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Back in the '50's

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This must have been pretty common in the late fifties. At least it was in my high school. My best friend had a WWII army surplus jeep but any guys with a car did it. On Saturday night you packed in all your buddies-as many as would fit, and rode around downtown trying to start up conversations with any groups of girls that you passed on the sidewalk. Eventually one guy would think it was funny to pull out his dick and stroke it while he was talking to a girl without her knowing what he was doing. Sometimes every guy in the car had his dick out, usually with a coat over their lap. I know for sure that our group was not the only one doing this, and eventually word got to the girls what was going on, and they would make teasing comments asking us what we were holding and things like that. Sometimes a guy would cum a load, but that was not typical. Very late one night after we dropped off the other guys, my buddy, the owner of the jeep, started slowly pacing a group of girls who were on the sidewalk, keeping maybe two car lengths behind them. It was late and they were getting scared. I told him to cut it out and let's go home. He just ignored me and pulled out his dick and continued driving behind them. He had a huge hard on. He also had the biggest dick I had ever seen when it was hard. He told me to pull him off while he drove. I told him to fuck himself. He started to stroke himself and pulled along side the girls, asking them if they wanted a ride. The jeep does not provide much privacy for the driver, but it was very dark and they could not see his dick. I was really scared we were going to get into big trouble. I told him, OK, just pull away and I'll do it for you. So he accelerated very fast and drove out off the main roads and slowed down. I took his dick in my hand and it was really weird. I liked feeling it in my hand and I got a hard on right away. At the time being so young (I was 16) I had all these thoughts like I was maybe gay (not the word we used back then), and I got very anxious. I stopped, and said I couldn't do it. He told me I said I would and now I had to. I got really trembling and was afraid he would find out my cock had got hard from doing it. But I reached back over and gave him a really good job. He had to pull over and stop the car, and he leaned back and shot so huge all over the dash and it hit the window. He actually started to cry from the pleasure, and kept telling me how good it felt. It felt good for me too. So good I had cum in my pants. I forced myself to remain so calm looking that he did not know. In that period of time it just would have killed me if he ever found out that jerking him off did this to me. I wouldn't care now. I am sorry I had to grow up in a time when peoples' attitudes about sex, guys with guys, and masturbation were so destructive, and sorry also that I missed an opportunity to have had a lot of fun, because he would have made a great regular JO buddy, since we also cared a lot about each other. We never did anything like this again and he never found out how important and exciting that was for me. I still think about it sometimes when I jerk off. You guys and girls today live in a different world and you do not know how lucky you are.



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