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Back Lot of Grocery Store

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When I was working at a grocery store attending college in my early twenties, I dated a man who recently graduated and moved to my state to start his first professional job, he was in his mid twenties.

It was so exciting, he had a nice car and money, we struck up a conversation as he shopped at my store once a week, always dressed in a perfect suit and tie.

He finally asked me out, we went to a couple of movies, nothing really happened except for a couple of good night kisses, he would lightly rub my breasts and I would softly touch his hard penis through his pants. I was wondering if anything would even happen.

The next week he stopped by the store just as I was punching out, it was summer time, the sun was still out, and the air was cool as the evening approached.

To my surprise, I found him wandering the store as I was leaving, he said he was looking for me. I told him I needed to get my stuff from my car, which was parked out in the side lot of the grocery store, off the beaten path, but still in an area where people were walking and parking cars.

Fine, he said, let's go. We walked to my car, I opened it and we got in, myself in the driver's side. I found my school notes I was looking for and my purse, without thinking what I was doing, I leaned over and started kissing him deeply. I touched his face with my hand, his hair, his tie, and his soft, loose dress pants. He was so handsome, his tongue entering my mouth, then softly kissing my cheek.

All of a sudden, he started rubbing my pussy over my pants. I wore a tight knit pair of pants required for the grocery store, they stretch a little bit and as he rubbed, they squished against my clit.

He made no attempt to undo the pants or slip his hands inside my pants or inside my undies.

Instead, he just softly rubbed my pussy, gently, softly, continuously, all the while kissing me softly on the lips and just staring into my eyes.

Here we were, in broad day light, late evening, cars driving and parking, people walking as close as two stalls away, our windows open, the smell of fressh cut grass and a chill in the air of the end of a warm summer day, and he just kept rubbing my pussy ever so gently.

Rush after rush came over me as I was startled how good it felt to have such a soft touch instead of the hard core action all my previous boy friends wanted to immediately jump into.

I kissed him softly and again looked into his eyes, savouring the moment. My clit was so wet, it felt wonderful.

I leaned back into the seat of my Grand Am, and just held onto his outstretched arm with both of my arms and hands as he rubbed. I quietly bucked my hips, staring at his hand rubbing the crotch of my pants, wishing to myself that he was deep, deep inside me sucking my breasts.

I shuddered unlike any orgasm I ever had, the sun setting, it felt like I was peeing, I learned later it was squirting. We both looked down to see a wet spot in my pants, my breathing softened, and all I could manage to stammer was 'You're goooood'

He said he stopped by just to do that. He kissed me goodbye and left. In all the years since, he was the only man I've known except for my husband that was more interested in my orgasming instead of them.

We continued to date for several months, he continued to masturbate me. We never had intercourse, and eventually he met someone else and asked we be friends.

I graduated college, got a high paying, full time professional job. Many years and boy friends later, I married a nice man and thought only occasionally of that summer, college fling.

Last year, about 10 of my co-workers and I were eating lunch at a large, Mexican restaurant. To my pleasant surprise, I saw the man with the magic fingers from my college days eating lunch with a beautiful woman and two small children. He looked to have gain some weight, but still was handsome. I felt a happiness for him and hoped she treated him well.

I couldn't wait for the day to be over, the afternoon seemed to drag on forever. Finally, the day ended and I raced home, skipping the gym and my normal workout routine to get home as soon as possible before my husband.

Tripping over myself, I undressed quickly and in a haphazard way, flinging my blouse and shoes any which way. Before I knew it, I was in my bathroom, totally nude, looking at myself in the mirror, dripping wet, masturbating so hard I thought I was going to break a nail. I thought of him and his soft touch, and I watched my fingers to rub my swollen clit through my black pubic hair, wondering what it would be like to have him on his knees at that moment eating me out softly. I lunged over and squirted on the floor and down my leg. I cleaned up, went to the gym, took in a nice dinner with my husband, made love to my husband me on top with the lights out. I pretended my husband was him, and took extra long and deep thrusts of my hips and fed him my breasts. I slipped off him and slid down to his penis, sucking him until he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and sucked more while rubbing myself until I came.

Later, my hubby said 'What got into you'

'Oh, nothing hon, I just love you'

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