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Hi, I'm Caroline, and I've been reading the site for a long time, so now I want to have one of my stories posted.

To start off, I'm going to talk a bit about myself. I'm 18 years old, a virgin, I have red hair, rather fit, and have D-cup breasts. Another thing is, I really like anal. Since I'm sure my future husband will be fine with having that part of me loose, I haven't held back. I use large toys when I'm doing anything anal, but stick to just my hands when I am paying attention to my vagina.

Ladies, I know that anal may seem like it would be painful to those of you who haven't tried it, or haven't been able to get it right, but once you do, there's a good chance you'll love it. I have, at least. Four things to remember are that 1 - you need to be relaxed and willing 2 - you NEED lubricant, 3 - you need to be 'empty' (I give myself an enema every time) and 4 - you need to take your time. being impatient can end up badly.

For anal, I use a large, 3 inch (wide) purple dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. it's about 10 inches long, ribbed, and very flexible.

For a while, I've gotten into using balloons as well. Water balloons mainly, but I have used fewer, full-sized balloons when I've had access to them.

This was my most recent self-pleasuring session:

I was alone, at home. It was one of those rare nights where the air is so perfect (not too hot, not too cold, with a nice breeze and no insects around). I was outside and had just finished jogging and was feeling very hot and a bit sweaty, and also a bit naughty, so I took off my clothes, and got the hose. Our yard is almost completely surrounded by trees, and people rarely ever drive by (and if they did, they couldn't see me from my back yard.)

It felt so good to be naked outside, something about it makes me ten times hornier than I normally am. So, now naked, I took the hose, and twisted the knob to get the water flowing. The gardening nozzle at the end has a 'shower' setting on it, so I switched to that. I washed myself off for a while until I noticed my nipples getting hard. I wasn't cold, though.

A sudden thought struck my mind, I looked back at the gardening nozzle, and saw a 'jet' setting. I switched to that, squatted down over the grass, and aimed it at my clit. When the water hit, it missed my clit and shot straight up my pussy, which felt nice, but as soon as it hit my clit, I knew I'd found a new best friend. Oh my gosh, it was great. After about a minute, I had a great orgasm that made me squirt a jet of my cum that rivalled the hose's.

After I'd calmed down from that, I felt horny, still, but wanted to add some variation. I went into the house and found where I stashed my toys. I then switched out the gardening nozzle for the one used to fill up water balloons (which I also got a handful of). I spent about ten minutes blowing up and tying off about 25 water balloons (about 1.5 inches in diameter).

Then, I lubed up my ass, turned the hose onto it and basically let the water trickle out, laid down on the grass on my side, then slipped the hose up my ass. I then laid down on my back with the hose still inside me. Now, it was time to play the waiting game, and I loved every minute of it.

The water was getting a bit cold, so I could tell how far it was getting inside me. Once it filled up my anus, I had to tighten my bum up a bit to keep the water from gushing out. After a second, my colon opened up and the water started to flow inside there too. After a while I could feel the cold water looping around my large intestine and work it's way to the small intestine. As this was happening, I could see my belly become more and more distended as I was being filled to the brim.

By the end of it, I looked like I was a few months pregnant. I loved feeling so full, so I turned off the water, popped out the hose, and lay there for a minute, feeling myself. It got a little uncomfortable to keep my butt clenched tight for so long, so I decided it was time to let it go. I got down on all fours and let loose. the water came pouring out. as this was happening, I was rubbing my clit lightly in anticipation and watching my belly shrink back to the normal size. It took a bit of time to get all the water out.

After that, as I always do, I did it again to make sure I would be cleaned out.

Once that was over, I lubed my ass again, as well as my hand. I then stuck a few fingers up my butt and spread them apart to get myself loosened up. I cut my nails reasonably short, so I don't have to worry.

Once I was reasonably satisfied with how stretched out I was, I got my trusty purple dildo and pressed the suction cup down onto the back step leading into the house. I lowered myself over the dildo until it was about halfway inside my ass. At that point, I just gyrated on it for a bit, and then sat down on it, making it stretch all the way inside me.

I was SO horny at this point, and moaning quite a bit. My pussy was so wet I had a hard time controlling myself from just cumming over and over right then. After doing that for a while, I stood up, pulling the stationary dildo out of my ass.

I got all the balloons next to me and sat down on the step again, leaning back a bit so I had access to both my holes. I then, one at a time, slipped the balloons up my ass, re-lubricating every once an a while. after about eight, I couldn't fit anymore in, since my colon had closed up again. So, I lubed up my hand and pushed my entire fist inside me, which also forced most of the balloons into my large intestine. Before I started getting more balloons, I pumped my fist inside my anus, and rubbed my clit until I was on the very edge of having an orgasm.

I pulled my fist out of my ass, and got back to adding more balloons. I filled myself up. I got all 25 inside me, then returned to my dildo. Most of the balloons were still in my anus, so I wanted to get them further. I lubed up the dildo again, and sat down on it rather quickly. I could feel a little bump passing inside me as each balloon got pushed into my large intestine. As I was sitting down, I saw my belly puff up again, becoming almost as full as it was before.

I was on the edge, so I calmed down a bit, just sitting on the back step with the dildo up my butt, and all the balloons inside me. After a few minutes, I started back up again. I clenched the muscles in my ass as hard as I could and rode that dildo like never before. Clenching down so hard let me feel each ribbed inch of that dildo being rammed in and out of me. I was fingering myself like mad, too.

The entire time, I was in extacy, this was surely the most intense sensation I'd ever felt before. Even so, when my orgasm hit me, I had a hard time continuing to ride the dildo through the orgasm. I was trying not to fall over as I squirted all over the lawn. I can't remember how loud I was, but I must have been almost yelling. My squirting lasted at full blast for about half a minute, but the orgasm continued for at least ten minutes, accompanied by the occasional quick squirt of cum.

I fell over when the largest part was over, which made the dildo fall out of me, followed by just one balloon. A few minutes later, I stood up, shaking, and with my pussy still contracting every few seconds. I then stuck my hand up my ass to try to see where the balloons were. I wasn't expecting this, but they were all in my anus. shoving my hand up my butt sent me over the edge the final time that night. I moaned, rubbed my clit furiously, and pulled my hand out of my butt as I squirted again. At the same time, an avalanche of multicolored balloons came streaming out of my ass and landed on the ground.

The next hour of my time was occupied by showering again, after this second workout, cleaning up, deflating, and throwing away the balloons, getting dressed, and heading inside as it got dark. I loved that day, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.



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