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Backyard Campout With Cousin

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Back in the summer of 1980 I was a perpetually horny 16 yr old. I had a pretty normal middle class upbringing living in the Northeast US. My family lived in a modest three bedroom house and I had a younger sister who I basically thought of at the time as a royal pain in the ass. My summer vacation was pretty typical; we'd go up to the mountains or to the shore for two weeks, and the rest of the time I hung around the neighborhood playing with friends (baseball, basketball, war, etc.). I have tons of good memories of those carefree days.

This particular summer was different because my uncle suddenly passed away in June. They lived in the same town and I was pretty close to my cousin Tim (an only child), even though he was three years younger than me. Without getting into the details he took his Dad's death pretty hard (as did his Mom) and he ended up spending a lot of time with our family in the latter part of the summer. It was cool because he kind of looked up to me and he was very athletic and we killed hours of time playing ball, and of course talking.

One afternoon when he was over we got my Mom to agree that he could stay over for the night and we could camp out in the backyard. We'd done it several times before and it was a ton of fun because our yard was huge and backed up to about 10 acres of woods, and my dad always let us build a fire. So we spent a couple hours late in the afternoon pitching our tent (it was a six person tent so there was lots of room) and gathering supplies for the night (firewood, radio, food & soda from the kitchen, etc.). After we had dinner and watched TV until about 9:00 we said goodnight to my mom and dad and headed out to the tent.

We built a roaring fire and then kicked back in some lawn chairs, munching on snacks, talking and reading through the sports magazines we had packed. Around 11:00 my dad came out and said we had to let the fire die down and get into the tent because it was late. He went inside and we got into our sleeping bags and turned on our Coleman lamp, and we were still pretty wired from all the soda and candy we ate. We had never really talked about girls or sex at all, but he was the one who brought up the discussion of what girls at my school I thought were good looking (he went to a private school, I went to public, but we knew some of the same girls from town). I named a few girls and told him why I thought they were sexy (nice 'tits', sexy asses, etc.) and he told me about a few girls he knew. When he asked me if I had ever seen a girl naked I knew we were moving into uncharted territory.

I told him I had seen a friend's magazine once that he had stolen from his brother that had pictures of naked women in it but I only got to see it for a few seconds. I told him the only other girl I had seen nude was my sister, and he sat up like he was shot out of a cannon and wanted to know all the details. I told him I had actually just seen her in her bedroom a few days before after she had showered and she had screamed at me because I was looking into her room when she was naked. He wanted to know EXACTLY what I had seen so I told him. He wanted to know if she had 'tits' yet (yes) or if she had 'hair down there' (she didn't have much). I asked him what/who he had seen, and he said no one but he had seen his mom's friend the summer before in her bra and panties when she stayed over and was changing in the guest room with the door part way open. We spent about 15 minutes discussing all the details of that, and I was completely hard as we talked about it.

I was horny and a little scared talking about this kind of stuff with my younger cousin. The horniness over took the fear and I quickly formulated a plan; I suggested we play cards. We just played regular poker to start for about five hands, then I said we should make it interesting and play strip poker. I thought he would freak out when I said it until he said 'OK!' I had no idea what was going to happen, only that my cock was so hard it hurt.

Since we were both wearing just about the same amount of clothes (t-shirt, shorts, underwear, socks) it wasn't going to take long until one of us was naked. We played slowly and deliberately, neither of us wanting to be naked first, and each hand was completed with an explicative by the loser (god DAMN IT! SHIT!). As it panned out, I was the first one to have to remove my shorts and there was no way to hide the tent created by my boner (I was wearing a well-worn pair of white briefs). I noticed Tim looking at it, and I could feel myself blushing. Fortunately he lost the next hand and he slowly yanked off his shorts. Trying not to stare, but dying to see if he had a hard-on too, I glanced at his crotch as he put his shorts aside and it was very obvious he did. He lost the next hand, too, but then began protesting and saying there was no way he was getting naked. I kept calling him a whiner, a welcher, a loser, etc. but it didn't change his mind.

Finally I told him that if he got naked I would too, and then we could go streaking (which was a big thing at the time). He looked at me and said OK, but I had to strip first so I told him I would but not to look. So he turned away and very quickly I pulled down my underpants and then covered my erection with my hands. I told him it was his turn and as soon as he turned back he looked at my crotch, almost staring, and I just laughed and told him to go ahead. He told me I couldn't look, so I turned my back and he said OK and I turned back around and he was nude, also with his hands in his lap. So there we were naked, and laughing nervously, but not showing our cocks to each other. I told him OK, I dare you to run to the tree up by the house and back, and then I'll do it. He was very hesitant, then finally he said OK and he bolted from the tent and ran into the night. I saw his little ass (he was a pretty skinny kid) kinda disappear into the dark (the tree was about 50 yards away) and then a few seconds later he was heading back towards the tent. I could see him in the dying light of the fire, and that was when I saw his cock, not big or long, but very hard and slanted up towards his stomach, bouncing up and down as he ran. He dove into the tent and immediately grabbed his sleeping bag to cover himself. Without saying anything I repeated what he had just done, and returned to the tent.

I then said we should run together to our neighbors back porch and then back to the tent. We counted down 3-2-1 and left the tent (him first, with his naked ass in my face!) and ran laughing and shushing each other until we got back to the tent huffing and puffing. We both collapsed and slowly climbed into our sleeping bags and put our underpants back on. During all this I was catching intentional glimpses of Tim's body as I was very curious and was incredibly horny from being naked outside, being SEEN naked by someone else, and our earlier conversation about girls. As we settled in and quieted down I told Tim I could show him something really cool (I really wanted to jerk off and come at that point) and he wanted to know what. I told him I could make wet sticky stuff come out of my dick and he didn't know what I meant. I told him I'd show him so I turned my back to him (our sleeping bags were pretty much right next to each other even though the tent was huge) and in my sleeping bag pulled my underwear back down and gave my dick a few strokes. In seconds I had a nice little glob of precum on my finger tip and I turned over and showed it to him. He sat up real close on his elbow and I told him to touch it and he did and started laughing and said it was 'gooey'. I told him I could make a lot more come out if I jerked off, and he laughed a little and said he heard about that from his friends at school. I asked him if he had ever done it and he said no, so I told him I could show him how but he couldn't tell anyone. He just shook his head yes

I unzipped my sleeping bag and pulled it off me, and laid on my back. His eyes were glued to my crotch as I slowly lifted my hips and pulled my underwear down and off. I told him to watch and then took my hand and began slowly, slowly stroking myself. I told him it felt really good and when I do it I usually imagine a girl touching my dick or being with a naked girl and touching her naked tits or sticking my dick in her and screwing her. He was mesmerized as he continued to lean on his elbow (still in his sleeping bag) and then he asked me what it felt like, did I ever really have a girl do it, etc. I answered his questions then told him he should try it too, and he just shook his head no and continued to watch. After a few minutes of silence I told his go ahead, try it. Finally slowly slipped out of his sleeping bag and laid back in his underwear. I told him to take them off, its no big deal, so he followed my lead and pulled them down and off. I stopped jerking and got up on MY elbow and gave him instructions. His cock was actually rather small (about 4' I would guess) and he only had a little bit of pubic hair. His body was slim and muscular. He grabbed his dick really hard and started to pull it, and it actually looked like he was hurting himself! I was so horny I did something I never thought I would, I pushed his hand out of the way, grabbed his cock and said, 'Here, like this' and started to stroke him. He looked at me briefly with his eyes WIDE open, then his head collapsed back and he said 'WOW that feels good'. I jerked him for several minutes, feeling weird and horny all at the same time, and after a while I got tired being up on my elbow.

I stopped and laid down next to him and told him to turn on his side. He did and I nestled in behind him. As I did my cock slid gently up against his asscrack and it fit like a glove. My god it was an awesome feeling. I reached around and found his cock again and began to jerk him off in earnest, while at the same time sliding my cock up and down against his ass. In seconds I was close to cumming, and we were both moaning quietly, but I stopped and said to him 'Now do me a little, OK?'

I didn't wait for answer; I just turned on my side and waited. It didn't take long and I felt him move up behind me and then his cock was pressing against my ass. He began to hump me and his cock felt hot on the skin of my ass, but there was no reciprocating handjob :( I reached behind him and found his hand and guided it around to my cock, and showed him how to stroke me. The feeling was heaven, and as I was on the verge of cumming he pressed his cock hard against my ass and I felt him tremble, and then there was wetness all over my ass. I pushed his hand away and flipped over onto my back and started jacking like crazy. As I looked Tim in his face he was staring at me, and I looked at his cock and saw that there were little drops of clear come on it. I let loose with jet after jet of my own come that coated my lower stomach, pubic hair and hand. Tim looked at me and we both started laughing. We took our t-shirts and cleaned up (my sleeping bag had quite a few wet spots that night...) and got ready to sleep. We woke up around 5:00 the next morning and talked about jerking off and did it again (to ourselves, not each other) and did it probably about five more times together that summer. Once we snuck into my sister's bedroom (because Tim wanted to) and stole a couple of pairs of her panties and training bras and touched, smelled and rubbed them on each other while we jerked off. I know, talk about perverted!

It was a memorable summer, and to this day when we see each other at family gatherings and have time to talk alone we recount the perverted things we did together.



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