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Back to the Bus

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One week rolled around and I found it Tuesday again, a week ago last week I enjoyed my first veiw of a girl up close and personal as she brought herself to a squirting orgasm on the back of the bus on my way home.

Well today I also needed to go to town and was to take the same bus home only an hour sooner than last week, (which I found out after made me miss her this time round). When I had got on the bus once again no one on the bus so I made my way back to the very back, and sat down where she had sat last week. The bus sat for a little because it was the city stop it's supposed to wait 5 minutes for those late people. I just really hoped that no one would come; just my luck 5 OTHER PEOPLE go on in that 5 minutes! An elderly lady, a scruffy man in his 30ies, an asian lady who wasn't sure where she was going, (all of which came in that order and sat in the front 3 seats). Things looked better but just as the driver put the bus into gear you can see in the dark two girls waving him to stop, he halts to a stop, opens the door, and up steps the two hottest asian teenagers I've ever seen. These two walked slowly towards me, every step they got closer I went, 'C'mon,' all the way until they reached the seat right in front of me and sat on down one accross the isle and one on the seat DIRECTLY in front of me. 'Shucks,' was all I managed and one of them gave me a funny look to that but no one put anything to it.

It is about a half hour ride to my place, I figured they might still get off, after about 10 minutes we're out of the town and the city lights had gone, leaving the bus pitch black again, the radio was going loud, and something above my head was rattling obnoxiously loud. The Perfect Cover!

I unzipped my fly, reached in and moved my underwear down and pulled my 4' cock out, for the life of me I couldn't manage an erection (which isn't common I can usually pop them on demand) I had it out for like 10 seconds and it was like the one in front of me across the isle's cell phone just answered my need. Her cell phone had slipped out of her hand and away from me, she reached down to grab it, in this reach her pants made it half way down her butt exposing half her lovely butt and her lime green silk thong. With an instant erection I just went to town, it seemed like less than a minute I was ready to explode I didn't want to blow my load so early the aroma of my cum would for sure be easily detectable. I slowed down for a while and decided to do it just before I got off, however about a 4 stops before my stop right when I started to pick up again, the one with the lime green thong noticed me out of the corner of her eye and turned to see. I was more scared of getting reported and getting arrested for public masturbation than her just seeing me, I quickly covered myself with my sweatshirt but her reaction wasn't expected. She smiled flashed her eyes then whispered 'Finish yourself off' and then she turned herself and leaned forward again giving me a full view of her butt and thong again, I took it back out and started going at it, just as I was about to blow my load, SHE KNEW somehow cause right then she pulled her thong down giving me the clear view, it brought me over the top shuddering as I spewed cum from my cock all over the back of her friends seat.

As soon as I stopped I looked up to see the bus speeding past my house, I reached up clicked the button to get the bus driver to stop, locked my cock away in my pants, stood up, by now she had returned to her full and upright position looking at her friend was aware of the situation since her friend had bent down he second time, I grabbed the girl's hand who put on the show for me, kissed the top of her hand said 'Thanks.' and then hurried to the front of the bus as the driver had already stopped.

That made my day.



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