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Back Roads

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I was driving around the city with a particularly gorgeous friend of mine. We had got into the car thinking we would be running a few errands, but I don't think we accomplished any of them.

We were chatting casually for a while, and flirting a little bit, when I was overcome with the urge to touch her. I thought at first that this might be a bad idea, considering I was driving a car and it is quite easy to lose oneself in the pleasure of her body. However, I could not resist any longer, and I slowly started massaging her thigh as we drove down one of the main streets of our city. We continued to talk, as if nothing were out of the ordinary, but as my hand moved slowly up her thigh we spoke less and less.

Eventually, I decided it was too dangerous to keep driving so we went down one of the back roads of the city and parked up in a quiet area. We were no longer speaking at all. She leaned back against the passenger seat and spread her legs a little bit. My hand was now massaging her pussy through her jeans. She was soaked in the attention she was getting. Even through her jeans I could tell she was becoming extremely wet. I could feel the shape of her beautiful pussy lips through her pants, and I started to massage her in a sort of figure of eight fashion. Each time I swirled my finger a little harder against her clit she opened her legs a bit more. Now I could tell she was very turned on, and she wanted more than just some heavy petting.

I slowly undid the button of her jeans and and pulled down her zipper. For a little while I just massaged her clit through her panties. I could tell she was very pleased with the way things were going. This didn't last long though. I was far too determined to feel how wet her pussy was. Soon I snuck my entire hand down the front of her pants and I spread her sweet little pussy lips apart with my index finger and my ring finger, and I attacked her clit with my middle finger. She immediately let out the sweetest, sexiest little gasp for air.

The road we were on proved to be far busier than I thought, and everytime another car passed us I wondered if they could see my sexy passenger breathing heavy with her head tilted back. I continued to rub her pussy, faster and harder, pressing all the little buttons that I know she loves so much. I could tell she was getting close, and soon a big black pick up truck parked behind us, who could easily see into my car. I decided not to ruin the moment by telling her we might be being watched, so I just continued working her pussy. Soon she was pushing up against my hand and clutching the sides of her seat. The rythmic motion of her trying to fuck my fingers was intoxicating. Soon she exploded in orgasm. I watched her face as she got off, and seeing her sexy little features with her eyes hidden behind designer sunglasses was absolutely hot. She came all over my fingers, and as she started to relax and do up her jeans she simply smiled and said 'thank you'.

This girl reinvents the word sexy.



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