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Babysitter Lessons

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When I was slightly younger I remember coming home from a football game one Friday night to find my brother's babysitter Kelly, sitting on the couch watching a movie. Assuring me that my brother was already in bed, I sat beside her and we began to talk about our day. She'd babysat for my brother, and me some when I was young enough, for a few years now and I was pretty comfortable with her.

'How was the party?' she asked curiously as I sighed, giving her a look. 'Not satisfying enough, if you know what I mean.' I answered quickly. We'd recently begun discussing how far we'd been with our boyfriends and she was well aware that I was physically frustrated with the lack of 'attention' my boyfriend had been paying me.

Kelly was leaning back against the arm of the couch, her legs crossed as she laughed softly and pulled me back against her, stroking my hair in a comforting manner. 'You've just got to force his hand.' she advised after a moment, opening her legs slightly as I leaned back into her. 'What does that even mean?' I asked obliviously, frustrated. Without response Kelly moved her hand to mine at my waist, her words suddenly soft and hoarse as she whispered in my ear. 'You've got to show him what you want.' she began, slowly running fingertips against my bare mid-drift. Finally her hand when up my shirt and I found myself not moving to stop her, only relaxing into her body as she cupped one of my breasts, her other hand joining as she worked my nipples into hard little peaks. I let my eyes close for a moment as a soft sigh escaped my lips.

Taking my noises as encouragement, Kelly continued. 'You've got to show him what you like.' she added to her advice, prompting me to ask, 'How do I know what I like?' I thought I'd managed to play it off innocently, keeping it cool. Without hesitation her hands slipped down my body and into the front of my shorts, undoing my button and zipper. 'Let me show you.' she said softly, practically purring as she slipped a hand beneath my panties. Biting down against my bottom lip I stifled a moan as her fingertips explored my opening, only teasing my swollen, needy lips. I was extremely wet by now, I'd never had anyone touch me like this before or even imagined it would be Kelly. She gathered my juices in one finger and rolled the slick digit over my enlarged clit, causing my body to jerk slightly. She laughed softly in my ear as the older girl continued to masturbate me, slowly sliding one finger and then two into my pussy, working them quickly in and out, causing me to catch my breath. One finger of her free hand moved to my clit finally as she finger fucked me, circling the little nub slowly at first, then rapidly as I grew closer to my climax. I spread my legs as wide as I could for her, encouraging her as she added another finger to my pussy, quickly and roughly fucking me with her hand and bringing me to the best orgasm I've ever had.



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