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Backyard Babydoll

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Amazing true story


I was getting bored one day in my room, so I happened to glance out my window at my neighbour's back yard. I knew they were related to this girl at school, Megan. I'd seen her over there several times. I wasn't real good friends with her, but we didn't hate each other. She had this reputation as being the school slut sometimes. Well, there she was, laying back there in a bikini on a beach towel, sunning herself. I realized she was pretty cute at that moment, skinny little blonde.

I looked away from the window for a minute to turn off my computer, and I then decided to look at her again. After a few seconds, she took her top off. She had these perky little 32C's (my guess), with puffy pink nipples. At first I thought she was getting rid of her tan lines. Then she started rubbing the inside of her thighs. I felt my cock getting hard in my pants. She pushed the hair out of her face in a real sexy way, and quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching.

She then spread her legs and slowly started to massage her groin on her bikini. I took off my pants and boxers and started jacking. She took a quick look again, and took off her yellow bikini bottom. Fortunately she was facing toward me, so I got a good view of her stuff. She had this nicely shaved pink pussy. I felt my boner perk up. She was already pretty wet as far as I could tell. She spread her lips apart and started rubbing her clit very softly. Then her left hand made it to her boobs, and she started massaging them and playing with her nipples. She slowly started rubbing harder and harder for a while, until something seemed to strike her. She reached over into the bushes next to the house, and pulled out this short piece of electrical conduit (that's the silver pipe that you feed wires through). They had just had Direct TV installed, and they must have left it behind.

She slowly rubbed her fingers on the edge of the pipe to make sure it wasn't sharp. She took one last look at it, and shoved it up her vagina. She started moving it back and forth at a moderate speed, I think it might have been kind of big for her. By now I was jacking pretty hard, trying not to cum until she was done. She worked it for a little while, until her legs and hips tensed up and she threw her head back. Even though the window was closed, I could still hear her moaning as she came. The pipe was glistening where her juices had squirted out. I ran to the bathroom and let out a nice big load.

I figured then I'd go outside and see what kinda mood she was in. I walked across the street and checked the mailbox. On the way back, she comes walking around the corner of the house, with her bikini bottom but not top on. She smiled and said 'Hey Tony! how's it going?' I said I was doing pretty good as I started walking in her direction.

She then looked down at her chest and said 'It's so damn hot out, I had to take my top off.' I said I'll do the same and took off my shirt. She then asked 'Like 'em?' as she pointed at her tits. Of course I said yes. We talked for a little bit, then kinda out of the blue, she said in a low sexy tone 'Drop your pants, boy.'

I did as I was told, and she liked the results. She motioned for me to follow her. We went between their garden shed and a large pine tree. She asked me 'You want a hand job?' At this point I was rock solid, so I couldn't say no. She got on her knees and started rubbing my cock and balls. After a little bit, she slid a hand down her bikini bottom and began masturbating. I reached down and started playing with her tits, and she liked it. After a bit I came, shooting a long stream of cum. Needless to say, I always look forward to her visits!



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