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Back Massager Orgasms

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This year, my friend Tara introduced me to the joys of the back massager. I was visiting her at her house, and she told me she wanted to show me something. She had been experimenting with her mother's back massager-the kind with a long handle that plugs into the wall. She said that she had just barely touched her pussy with it one time, and was absolutely shocked at how good it felt when she touched it with the massager.

She sat on the floor with her legs out in front of her and her back up against the wall. She then took her shirt off, and had nothing on but her panties. She switched on the massager, and when she had just barely touched her crotch area with it, she closed her eyes and said, 'ohhhh!' She got a trance-like look on her face like she was lost in the feeling, and kept saying 'ohh..oh God, ohhh..ohhh...ahhh..ahhh..AHHHHHH' Her face got a progressively painful look on it, and then she stiffened up and began to scream at the top of her lungs-it's a good thing nobody was home. I was fascinated-my God, is it that good? When she calmed down, she told me to try it for myself, but to leave my panties on because the feeling was better that way.

I took off my shirt and my bra and settled down on the floor-I just barely touched my crotch with it when I closed my eyes and moaned from the delicious feeling it caused-kind of like a sweet electricity that took my breath away. I couldn't move or open my eyes-all I could do was concentrate on that delicious feeling between my legs until it finally went up so high that I thought I would die from the intensity of the pleasure and I started to scream, too, from a God-awfully intense orgasm.

I was just amazed at how good it felt to use the massager, and we would use it together when nobody was home, since it made quite a bit of noise, and we made a lot more, especially right when we had one of those super-strong orgasms.

One day her little sister Caitlin was there with us in Tara's room (she's 11) and Tara asked her if she'd like to feel something good-she said 'sure'. Caitlin had been changing her clothes and Tara told her to lay down on the bed and not to put on anything else (she only had her panties on at this point). Tara made Caitlin lay down on her back, and she spread Cailtin's legs and put her knees up toward her chest. I got on the other end of Caitlin and kind of held her by her shoulders. Then Tara put the massager right on Caitlin's crotch, and she instantly said, 'OHHHH' and I held her so she wouldn't squirm around too much. Caitlin had this shocked look on her face, and kept saying, 'OHHHH' since it obviously felt so good. Tara kept the massager firmly on her sister's crotch, and Caitlin had by now closed her eyes and was obvioulsy ebnjoyng it very much. Suddenly Caitlin's legs pointed straight out and her pelvis raised up just a little and she screamed, 'NOOOOOOOO!' 'UHHHHHHH!' as she had an obviously intense orgasm.

At first I felt guilty about doing this to Caitlin, but after I saw how much intense pleasure she had, I felt good about what we had done.

Since that day, when nobody is home, we each take turns using the massager and watching each other have the mind-blowing orgasms that it gives us. We will either sit on the floor or lay on Tara's big bed, and get off on watching each other feel the pleasure. Tara's nipples are kind of inverted, so they don't really harden as she gets excited, but Caitlin's and mine get rock hard from the stimulation just before we orgasm. Anyone that hasn't yet discovered the pleasure that one of these can give you, you gotta try it! I think it feels much better with your panties or pajamas on to diffuse the feeeling some, but whatever floats your boat!



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