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Banana Seats

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Back in the 1970's boys bikes were generally fixed up to look like motorcycles. Mine was not an exception. It was a 20 inch metallic purple Derby with knobby tires, a high sissy bar in the back, high handle bars in the front with long fork for the tire, and a long white banana seat with the thickest cushion of any one knew. You never bought a bike that way, each kid worked and saved money to buy each part and put it on. I often wonder why they went out of style or don't come back. I often see kids riding double on bikes these days in the most uncomfortable positions. With a banana seat kids could ride double and even triple sometimes very easily and we often did.

I was always a daring type of kid and would attempt dare devil tricks with my bike, to the admiration of friends but horror to grown ups. Around when I was 11 I discovered I could take a rolled up towel from swimming, wedge it in between the handle bars and lay down on the seat with my legs around the sissy bar. We lived in an area with lots of long, steep hills so the opportunity to try this was plentiful. I also found I would get a 'boner' while doing this, probably from the bouncing and rubbing around. Boys then wore very small and tight fitting Speedo type swim suits and my boner would be quite obvious to my friends. We never attached anything sexual to it at that time, it was just something that we found funny like burping or farting and felt as good between our legs. I don't think it even embarrassed me then to have my suit tent out several inches. It was a source of jealousy and power I had over other boys. Their seats were not as cushioned as mine and it would cause them more pain than pleasure to try it on their bikes. I often charged a dime or could bribe special favors just to switch bikes going down certain hills.

The next spring when I was 12 I had to stop that particular trick because it started to hurt my balls quite a bit. It confused me because I didn't know why it would change, it never hurt before. I made several attempts but gave up after a very painful bump caused me even lose control and end up in a ditch. I didn't realize it, but I started puberty, my testicles were slowly getting larger though I had yet to show any hair. I didn't really give up though and, when I was alone, I would find ways of wedging my bike somewhere to stay standing and and hump my banana seat. I even started experimenting with different positions. I never heard of masturbation and never talked about it, I just sort of discovered it on my own and kept it private. I never even achieved an orgasm but just did it to get a boner.

By the time school ended I was about a month short of 13 and I started to see the first pubic hairs appear above my now noticeably larger penis and low hanging and larger balls. It scared me at first. I didn't think I was ready to grow up that way yet but I spent a lot of time in front of a mirror examining things. I also started to look and note which other boys and girls started developing and once the public pool opened things were more noticeable and became the subject of conversation among us boys.

One in particular was a girl Linda. Linda was about my age and lived a few houses from mine. We were somewhat friends but we we didn't play much together, since till we were teenager the boys and girls generally played separately. Us boys were surprised to note one day that Linda had filled out quite a bit. We often made jokes the previous year about her tiny pink bikini that showed her dark brown nipples through when it got wet. The thing was, she was totally flat chested and just the tiny nipple stuck out. A year later, she had the same suit but large orange size tits that looked like they were about to break through. The nipple showed just as much and we noticed a camel toe between her legs, though we didn't know what to call it, and what we suspected to be hair. It was just one day, after that she got a new suit, much to our disappointment. She was still the topic of much conversation and we often got boners just thinking of her. We were still at that awkward age when we started to admire girls but didn't have the courage or know-how to actually talk to them without making fools of ourselves. I was still often harassed by my friends that I was lucky to have Linda as a neighbor and I had to get a way to join us for some neighbourhood game or something. My friends and I started playing strip poker, strip ping-pong, strip anything just to get naked and compare our development but we never really masturbated other than some feeling ourselves or others as part of dares or something. We never heard of orgasms so never tried anything like that. Linda's family was also suspected to go to nudist camps on the weekends which heightened our desire and hopes of her being the first girl we could see naked.

One day, much to my delight and same time fear, I found Linda walking her bike home with a flat tire. She was wearing nothing but a bikini. It fit better than the first one but was still revealing. In the short minute I spoke with her along the road I got a very noticeable erection in my Speedos and tried to hide it but that was difficult. I didn't have a shirt on and she asked me to look at her bike but I didn't have anything to fix a flat. She had to be the one to ask me for a ride and I agreed. It was still a couple miles and it would be impolite to make her walk the whole way. We got her bike off the road where it could be picked up later, tied her towel with mine on the sissy bar, and I convinced her ride on the back and I got on the front of the seat. This was opposite of the general procedure for riding double because it was easier to peddle and brake from the back of the seat but I didn't want my boner sticking in her behind. I tried as much as I could to keep a space between us but we kept coming together. I kept feeling her boobs press against my back. She started out holding the sissy bar behind her but asked if she could steer and I let her. I never did that with anyone before but she was flirting with me and I enjoyed it. I had a hard time because I really didn't have anything to hold on to but just used my hands to help push my knees to peddle. It worked out alright until we got to a steep down hill. Bikes had coaster brakes that worked by pressing backward on the peddles. I don't think they have them anymore. My legs were not in a good position to push hard enough to slow down and there was a cross street right at the bottom where we had to stop. I ended up having to suddenly stand up to push down and grab the handle bars to do so. This blocked Linda's view and she let go of the handle bars and tried to grab me around the waist. I don't know if it was intentional to start but she grabbed me right between my legs. She was screaming 'Oh my God' in a panic and I was trying to get control before we got killed. For some reason Linda kept pulling me down and back and I kept trying to stand on the peddles. The whole time she has a hold of my penis and balls and is grabbing and pressing back on them. I notice it but can't do or say anything at the moment. I feel my butt rubbing up and down on her boobs as she pulls me down and I keep trying to stand. Close to the bottom the back wheel locked up after we hit a patch of gravel and we started sliding but I managed to steer off on to the shoulder in to some grass just before getting to the cross street.

Linda pulled me down on the seat again and I stayed there. She had one arm around my waist and one hand still on my crotch and holding me close. She was still crying 'Oh my God' over and over. I couldn't figure out what to do. I couldn't understand why she was still upset. We were stopped and now we could go on. She had a hold of my balls and it hurt a little but I was too embarrassed to say, 'Let go of my balls, please.' I finally just asked her if she was OK just to do something and she finally calmed down and said yes but she didn't let go until I reached down and removed her hand from between my legs. I tried to get off the bike but she just held me and told me to stay there. I thought she was being ridiculous but after all she was a girl. I determined I was not going to let another girl a ride on my bike as long as I lived.

A couple cars went by she asked me if any more were coming. I looked, didn't see any, and said so. She told me I could get off, did, and understood the problem. Somehow her top had been pushed up and her boobs were totally exposed, probably from me going up and down. I couldn't help but stare a few seconds. They were the first boobs I saw besides my mother's, and hers didn't really count. As soon as I realized I was staring I apologized and turned around. I heard her trying to fix herself and suddenly realized my suit wasn't exactly right either and the back was mostly down my butt. I quickly fixed that. It seemed to take her forever and she finally asked for help. She unhooked the back to make it easier and couldn't get it back again. I helped her, which embarrassed me a little. I couldn't figure out what to say after that. I just asked her if she was alright, even though I thought it a stupid question because how could she possibly be hurt. Linda was OK so I got back on and we rode in silence for a few minutes, this time she was holding on to my waist.

She broke the silence by saying, 'That was kind of fun.' I didn't agree but I said, 'Yea, but let's not do it again.' It was quiet for a while again until we got to a part of the road that was secluded. I was thinking I couldn't wait to get home. The whole situation was pretty awkward for me. Linda said, 'I'm surprised you didn't like that, you are always the adventurer.' I couldn't really disagree with her on that. I had a reputation and enjoyed it, I just didn't know how to handle the sexual part of the thing and it made me uncomfortable. I actually enjoyed the feeling but didn't know how to say it without possibly crossing the line of acceptability.

Linda asked me what I liked the most about it. I actually like her feeling my crotch and her boobs on my back but I didn't dare say that. I started getting a boner again. I just said, 'I don't know, maybe not crashing at the bottom.'

She asked, 'Do you know what I liked?'

'I don't know.' I said. I really didn't either. She was panicked, screaming and I thought she was going to cry at the bottom.

She said, 'I like this.' and she moved her right hand onto by crotch and started fondling me there. It made me jump a little and said 'Hey' and at first I thought that was a mistake because it gave her a chance to reach down further and get her fingers underneath and have a tighter hold. I wasn't sure I wanted her hand there but I hesitated long enough that I found it felt good when she wasn't squeezing the life out of my balls. She left it there until we come to some houses and people were in front so she let go. I never said anything but as soon as we past and the coast was clear I took her hand and put it there again. She slid up as close as she could to me and I could feel those tiny but firm boobs on my bare back. I imagined the pointy nipples sticking through the cloth and touching my skin.

I don't think I had ever been so hard before in my life. Linda wasn't just holding there but using her fingers to feel the outline of my boner over the suit. It was pushing the material up past the waist band. I was afraid it would pop out any minute. I had an uncontrollable urge to pee for a while but didn't want to say anything. I thought I could make it home. We had to stop a few times because of houses and the urge to pee stopped and started again every time her hand was there. After a long stretch of no houses I felt like I was about to burst. The tingling feeling was more than I could stand and I told Linda I had to stop. I got off the bike, ran to the nearest tree, pulled down the front of my suit and tried to pee. Nothing came out, I assumed because it was too hard, which even happened many mornings after waking up lately. By the time it was a little soft the urge to pee went away without a drop. I stood there for over a minute and nothing with Linda watching me the whole time. I was totally frustrated. How could I explain that to her.

She asked if I needed help. 'Why would I need her help to pee,' I wondered. I had to think of a way out. I quickly closed up my suit and got away and told her I saw some poison ivy by the tree and didn't want to stand there anymore.

I got on again and we started our game again. After we started I realized I could of asked her to ride in front and she might have let me feel her boobs and maybe even between her legs. I forgot about it as soon as I had that urge to pee again. I couldn't figure out why it did that. It felt real good so I didn't want her to stop but I was about to burst in my suit.

We finally got to her house. I was disappointed our game would end but I had to pee so bad I was ready to stop again. There were lots of neighbors so peeing outside was not an option. I had to go so bad I asked if I could use her bathroom.

There was one with a laundry and attached to her bedroom and kitchen with a door to each on the first floor and she showed me to go there. I opened my suit and tried to pee just like the last time and the same thing happened. I thought maybe the suit was to tight so I pulled it down in the back so it was more comfortable. My 5 inch boner was pointing straight up and I had to push it down to aim right. I was waiting and waiting and the urge was going away along with my erection. I was just staring at it, confused. I started playing with my balls and few hairs that I had while I waited. I was about to give up when I heard Linda in the next room. I went in the kitchen door and closed that one but didn't notice the other door to her room which was about halfway open. I don't know if she didn't notice, didn't care, or intentionally left it open but I stood there with my suit down, playing with myself while she takes off her suit in complete view. I couldn't believe my luck and forgot that she could probably see me at any time. I started stroking my now hardening boner again.

I was able to watch her for several minutes as she got clothes out of her drawers and started to pick clothes off the floor and her bed, all while naked. I saw her pointy boobs and could even make out the little hairs and slit between her legs. She had an armful of dirty clothes and walked in the room where I was and put them in the machine, put in detergent and turned it on. It wasn't until she said, 'Aren't you done yet?' that I realized I was completely exposed to her as well.

I was a little shocked about my condition and hers and couldn't think what to do. We stood staring at each other for a minute and I never answered her. I could see her eyes going between mine and watching me play with my little boner which I couldn't seem to stop doing. She suddenly said, 'I know what your problem is.' She comes and I watch her pull my suit all the way to the floor and she takes my hand and leads me to her bed and tells me to lay down. I thought she was going to have sex with me or something and was a little scared but excited too, but she took her fingers and started stroking up and down. I had that urge to pee again and when I felt like I couldn't hold it any longer I started to get up but she told me to wait. I held on another minute and I felt my entire body was in spasms but it felt great. I felt many spasms come from my penis but only two small spurts of clear thick liquid came out onto Linda's hand and my belly.

It took me several minutes to recover. Linda got a cloth and wiped up the mess on herself and me and asked if I felt better and I replied ,'YES'. I asked her where she learned that and she said a boy taught her at a camp her family goes to. I felt foolish asking her what she thought came out but she just said it was what helped make babies. I was embarrassed about that sort of thing so I didn't pursue more questions even though I had some. I suddenly realized her parents might be home and asked her but she said everyone was out and we were alone. She asked me if I wanted to feel her and of course I said yes. We switched places and she taught me how to feel her pussy and tits in a way that made her feel good and she also had an orgasm, although we didn't know what it was called.

I hung out at her house with her because she wanted me to wait till her dad got home and we could get her bike. She said she didn't think she could remember where it was but I think it was an excuse to get me to stay. It would be another hour or more so I called home and told my mom about her bike but none of the other stuff and asked if I could stay to get her bike. My mom thought I was being a good boy to help out. After I hung up the phone we fell on the floor laughing so hard. I couldn't believe I talked on the phone with my mom completely naked. Linda was trying to make me laugh the hold time by playing with my penis and balls. We went back to her bedroom and helped one another have another orgasm and I was finally wore out.

We went to her basement that was fixed up and played a game of pool when we heard her mom drive in. I ran fast to the bathroom to get my suit. Linda was after me holding me back the whole way but I escaped in enough time to get my suit on before her mom and three younger brothers came in the kitchen. Linda just stayed naked and it didn't seem to phase her mom a bit while Linda told her about the afternoon, leaving out the questionable parts. It wasn't until after she was done that her mom suggested she get put something on before getting dinner ready.

Her father got home and we ate and went to get her bike in their pick-up. On the way home he thanked me for helping and being a friend to Linda and I didn't have to be a stranger living a few houses away. He invited me in after for a root beer and found everyone in the basement watching tv, Linda and her brothers, 11, 9, and 8 years old naked on the floor. I sat on the sofa and Linda came and cuddled next to me like I was her boyfriend and I wondered if I was. I got another boner which showed through my suit again but Linda never reached for it or anything. Jake, the 9 year old, jumped in my lap and settled in like I was a member of the family. I realized he was intentionally wriggling around to feel my hard boner on his butt when he pressed down hard and smiled at me at the same time.

I was happy to be a regular visitor to their house, even though my mom wasn't to happy about it. She never prevented me from going though and after a while she was comfortable after I never reported anything bad happening when I was there. Linda was even invited to our home for meals on many occasions and families shared BBQ's.

I never told anyone about the many times Linda and I ran naked through her house and masturbated together. I was too afraid my parents would find out. It never went further than masturbation though. Eventually, the boys and I often masturbated together too but never when Linda was around.

I was invited several times to the nudest camp ground they went to later that summer. I eventually got used to seeing naked people so I didn't have a constant erection. I slept with John, Jake, and James in a separate tent but we never fell asleep before 3 A.M. or so. I was amazed at how many times they could masturbate and not get tired. There orgasms were always dry but their boners never got soft after cumming. I learned many methods from those boys. They were always creative and not much inhibitions.

We would take our bikes to the camp ground and often ride double on my banana seat. I most enjoyed it when Linda rode around with me but I remember one notable time with John. It was actually the following year I think. John was 12 had started growing some hair above his penis but his cum was still dry. One day he was riding behind me and he had a boner that he stuck between the seat and my butt crack. I didn't think much of it since he was always doing things just to be ridiculous. We were riding on a bumpy gravel path going real fast. He was holding on tight to me, his body pressed hard against mine and he suddenly let out a high pitched scream. I felt several squirts in my butt crack and the seat got slippery. John asked me to stop and I did. We got off and looked several minutes at John's first cum. It was a great idea and we took turns many times doing that.

I often wondered if they're parents knew all the things we did because they never said anything about it. After I went to the nudist camp ground with them I would join in sitting nude in their family room. There were times when one of the boys would sit in my lap naked in their home watching TV or something and they would put my hand on their penis and balls and make me play a little while or they would fondle me, but we never did it to climax then.

I hinted several times to Linda to join me and my friends in playing some strip games but she never did. I was her boyfriend and part of the family and she felt that what we did was only part of family things not just anyone. I never told my friends the things we did and often lied and said nothing ever happened between us except some kissing.

My family moved away when I was 14 and I was heartbroken. I went back to visit for 2 months the next summer, I'm surprised my parents let me. Even though I was supposed to stay at another friends house I spent all of my time with Linda's family. It was a lot of fun but she had a new boyfriend the following school year and we drifted apart. I won't forget the fun we had masturbating. I think it was as much fun thinking new ways than it was reaching those wonderful climaxes over and over. I wish I still had the stamina. Our youth should enjoy it as much as they can when young. It works when older but you just can't have it right after each other like you can when young. They should also put banana seats back on their bikes.



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