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Babysitting the Girls

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Babysitting with a difference and not what I was expecting !


My parents were going out with friends for the evening and I was now at an age where they trusted me to be home alone so I was looking forward to having the house to myself for the night. Their friends then rang to say that they'd been let down by their babysitter so would have to call it off but my parents came up with the idea that I could go round there and babysit their daughter Lisa so they could still go out. I was not pleased but I was offered extra allowance if I said yes, so I thought I might as well watch TV at their house and earn some extra cash as watch it at home so it was arranged that I'd be the babysitter

Lisa must have been about two years younger than me and when we got there I found out that she had her friend Claire who was about the same age staying for a sleepover. Both girls were quite cute looking and probably not as girly as I was half expecting. Lisa had long blonde hair and was quite slim, Claire was dark haired, not as tall, and more chubby in her body. Both of them were wearing a T shirt and skirt and I could see from the outline that they both had bras on under their shirts too.

Our parents left and we settled down to watch TV in the lounge, I was on the sofa and the girls were lying on the floor face down in front of me. The programme was boring and my attention soon started to wander to the two cute little things on the floor in front of me. At that time it didn't take much to get me thinking of girls but I was still inexperienced in practical issues. My thoughts were on their legs, inviting bare thighs and in just wishing that their skirts would ride up a little more and let me get a glimpse of their knickers. Even with a skirt on I could tell that Claire had a nice little round bottom on her.

The two of them where whispering, turning to look at me, and giggling. I was getting fed up with it so asked them what the matter was. Claire said 'Lisa's got something she wants to ask you '. More giggles, Lisa shaking her head, so I told her to just say it. Still giggling she said 'Will you show us your cock'. Boy was I not expecting that from her and I said 'No way', I was more than surprised at what she said. The two of them then started pleading with me saying that they'd never seen a boy's cock but a lot of their friends at school had as they had brothers so please would I show it to them, they wouldn't tell anyone.

This was an area I just didn't want to go to and so I continued to say no. Lisa then said 'Claire will show you her boobs if you'll show us'. Big gasps from Claire and 'No I won't ' and more giggling. Lisa was now sitting up facing me with her legs slightly apart and I could see up her skirt and saw her cute white panties covering her crotch. That sight and what she'd just said about Claire started to get my thoughts going in a direction they really shouldn't have done. Finally I said that I'd get undressed and show them but that they had to get naked too. I knew what I was suggesting was wrong but my desire to perhaps see something more than just Lisa's knickers had got the better of me, and I'd never yet seen a real live naked girl either.

The giggles now stopped and there were just anxious whispers between the two girls. Eventually Claire said 'Can we just keep our knickers on'. I would have happily stripped off just to see them in their knickers but I decided to push it and said no, it was naked or nothing. More urgent whispers until both girls turned to me, nodded and said okay. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I was probably as eager to see them naked as they were me so I told them okay too, but they had to promise not to tell anyone about it. They both agreed. I said we should all get down to our underwear first so we all started to undress. My heart was racing at the thought of seeing two naked girls, and I guess they must have been feeling the same about me.

When I was down to my underpants I looked up and both girls had stripped down too. Lisa was wearing a white bra and knickers with a little pattern on them, Claire had on bright pink knickers with a matching bra. It was easy to see that Claire was the bigger of the two in the chest and she still had a fair bit of puppy fat on her whereas Lisa was quite thin by comparison. I said that we should take it in turns, they take bras off first, I'll then take my underpants off and then they take knickers off. They both nodded silently.

They then reached behind their backs, undid their bras and then took them off. Both girls were noticeably blushing and stood nervously and a bit embarrassed in front of me. Lisa had no more than slight swellings on her chest but I noticed how big and erect her nipples looked. Claire's breasts were bigger and real pert and cute looking. Lisa made some comment about hers not being as big as Claire's but I told her not to worry they'd soon grow which made her smile.

It was now my turn and I was suddenly aware that my cock was tenting out the front of my underpants big style. I slid my pants down and stepped out of them and my cock sprang out bobbing into the girl's view. I took hold of it and pulled the foreskin back exposing the red swollen head, and became fully erect. The look on the girl's faces was a picture, eyes wide, mouths open just staring at it and not saying anything. I'm very much average sized down there but I suppose to two girl's seeing their first erect penis it must have seemed quite impressive. Eventually they started asking questions and I told them I was hard and erect as I was excited at seeing them undressed which produced giggles again and seemed to please them.

Claire asked if she could touch it but I said only when they were naked too. Two pairs of knickers were then skimmed off in seconds flat leaving both of the girls naked too. It was now my turn to stare in wonder as my gaze went to the tops of their legs and I saw my first ever pussies. Lisa had a few wisps of blonde pubic hair starting but was basically bare down there with the slit of her pussy very obvious. Claire already had quite a bit of dark pubic hair which kept her pussy hidden from my view, she also had the most lovely rounded pert bottom I'd ever seen.

Once again Claire asked if she could touch my cock and this time I said yes and her hand nervously took hold of it and had a quick feel before she took it away again. Lisa asked her what it felt like and Claire said it was funny, hard but soft too, and warm. Lisa seemed a bit too shy to want to touch it herself just yet. Having Claire touch my cock gave me another idea and I asked if they would like to see me cum, I was actually getting desperate to relieve myself somehow. I'm not sure either girl was quite sure what I was going to do but they both said yes. I asked Claire if she'd like to do it for me as she seemed the more adventurous of the two and that it was okay I'd tell her what to do.

She agreed and I told her to take hold of my cock again, squeeze it a little bit and then move her hand slowly up and down the shaft. No matter that she wasn't an expert at it, I'd never been jerked by anyone else before and the feeling of having someone else do it to me was incredible. I knew I wouldn't last long and in less than a minute I felt the tension build and then my cock was twitching, sperm shooting out the end, most of it hitting Claire on the chest. Both girls squeeled, Claire letting go of my cock as sperm continued to shoot out of it. I don't think either of them had been expecting that to happen and it took a moment for their shock to turn to amazement, before they said it was the coolest thing they'd ever seen. Claire was worried about the white sticky stuff on her chest but I told her it was okay and to get a tissue to clean it up.

My cock had now gone limp and I said to them that in return for letting them see me cum it was only fair that they let me have a proper look at their pussies. I told them to sit on the floor and open their legs for me. Lisa was rather reluctant but Claire spread her legs apart and I was now able to see her pussy lips through her dark hairs. With some encouragement from Claire, Lisa finally did the same and with her lack of hair I got a clear view of my first live pussy. Despite her initial shyness I noticed that the lips of Lisa's pussy were pouting open more than Claire's were and looked moist. I asked if I could touch her there and she said okay. I nervously touched her pussy and started to rub it gently and she said that felt nice, her pussy lips felt warm and moist to my fingers. I had no idea really how to touch a girl down there or how to make her cum and didn't dare try to insert a finger into her.

While I was doing this I noticed Claire had her hand between her legs and was touching herself too. I also noticed, as did the girls, that my cock had started to get hard again. A few strokes and I was fully erect again. Lisa, who seemed to be rapidly losing her shyness, then asked if she could make me cum this time. I said okay and sat back while her hand circled my cock and then started to jerk me like she'd seen Claire do. She was going a bit fast but I wasn't complaining. I managed to last a bit longer the second time before I came, this time with far less sperm than before which mainly dribbled down Lisa's hand. Both girls seemed a little disappointed that it hadn't shot out like last time but I explained to them that it never did the second time.

After a bit more time naked together, answering questions and looking at our bodies I sent the girls up for a bath while I got dressed. I could hear lots of giggling and chatter coming from the bathroom and when I went up they were quite relaxed about me once again seeing them naked, getting dried, and then heading down the corridor to Lisa's bedroom. The sight of Claire's bare bottom, red from the hot bath, as she ran along ahead of me practically had me hard again, but that could wait until I got home. I left the girls in Lisa's room and noticed that they were both going to share a bed together. I'm sure they must have masturbated, perhaps each other, that night.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to babysit Lisa again. I think my parents wondered why I was so keen to go there again but they never found out, and to think I got paid for it too !



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