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Back With My Father in Law

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A follow up to my earlier story from May 2010


Well guys, from the comments page it would seem that you liked hearing about Dave and I so here goes with the next instalment.

Things felt a bit weird with my father in law, after all I had been left sitting in his TV room covered in cum with him going to check on the laundry. I think he sensed I was a bit shocked at the turn of events so had let me get dressed and head home without too much comment.

After a couple of weeks I was left confused and worried. After all I had let my father in law watch me jack off while he came while giving a pretty raunchy commentary on some hard core porn then I had seen him suck and lick cum from his own fingers!

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed our little wank session. In fact I had thought about it and wanked solo while reliving it in my head. I had even thought about it while fucking my wife and started to get a little more vocal and comment on what we were doing and asking her to do things in more graphic style, she seemed to like this and joined in.

Anyway after a while I was working from home one day and there was a knock at the door and Dave was standing there. He said he thought we needed to chat and I invited him in.

'What's going on' he asked. 'Things seem a bit strained between us since the last time we were together'

I told him that I did feel a bit weird after all he had seen me jerk off and I was worried that it might change the way he felt about me.

He told me that, of course, he felt different about me. After all he had trusted me enough to share his private time, he had wanked in front of me and then sucked the jiz off his own fingers. He hoped that our relationship was even stronger, had reached a new level and that the family was stronger than before.

This had me laughing as with my own father I had never even seen him naked. The most I had seen was him with his shirt off wearing a vest! and told Dave this.

So Dave told me a little of his own history and why he was so open about sex.

His family consisted of mother, father and little brother. When he was 14 and his brother 13 his father had asked them if they jerked off as their mother had noticed stains on the large bed they shared. They were told about how natural it was to enjoy wanking and explore their bodies but that it was better if their mother didn't have to face it in the weekly wash. His dad explained that every man wanked and that it was something he did regularly and not to be worried about this.

Dave said this set the scene for his brother and him over the next couple of years, that they explored their bodies together and that Dave's enjoyment of wanking and having regular wank buddies continued over time, while at school, in the forces and even after he had married and hoped that I would join as a wank buddy now.

I was taken a little aback when he asked, 'well what about you'

I knew in my heart this was make or break time. If I stepped back then things between Dave and I would be set in stone or I could share and things move on.

'Well Dave' I said ...

'I always knew about sex, I shared a room with my brother who is a lot older than me and had a small collection of porn magazines. I spent my early youth reading these magazines in private and finding out about sex. I'm sure my brother knew I was messing with his stuff but it was never mentioned.

I can still remember the first time I came, the family were all in the house and I was in our room magazine on the chair ready to be covered if I heard anyone on the stairs. Of course my zip was down and my cock was out and I was stroking away but this time was different. The feeling got more and more intense as I rubbed my hand up and down the shaft of my cock and I felt that I couldn't stop. My hand was a blur as I read the stories in the magazine until I felt that I was going to come. I knew what it was from the magazine stories but wasn't ready for the intensity of feeling as I sprayed all over the magazine and my knees wobbled and I almost dropped to the floor. I had never felt so amazing in all my life and all I wanted to do was do it again'

Dave was kind of breathless when he asked if my brother ever found out.

'Tell you what Dave, get your cock out 'cause it must be uncomfortable and I tell you about my brother and I'

His booming laugh rang out as he commented that it looked like he'd found another wank buddy but he was the one taken aback when I said that I'd also found another wank buddy 'cos I'd had a few over the years.

He stood up just a few feet in front of me and unzipped and dropped his trousers and out sprang that big thick cock of his he rolled back the foreskin and sat down on the sofa next to me. I stood up took off my sweats and sat down and continued with my story.

'Well Dave a couple of nights later my brother woke me up coming back from the pub late and he bumbled around the room before getting stripped off and hopping into bed.

I was wide awake and had started to get hard thinking back to the magazine and my hand had gone down to my PJ's. Slowly and quietly I had put my hand in my fly and eased my cock out. Gently and slowly I let my hand run up and down its length as I squeezed tightly and pulled it down and let go so it sprang up like a jack in the box. This went on 'til I realised I wasn't the only one stroking myself. My hand froze as I realised my brother was awake and joining in.

'It's OK bro, keep going. I knew you were reading my stash but didn't know you were beating off until I saw the magazine you sprayed on, it took me ages to get those pages unstuck'

He pulled the sheets back and his hand went back to his cock and he offered to show me how he beat off and asked me to join in. I looked at his cock as his hand moved up and down and my hand followed his rhythm, faster and faster we went until with a grunt he shot his load with me taking a little longer.

As I told this story Dave's hand was a blur and he spurted out several ropes, covering his thick bell-end with his hand with me coming at the same time.

'Any tissues' he asked. I said 'Who needs tissues' and lifted my hand to my mouth to lick my own cum.

'Something I learned from a wank buddy' I told him as again his booming laugh again echoed round the house.'

To everyone who commented last time and to new guys reading this let me know if you want more, there is still more to hear as our history goes on 17 years. I would love to hear stories from other guys who share a bond with their father in law or girls with their mother in law.




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