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Baah, Baah!

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My dearest friend, Judi, and I were next door neighbors since age four. And although we were as close as sisters, we never discussed anything of a sexual nature until we both turned thirteen and our surging hormones kicked in. We talked incessantly about our changing bodies, cute boys and in general terms about masturbation. Each of us acknowledged doing it, yet a certain sense of modesty/privacy/propriety prevented us from elaborating.

That all changed the fateful day my dad brought home a shoe-shine machine. (If you've never seen one, it's an electric device that has a large rotating cylindrical brush near the floor made from plush, thick lamb's wool. A button on the top of the rod holding the brush controls the speed . . . it turns at hundreds of revolutions per minute as it shines the shoes.)

As an incredibly horny and curious teen, I was always on the look-out for different ways to masturbate, and the thought of this rapidly-rotating brush started my creative (and other) juices flowing. All that motion had to have the potential of producing big time orgasms. My chief concern, however, was that I didn't want to place my naked pussy where dirty shoes were cleaned, nor did I want to leave tell-tale cum stains caked in the lamb's wool for dear ol' dad to question.

So I called Judi and, confiding in each other as never before, we decided to put our previous inhibitions aside to concoct a way we could use this contraption to send ourselves to masturbatory heaven.

We both adorned swimsuits and squatted over the rotating brush, but the suits' fabric was so thick we really couldn't feel anything. Then I took off the swimsuit and put on a pair of panties -getting really turned on-ready to squat again when I realized that the crotch was so wet it would get all over the brush.

Then success!! I got a pair of very old, small panties and cut out a section of the crotch. I then placed a big sheet of Saran Wrap over my drenched, shaved pussy and put the panties on to hold the Saran Wrap in place. (Judi laughingly said my exposed puss looked like a piece of wet pressed ham!) Through all this experimentation and anticipation I was now on the verge of cumming without even touching myself.

Judi helped me by holding my elbows as I cautiously lowered my Saran-exposed cunny to the whirling lamb's wheel. When the speeding wool flew over my lips and then to my engorged clit, explosive shock waves of unimaginable pleasure surged through my groin-such that I'll never be able to describe those delicious sensations. I screamed in excruciating rapture, falling back into Judi's waiting arms, whimpering and barely able to catch my breath. All the juices thankfully were held at bay by Saran Wrap.

(This experience gives new meaning to the term, 'polishing your knob'.)

Next time I'll tell you about Judi's experience.



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