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Banana for Breakfast

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It was a beautiful sunny day in paradise, and I wanted to go running. I hadn't had breakfast yet, so I grabbed a banana on my way out and ate it in the car. I ran some errands and then parked the car and went for a three-mile run.

As I ran along the road, I noticed a few cars slowing down and the drivers looking really hard at me. I was wearing running shorts that were split all the way up the leg. It was a windy day, so a lot was being revealed with each step, as the wind blew the back of the shorts up to let the world see I was not wearing anything underneath. The wind would suddenly change and blow up the front of the shorts. I was a bit worried that my cock would suddenly pop out without any support, but I focused on keeping my pace steady.

A couple of guys stuck their heads out of their cars and whistled at me. The attention and the feeling that my hardening cock would somehow find its way into the open got me aroused. I could feel it getting harder as I ran and the rubbing of the shorts against it was feeling better and better. My breathing was getting heavier, and I was wondering if I would cum before I got back to the car.

After a few minutes, my cock was fully hard, hanging off to the side, the head poking out from the leg of my shorts. The friction was too much, so I stopped, thinking that if I walked I could relax, but it only made my hard-on even more visible. To my surprise it popped out of the bottom of my shorts, swollen, throbbing and pointing to the sky. That wasn't going to work on a public street, but I was only a quarter of a mile from where I parked, so I took a deep breath, tucked myself back in as best I could and sprinted the rest of the way.

The last hundred yards or so the coast was clear and not a moment too soon, because my cock was in full view. Bobbing up and down at first, then completely erect as I reached the car. Every movement I made was exciting me even more, every bob pulled the skin tighter and I felt overwhelmed by the combination of the cardio workout, my blood pumping and the irresistible feeling spreading over my entire body.

I was really hot and exhausted when I finally got back to the car, but laughing to myself. What a rush! The car was baking in the sun and the warm air inside made the feeling even more intense, like being in a sauna. I took off my shoes and socks, then slipped out of my shorts as another jogger passed by.

I was breathing hard and looked over on the passenger seat where I saw the banana peel left from my breakfast. I picked it up and it was piping hot, as well as being slippery. I slid the entire peel over my cock and started stroking. The feeling was unbelievable and so pleasurable that I caught my breath in shock. I held the peel in place and worked my cock in and out, as I slid farther and farther down the front of the drivers seat.

The orgasm was an eruption. I lost all control of my body as I went completely tense then limp from head to toe. My back arched high and I clenched my teeth, hitting my head against the back of the seat it was so powerful. My hot cum and hot banana juice drizzled down my cock, between my legs and on to the car seat, making a delicious smell that filled the car.

It took a while to get up the strength to drive home. I wanted to surrender to a deep and profound sleep, but I managed to get my breathing back under control and start the car. On the way home I passed a trashcan and tossed the banana peel in it. I've always loved bananas as food, but I can't look at one now, without getting a little light-headed thinking of some of its other sensual uses.



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