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Back in High School

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Sorry if this is too long, but it was kind of a complicated event.


Way back when I was a sophomore in High school, I opened my locker and found a letter that had been slipped through the air vents. 40 years later, I still have it:

Hi Ken,

Know this is gonna sound kinda sick. I've tried to figure out how to say this to you without sounding like a pervert or anything, but here goes.

Ever since I first saw you in the gym shower, I've had fantasies about messing around with you. Every night I whack off thinking about you and your great body.

I know it wont ever happen probably, and right now you probably want to kick the shit out of my ass, but anyway I wanted to let you know.

If you promise not to kick the shit out of me, I'll tell you who I am. I'm not asking you to mess around or anything (but if you did wanna that would be GREAT!) So anyway, tomorrow if you want to know who I am, and promise not to kill me, wear your blue izod shirt. If you do I'll tell you my name.

Thanks, and hope youre not really pissed.

The first time I read it, I had a mixture of fear, and anger. The rest of that day, I looked at every guy with doubt. When I got home, I reread the note over and over. Part of me still was disgusted, but part of me was actually flattered that somebody thought I was hot. That night, I actually jerked off thinking about somebody was probably jerking off right then thinking about me and my body, and I had one of the strongest orgasms ever. The next morning, I was still undecided about what I was going to do, and stood shirtless for a good five minutes in my closet staring at my izod shirt.

I was nervous all day wearing my blue shirt. I couldn't think about anything but who had written the note, and every time somebody talked to me, I swear I trembled. Nobody came forward. At the end of school, I went to my locker, and there was a folded slip of paper on the bottom. I looked around, and didn't see anyone looking at me, and slowly picked it up and unfolded it. It said Bobby O_____. (Last name left out of this posting). Confused, I jammed the note into my pocket. I couldn't remember anyone named Bobby O__. I wracked my brain on the way home, trying to remember everyone in my gym classes for the past 2 years, and still couldn't remember. Finally it hit me. It had to be someone from track, but there were almost 100 kids on our track team. Then it hit me. The year before, I remembered a small skinny guy that ran the mile named Bobby, but he quit the team early on. He was new to the school, so I didn't really know him. I had never really talked to him, and he wasn't in any of my classes, but he had seemed fairly normal, not a psychopath or a threat. The phone rang while I was doing my homework, and when I answered, he said it was Bobby. I didn't say anything, and finally nervously he asked if I was really pissed off. I took a deep breath, and said no, but was confused, and frankly I wasn't sure who he was, and asked him if he was from the track team the previous year. He said yes, then I asked him if he did stuff like this a lot. He kinda broke down, and I could tell he was almost crying, and said he was really sorry, that he made a huge mistake, and he wouldn't bother me anymore. I actually really felt bad for him. I told him not to wig out, and then asked him to meet me after school the next day at the Deli in town. He said ok, and then we hung up.

I had never jerked off thinking about another guy in my whole life. (Well, I used to have this fantasy that involved walking in on our QB from the football team fucking his killer girlfriend, and getting a bj from her while he fucked her, but that was really more about her than him.) But after I hung up, I went to my room, and jerked off thinking about this kid blowing me. Afterward I felt ashamed and dirty, but that night I did it again.

I bought a soda and waited out front of the dele. My hands were wet, and I was shaking. I didn't know why I had asked him to meet me, and I didn't know what I was going to do. Soon bobby showed up, and obviously was as nervous as me. He bought a soda, and we went across the street to the park and sat at a picnic table. As we talked I calmed down, as he wasn't a threat, much smaller and thinner than me, and actually was very good looking with delicate features, big blue eyes, sandy longish hair, and almost translucent skin. He was pretty in almost a girlish way. I asked him to describe what his fantasies were with me when he did the deed. He looked down, and described graphically about how he would think about undressing me, blowing me, then having me fuck him. I got hard. I told him I really didn't think that I could handle messing around with another guy, and he said he understood.

A couple of weeks went by, and Bobby and I started having lunch together. We didn't talk again about the sex thing, and I actually started to like him as a friend. He was very funny, told great stories. One day he asked me to come over to his house, and I did. We were all alone, and I knew what he wanted to do, as I could see his boner in his jeans as he sat on the couch in his den. I told him again I didn't want to mess around, and he said okay.

I told him if he needed to go to his room and 'work things out', it was ok with me. He didn't say anything at first, then got up and started to leave, then turned and said, if you want to watch, its ok. I shook my head no, and he went down the hall. I was surprised to feel my dick starting to harden over the thought of what he was doing, and thought to myself, what the fuck, and went down the hall to his room and knocked on the door. I opened it, and he was on his bed, his jeans and underwear down, his t shirt pulled up to his neck, and his pillow over his crotch. Quite the scene. I walked in, sat at the end of his bed and said, changed my mind. He stared at me, slowly pushed the pillow aside, and I saw the first hardon other than mine in my life. He started slowly jerking off, staring at me the whole time. His hand quickly picked up the pace, it was just a blur, rubbing his chest with the other hand. He arched his back, closed his eyes, and came on his stomach and chest. All in about a minute or so. He let go of his dick, and it flopped onto his stomach, and he opened his eyes, still panting. All I could say was 'wow'. He quickly cleaned himself up, pulled his pants up, and we went back to the den.

I went home not long after, and we really didn't talk about it. But when I got home, I beat off too, thinking about watching him.

This became a kind of a pattern, except the rest of the time it happened in his den, each time me watching him, him staring at me. One day he asked me if I'd take my shirt off while he did it, and I did. He came really fast that day, with a really big load. This went on for about a month, everytime I'd take my shirt off for him. One day as he started to unzip, I told him to stop, I had a surprise for him. I walked over and said I don't think I'm gonna do this with you ever, but thought you might like these. The night before, I took two polaroid pictures of my dick close up, one soft, and one hard. I handed them to him, and his jaw dropped. He quickly got his dick out, put the pictures on the arm of the sofa. And stared at them until he came really fast. I told him to make sure no one ever saw those, and he furiously nodded, thanking me effusively. This went on once or twice a week for almost three months. When school ended, it became more frequent, as we had more time on our hands, sometimes almost daily.

In a weird way, I was getting used to it. I would jerk off about a third of the time thinking about Bobby, and it didn't disgust me anymore after I came. One afternoon, as he started to unzip, I did the same thing, and we jerked off together for the first time. Things progressed quickly after that, and soon we were sitting next to each other on the couch, jerking each other off. One day, we went to Bobby's room, and laid on his bed I rolled over on top of him, and started grinding our dicks together. Bobby slid his arms around my back, wrapped his legs around my waist, and thrust back into me. He quickly shuddered, and I felt his warm cum between us, I kept thrusting against his slippery stomach, until I came in a really intense orgasm.

Bobby was the only guy I have ever done anything with. After that summer, I got a girlfriend, and we didn't do anything together again. I see him on occasion around town, he has been living with a guy for about 20 years now, but whenever I run into him, he smiles and I know he is remembering our teen days. And every couple of months, when the wife is gone, I get out the letter from its hiding place, open up the high school yearbook to Bobby's picture, and think about that day we rubbed dicks together on his bed.



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