do that I had to step out from behind my seat into the aisle. He noticed my hardon, and says 'We should take care of these'. 'NO!' I said.

'Come on, after seeing her amazing double D's, you're going to tell me, you're wern't going to beat off tonight thinking about her?'

'Shut up,' I said simply, and I brought my pants up to my legs to put them on. He grabbed the pants and yanked them down and my boxers came with them. I was standing there buck naked. He says nice piece of meat and starts to massage it. It felt amazing. He stopped only to take off his own boxers. I grabbed his awesome ass as he kept going on my average sized dick. I came quikly thinking about Anna's bouncing bust. He said I didn't have to return the favor, he has Anna for that. I had NO idea that they were sexual with each other. 'Lucky,' I said.

He said, 'You have no idea man. Her boobs are incredible. Maybe sometime you can have a go at those melons' That would be awesome.



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