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Back To the Adult Theatre

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I hope you like this too. I changed a few names but it is pretty much what happened!!


I was nicely asked in Solo Touch 'Comments' following my story 'My First Adult Movie Theatre', linked above, if I had any more. I was grateful for the reply so I'll be a bit braver and tell about the next time I was there.

I had mentioned the first experience to Cyndi, a friend, and she had told Todd, her then current boyfriend that she wanted to 'check it out'. Now you have to understand that Cyndi is rather a 'wild child' and would check out just about anything if it had a humorous angle to it. Todd however, is so straight and conservative, I swear he was born with a stick up his rear, so I figured that it wasn't so much an adventure for Cyndi, as it would be for Todd.

Sure enough, she called me on my little phone to tell me that they were on their way to the theatre and that I should meet them there. I thought why not, even if I was alone without Steve because this could be entertaining. I was a bit overdressed though, as I was coming back from an interview. I was wearing a suit with a tight, knee length skirt and blouse but I thought, maybe I would be better behaved this time.

I just met them outside the theatre and we went in together. We sat with myself in the middle and Cyndi on my right and Todd on my left, at Cyn's strange insistence. Pretty soon Cyn was moaning in her seat as I could see her hand under her school girl skirt while she caressed her nipples with the other hand. I whispered 'SShhh!!' but that just seemed to egg her on. When she pulled off her thong and slumped in her seat, legs apart, to enjoy a good 'frig', I gave up pretending to know her.

I was also seriously regretting my choice of attire. I tried unfastening the top of my skirt but to no avail. I just could not comfortably pleasure myself the way I was dressed. Though I was giving my right breast a really good try, all it was doing was sending sparks to my clit that I could not properly reach. Aauggh!! However if I was unhappy, Todd was seriously in distress. The action on the screen had been hot and I had seen him shift in his seat, just unable to bring himself to deal with a really wicked hard on. Now, some cute guy had sat beside Cyndi and was whispering to her while rubbing her thigh, and she began rubbing his crotch!!

I felt sorry for poor Todd as this must have been Cyndi's 'evil' little plan. I slowly worked my hand over to his crotch and started rubbing the head of his dick through his pants. I thought he'd lose it right there but I must admit that he was pretty cool about it. He reached over and unbuttoned my blouse and felt my rigid nipples after unclasping the front of my bra. I looked over at Cyndi to see if there was an end coming to this program of hers but she was gone in a mutual masturbation session with the guy next to her. She had her legs apart and her skirt around her waist while he fingered her bald pussy as she stroked his cock and balls, like they were alone and without an audience. The theatre was pretty empty but there was a guy a few seats down and up a row jerking off like mad at the 'live show' Cyndi was providing. From the vibrations on the seat back, I think there was a guy behind us jerking off as well. I unzipped poor Todd and was giving him a good stroking so that he didn't explode with jealousy. Cyndi just laughed and gave me a sly grin.

I must admit I was getting a bit mad myself so I pulled off my skirt and folded it over the seat in front of me. Frustrated with my pantyhose I pulled it off too and jilled like mad until Cyndi and I came together. I heard the guy behind me come when I did and another sitting down the row shot a spurt as well. We were then followed shortly afterwards by noisy groans and blasts of cum, shot on both sides of us. I pulled my skirt across my lap, forgot about my sodden panty hose and let Todd run his fingers through my labia and into my vagina until I came again. We laughed about it later over pizza and drinks. I went home much later, pretty tired but happy. I have not been back since but still like to jill off with a nice vibe (like now) recalling all those happy orgasms!!.



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