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Babysitting Steve

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I babysat for the neighbors three boys for a number of years. The oldest was 14 the younger five and three. One night, after I had put the two younger ones to bed, Steve came back from his shower to the den in just his pyjama bottoms. He sat down next to me on the couch, and leaned his head back into my shoulder. His blonde hair smelled so sweet from shampoo. I put my arm around him, and cuddled him. I stroked his smooth chest, gently brushing his nipple. He shivered, and I played with it until it hardened. I looked down, and saw the outline of his erection pressing up against his pjs. I slowly ran my hand down his smooth bare stomach, and teased his cute little belly button, which made him squirm, pressing his back into my breasts.

My eyes were riveted on the bulge in his pj's. He was only 14, but Steve appeared to be every bit as large as my boyfriend, maybe bigger. I put my hand on top of his erection, and lightly rubbed it. Steve sighed, and pressed his hips upward into my hand. With my other hand, I pulled the drawstring of his pj's, and ran my hand inside, over the head, down the shaft, and cupped his testicles. He lifted his hips up, and I slid his pyjamas down to his thighs, and saw it for the first time. It was slightly larger than my boyfriends, longer and thicker, and a beautiful pearly white. It was frankly a lot more attractive than my boyfriend's.. his was dark and veiny, with foreskin and a dense mat of black pubic hair covering his balls and dick, and Steve's was smooth and circumcised, with a very light sparse blonde pubic area, and his balls were totally smooth.

I fondled his soft scrotum, and ran my hand up and down his shaft, teasing that sensitive part at the back of the head with my forefinger. Steve began breathing harder, and squirming on my lap as I quickened up my strokes. His whole body stiffened, his toes curled, and with a thrust up into my hand, he orgasmed, squirting shot after shot about an inch into the air, and down onto his stomach. I released him, and ran my fingers through his puddle, spreading it over his stomach, as he sighed and relaxed in my lap. I worked myself put from under him, and went to the kitchen and got a warm wash cloth, and cleaned his stomach and softened dick. As I washed him, he hardened again, and looked at me with pleading eyes. 'again'? I asked incredulously, and he whispered 'please'. So again I moved behind him, he leaned back, and I jerked him off, this time rubbing his chest and stomach lightly with my left hand. He orgasmed again in less than five minutes, but with a lot less semen. I cleaned him up again, and told him he needed to get to bed. He pulled his pjs up, gave me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, and gushed out a thank you. After he closed his door, I lowered my shorts and panties, and attended to my well soaked pussy, reliving the events of just minutes before.

For the next year, Steve and I repeated our game every time I babysat the family. Then I went off to college. I still drop by to see the kids when I'm in the area, and Steve is now a senior in college. Whenever I see him, his eyes twinkle, and his bulge grows.



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