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Backstage Fun

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This is a continuation from my previous story.

This happened on April 1st.


Just a reminder, Cassie and I have been friends for about five or six months. She asked me one day for a backrub so I took her near our band room because no one was there on account of the St. Patrick's Day parade, and gave her a back massage. One thing kinda led to another and we started making out. This was about two weeks ago.

So anyway, on Friday (April 1st) Cassie gave me a note after my second period class saying 'Wanna have a little fun? Meet me near our spot after fourth period.' When I got to my third period, I went to the bathroom and swung in the lunchroom to catch her for a minute. I sat down and went near her ear so no one would hear. 'Read your note.' I said. 'Details maybe?' She looked at me and smiled. 'Surprise.'

I shrugged and went back to class. During fourth period, I was rubbing her leg like before. When class was over, I was walking out to get a soda before I came back in the room for after-school and said to her 'You know where to go.' So after about ten minutes, to make sure no one was there, I walked by the band room which is right near the stage for our school plays, assembly's, etc.

Before she was there, I checked one of the doors that led to the back stage and found it open which made my mind race with ideas. Peeking in, I saw that there were only two lights on but they were muted so no one would see two teenagers making out. When Cassie got there, she smiled and went to kiss me but I stopped her. She looked at me, concerned until I motioned to the backstage doors. I brought her in and leaned up against the wall with my arms crossed, smirking.

'Better than the hallway right?' I said. 'Yeah it is.'

At that point she came over and started making out furiously with me, to the point that I was holding her legs at the bottom like she was having sex with me. Then Cassie put her feet back down and un-buttoned her top. Quickly, I stopped her and pointed to one of the tree props used for our most recent school play. I brought her behind it for extra hiding just in case, and kissed her neck. Then I unbuttoned her pants and she pulled my head up and smiled.

'You want to?' she asked. 'Only if you want.' I replied. At that, Cassie shoved my hand down her pants and slid a finger over her clit. She moaned and started making out with me madly again. Then she stopped me for a moment, and sat down and spread her legs more so I could get easier access because of her jeans she was wearing. Then I proceeded to make out with her once again, my hand playing with her dripping pussy, the other running a hand up her back.

'Put your fingers in. As deep as you can go. Wiggle them.' she moaned. I did as she asked and heard her moan a little louder when I put my middle finger into her and moved it around. She pushed up harder against me and kissed me deeply while I continued to finger her. I felt her tense up and then she let out a long sigh as she relaxed.

'I never had it like that before. Thank you so much.' Cassie said.

'Anytime Cass.' I replied, kissing her. 'Let's do this again next week ok?' 'Sure. Whenever you want.' I smirked.

After making sure we went out of seperate doors, I went to the bathroom and washed her scent off my fingers. Then when I saw her later, she looked at me and winked. I smiled back.

Can't wait till next week.



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