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Band Boy

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A memory from several years ago


I was one of the percussion captains of our high school band in my senior year, and one of our freshman was absolutely the cutest boy I had ever seen. Noah was 14, about 5'4', with nearly shoulder length dark hair. He must have done some weight training, since his well-developed chest was visible even under his t-shirt. Noah was very popular with the girls; every once in a while, I would hear giggles coming from his direction when one of the girls would poke him in his ribs.

One Saturday, we were going to a marching contest about four hours away, and we were not supposed to be back until early the next morning. Things when along as usual, until there was some commotion while we were resting before dinner. I heard the sound of laughter, and discovered that some of the girls were using Noah as their tickle toy, several hands were under his shirt, tickling his ribs and stomach, while all along Noah sat there and absorbed the torture, it was almost as if he really enjoyed being tickled. I practically came in my jeans just watching the spectacle, and wondered how I could get my hands on him.

As we packed up to go home, the opportunity came. It was dark outside now, and Noah was put on the senior bus, since some of the seniors had acted up and were put on the freshman bus as punishment. Noah was sitting alone, near the back of the bus, and I took the opportunity to sit by him. By about an hour after we left, the bus was quiet, as everyone was exhausted by the band competition.

Noah was leaning against the window, seemingly asleep, and I took the bold step of putting my hand on his stomach, over his t-shirt. He flinched a little, but did not open his eyes, and I decided to go further. Slipping my hand under the hem of his shirt, my hand gently stroked his stomach and tender ribs, and then moved up to stroke his nipples. I could hear a slight moan coming from his lips, and even though it was dark, I could see that he was smiling.

Opening his eyes, he moved from against the window to leaning against me. I moved my left hand behind him, keeping it on his stomach, and with my right hand I began to stroke his cock through his jeans. He was hard when I began, and my gentle touch brought him to a full erection. Slowly, I unzipped his jeans, reached inside his underwear, and began to stroke his tender, sensitive cock. He arched his back and then came with an audible moan, but fortunately not loud enough to be heard by the other students on the bus.

The rest of the way home, my hands gently caressed his stomach and chest, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear him whisper a 'thank you' in my ear as we pulled into the school parking lot. Needless to say, Noah was able to find an excuse every band trip to sit on the senior bus.



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