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Back Seat Love

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This is my side of it.


My BF wrote about our first make out session and I just wanted to tell the story from my side (he emailed me this website, I can't believe there is a site all about masturbating.. my parents would DIE if they knew I was doing this).

Ok, so my girlfriend invited him because I totally asked her to. I really didn't think he was going to come actually (we went to see the Simpsons movie and I didn't know he'd already seen it. I thought for sure he wouldn't come if he'd already seen it) but was SO happy when he said yeah.

Anyway, so he did come and I was so happy. He is so hot it's unbelievable. He has no idea what he does to me. I'm kinda shy in most ways and it's hard for me to let a guy know when I like him (which doesn't happen very often btw, I think most guys my age are either stupid or boring or both!). I think I come on too strong or not at all.

So, we were in the movie theatre and he was sitting really close to me and kept leaning in close. I was having a hard time breathing. I could smell his cologne or something. Maybe it was deodorant, I don't know whatever it was it was making me tingle all over. He started brushing the hairs on my arm lightly (sent shivers) and then I pushed his arm away and then he started pushing mine and pretty soon we were giggling and not watching the movie at all. I just wanted to grab his face and kiss him right then on the lips (aren't lips just unreal? if a guy has sexy lips I'm a goner) but I knew my girlfriend would be mad at me if we did that (she thinks I'm a bit slutty sometimes when I do stuff like that) so I grabbed his hand instead. As soon as I'd grabbed it I though oh shit what am I going to do now. We sat for awhile until our hands got sweaty and then I think he reached for his drink and then we let go and were too embarrassed to hold hands again. It was almost like nothing had happened. It was weird.

I actually went to the wash room about two thirds into the movie as I felt so horny after all that. I was dying for him to touch me. I started kissing the back of my hand in the wash room cubicle leaning up against the door (I seem to do that a lot when I'm horny and just before I masturbate, it gets me in the mood.. does anyone else do that?) and imagined I was kissing him. It got me really hot. I stuck my hands down my jeans and into my underwear. My pussy felt really soft and wet but I knew I didn't have time to make myself come so I went back out and sat back down next to him. I had wiped my hands but didn't wash them. I did it on purpose (is that gross? I read in some book that guys like it). I was really aware of my hands then. I have no idea what happened at the end of that movie. Thank god no one really wanted to talk about it when it was finally over.

When Debello (I always call him by his last name) offered to drive me home... I was jumping up and down inside with joy. I never in a million billion zillion years imagined that that would happen. It was my birthday, Christmas, Easter and Halloween all rolled into one. He was playing really cool music in the car, I don't remember what exactly but it was good. Hip hop funk soul kind of stuff (I'm not sure, I don't know much about music).

When we got to my house I couldn't hold it in any longer and had the chance to just pounce on him. OMG it was amazing. He is an amazing kisser. I could just kiss him for three hours non-stop but we couldn't because my mom knew we were outside. I hoped he didn't think I was slutty for asking him into the back seat of the car (I have done that with someone before but it was nowhere near as fun as it was with Debello). I wanted to rub myself up against him but I thought that might gross him out so I didn't. We just kissed and kissed and kissed. I'm getting wet thinking about what his smell and lips and tongue do to me.

He's not the only one who had to take care of himself before he went to sleep that night. I had four orgasms though..

A girls prerogative.

Thanks for reading!



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