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Bad Thoughts and Naughty Pleasure

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I have been reading Solo Touch now for a few years and jerked off many times to the stories and thought I would share mine with you. A few months back my sister Jess and her friend Ellie had tickets to see a local band but both parents were unable to take them as they had things planned so my parents asked if I would help out and they even bribed me with money so being skint I accepted. My dad suggested I took the camper van so I could watch TV or have a doze while the girls were watching the band.

The week before the event Jess asked if I could collect her and Ellie from school as Ellie had a gym competition the Friday afternoon. I reluctantly agreed but was secretly excited as it gave me an excuse to ogle some cute teens in tight lycra!! On the Friday I arrived at their school mid afternoon and found my sister in the hall. Everywhere I looked there were tight teen bodies in tight leotards and soon my cock began to throb in my jeans. Ellie came out to the gym and they were doing a gym routine to music thing, a few times we were only a few feet away from them as they went through their routines, all the girls jumping about and stretching, the tight lycra showing off every curve and when they spread their thighs I thought I was going to cream!

The competition ran on a little and when it ended Jess suggested to Ellie she should throw her tracksuit on and change in the camper on the way. Minutes later they both jumped in the back and drew the curtain across ther back of the driving compartment. As I drove along I made the van swerve a bit around the corners and it made the girls giggle and scream as they tried to change. We arrived at the concert venue about an hour later and as I switched off the van Jess pulled back the curtain and I was lost for words as these two fourteen year old school girls had transformed themselves into two hotties. As they climbed through to the drivers part to get out I was treated to a lovely panty shot from Jess showing white knickers under her very short denim skirt and a shot of pale blue crotch from Ellie as she stepped out. They both gave me a hug and said they would be back around half eleven and not to tell dad about their short skirts!!

I locked myself in the van and drew the curtains and put the TV on while I ate some food. After I put a DVD on and settled back to watch it, as I lay there on the bench seat in the back of the van I thought back to the afternoon and all those tight bodies and the way the girls leotards clung to them and showed every part of their tight bodies off, particularly when they spread their thighs, Ellie was so close I could almost make out the shape of her mound when she parted her legs.

Suddenly I became aware of my cock throbbing in my boxers, thinking of the panty flashes from my sister and her friend made it worse, I had been ogling my sister and her friends for the last few years as they began to develop, a few times I rummaged through their overnight bags and found their cute knickers and shot my load in them. Suddenly that gave me an idea and my gaze fell on Ellies sports bag. With trembling hands I reached out and grabbed it, unzipping it I pulled out her tracksuit followed by her leotard she had on that afternoon. It was balled up so I un-rolled it, as I did this a tiny pair of white panties came into view which were wrapped around the leg bits, she must have worn them under the leotard.

I flattened out her leotard and the panties, they were so tiny, size six and made of a silky fabric, I checked the crotch, it wasn't the usual cotton but a double layer of the silky fabric, the crotch was still damp and sticky and I could smell her in it. By now I was trembling and my cock bursting so I undid my jeans and slid them down, my cock springing up with a dribble of pre cum already oozing out. I wrapped the panties over my throbbing cock and pumped away at the same time smelling the crotch of her leotard. Moments later I shot great gobs of cum into her panties, some shot out the sides and hit her sports bag, I bucked a few times as I unloaded into the softness of her silky panties, dreaming of her cute young puss making the fabric damp and sticky as she danced about.

I cleaned myself up and wiped her bag off, wondering what to do with her knickers as they were soaked with my cum I rummaged about the van and found a hairdryer which I plugged in and dried the scrap of fabric. Moments later they were dry but very stiff where I had soaked them.

I watched the DVD for about an hour and curiosity got the better of me so I delved further into her bag and pulled out some clothes, a t shirt and shorts for sleeping in I guessed, some leggings and other tops and in the bottom a bra and more knickers. The bra was a plain white one size 32b and her panties were navy blue and the same satin fabric as the white ones, moments later they were wrapped round my cock as I pumped away again. I looked at her white panties I had placed on the bench, tiny silky things and as I blew my load a second time into the navyblue ones I dreamed of how her pussy looked in the tight white panties, the stretchy fabric riding deep into her groove. I gave her navy blue knickers the hairdryer treatment, the crotch drying stiff.

About half ten I looked at her stuff again and decided to use the navy blue panties again, the thought of her wearing them the next day with the stiff crotch up against her made me tingle, so once more I pumped into them sniffing her white ones as I did so. After I had dried them I felt the crotch, it was very stiff with my dried in cum. Carefully folding her stuff I placed it back in the bag and waited for the girls.

About 11:45 they arrived back at the van giggling away, they had bought me some chips and sat in the front for the journey home. Late the next morning I was sat in the kitchen when Ellie came through dressed for going into town with my sister. She said hi in her usual cheery way and I took in every part of her body, her leggings especially which stuck to her legs like glue. For a moment she was facing away from me texting on her phone, I checked out her cute ass and could make out the panty line under her leggings, my cock stirred as I thought about the crotch of her panties, stiff and full of my dried cum now pressed against her warm tushy!!



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