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Babysitting My Younger Cousin

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This happened around a month ago. I am 17 years old and have been babysitting my younger cousin (Kirsty) on a regular basis. She is only 11 years old and is yet to reach puberty however she is an extremely curious young girl.
Anyway I arrived at her house at 7:00 right on time, and was greeted by my uncle. Both my Uncle and Auntie were going out for a quiet night together for the night. So they made sure everything was ok and then left. Kirsty was busy watching tv so I went and sat down next to her and began to watch tv with her. After half an hour or so I had began to get a bit bored of watching the show Kirsty was watching and had gone into a daze. Then suddenly I here 'Whats that bulge in your pants?' I looked down and to my amazement my dick had gone hard and its outline was clearly visible. I didn't now exactly what to say but attempted to cover it up. Me and Kirsty were very close and got on fairly well but I was stumped for words. I had no Idea what to say to that and so I tried to change the subject. Kirsty wasn't going to let me off and kept at me and so I finally told her what it was. I was hoping that would be the end of it but she then began asking me question after question until finally she asked me the big question which I was hoping she wouldn't ask and that was 'can I see it?' I was kind of excited but I knew it was wrong, but after a bit of hesitation I said ' alright but you have to undress aswell.'
She had no problem and so we both undressed down to our underwear. I was a bit nervous but after a few minutes finally took my underwear off so as I was totally naked. Kirsty still had her panties on, but after a bit of encouragement from me she finally took her panties off. She had a very good body for an 11 year old. She was yet to develope anything in the breasts region, she is yet to grow hair around her vagina and to my surprisement she had a very good ass. It was perfectly shaped and was turning me on. My dick was stiff, Kirsty was just standing there staring at it.
Kirsty then started asking me questions and I answered them all as best I could. I wasn't actually sure as what to do as she was my younger cousin but she was so good looking that I was getting very horny. Kirsty loved the game 'Doctor' We had often played it before but obviously we had never played it naked before. So I asked her whether she wanted to play it and she said sure. Kirsty loves being the doctor and this was no different she took my hand and then took me into her room and lay me on her bed. I was really turned on, Kirsty stated touching me all over sending tingles around my body but when she touched my dick I nearly blew my load right there but managed to hold on. Unfortunetly she didn't spend much time in that region but what she did next was so good. She told me to role over so I did. Anyway I was just lying there when Kirsty told me she was going to take my temperature. I wasn't sure what she was going to do we usually used a cylinder shaped thing sort of like a pencil but a bit thicker. I was just lying there when I felt this thing touch my ass. I couldn't believe it but had no complaints. Kirsty then began to push it further in and boy did it feel good. However my dick couldn't take it anymore and I spurted cum all over Kirsty's bed sheets. I wasn't sure whether I should have done that but it was too late for that. Kirsty then took the thingy out of my ass and told me it was my turn to be doctor. When I got up Kirsty saw the cum all over her bed and asked me what it was. I told her that my dick got excited and thats what happens. She was really interested in it and asked me whether she could do the same. I told her she was probably too young but I could find out for her. She was really eager to do it. I told her she would get a really big surprise and told her that I would have to rub and suck her vagina, she thought about it and then said ok. So I wiped the cum off her bed with a tissue and told her to lie down. I was really excited I had never done anything like this before. When she was liing down I began to rub her pussy up and back and then finally moved my head down to her pussy and bagan sucking on her pussy. boy did it taste good. Kirsty was moaning fairly load. I kept sucking and sticking my tongue down her her pussy for about half an hour until finally Kirsty told me she felt like peeing. I told her not to worry as it was perfectly normal. Two minutes later she had her first orgasm ever. juices started flowing out of her pussy all over the bed. I tried to lick up as much as I could as it tasted so good. Kirsty couldn't believe it, she said that it was the best feeling she ever had and got up and started to kiss me. I gave her a small kiss back and then got up and told her that her parents were nearly dew home so she better get ready for bed. So I helped her get into her pj's and cleaned her teeth and put her to bed. Her sheets were still wet but I told her not to worry as they would be dry in the morning.
So I gave her one last kiss and turned the lights out and then got dressed.
This was by far the best experience I have ever had and can't wait to see Kirsty again. Any way I hope you liked my story.



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