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When I was 15 I was a little hellion. Mom had been killed in a car crash and I was living with my dad who was an exec for this big ass company. Dad had to go out of town on business, and didn't feel like he could leave me alone... and I'd already demonstrated that no one but him could control me. I'd ditched my last babysitter and basically ran away the last time he left town.

So, for this trip (I found out later) he hired a couple of college-age girls that we knew to 'babysitter' me without letting me know what they were up to. He told them they were supposed to flirt with me, tease me, and keep me at home and out of trouble. He got more than he bargained for.

It was the last day of school, and Dad had just left that morning. I come home from school, along the side of the garage and through the back gate, and freeze... there are a couple of hot babes in itty bitty swimsuits sunbathing out by my pool. The one I know, Gina, waves and says that my dad said they could use the pool, did I mind? I mumbled no, and retreated to the house, too freaked out to do much more. I stood in the kitchen and looked out at their beautiful bodies for about ten minutes, not knowing even what to think.

Then Gina comes in-wearing a bright blue one-piece thong with a low cut back-she was basically naked in back, and invited me to pull on my swimsuit and join them. I said no I had some stuff to do, and she laughed at me, and just grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the sun.

Kristin, the other girl, a brunette in a pink bikini said that if I was going to be out there with them I at least had to take off my shirt. I stripped off my shirt and shoes, and lounged with them in my shorts.

Time flew and I was in heaven, staring at their hot bods, trying not to let them catch me. After an hour or so Kristin said she wanted to get in the pool, but she could smell the chlorine from where she was lying. She said she didn't want to ruin her new swimsuit, was it okay with us if she went in bare.

Gina said sure... and I didn't say anything... my mouth was open wide and I was in shock. Gina said we should all get in bare. She pulled off her suit, and Kristin dropped her top... then they jumped me and tried to pull off my shorts. I yelled no, that I was hard and embarrassed.

It was too cool to be wrestling with two bare babes and I gave up after a token resistance. We jumped in the pool and I tried to hide my hard on, but after swimming a couple of laps they both swam up beside me and put their arms around my shoulders as I rested against the edge.

My huge cock was easy to see in the shallow water, and Kristin said to Gina that 'we need to help the poor little dude'. Once again, I had nothing to say... at 15 I didn't have much of a personality around girls.

They both reached down and started to caress my cock and balls, and Kristin told me that I 'simply HAD' to feel up her tits.

I only lasted about three strokes. They stayed with me the whole week that Dad was gone, and believe me, I didn't run away. They never actually let me fuck them, but I must have come a thousand times. They showed me how to please a girl with my tongue and fingers... in fact just about everything I know I owe to Kristin and Gina. How could any guy get luckier?



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