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Awkward Beginnings

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Where it all started. My first explorations.


Ok, so I don't really know where to begin but I had the idea to share where things started for me. I did not know very much back then as an early teenager, I just knew that I was excited to learn and explore. This is a completely true story, I don't know why I would make this up.

I had a girlfriend at the time, who I will call Laura. Laura was my first girlfriend that went beyond the 'holding hands' stage. She was the first girl I ever made out with, and the first that I ever touched or touched me.

Let me describe Laura. She was petite, blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes, a perfect half circle smile, strong cheeks, I don't know for sure but I think b cup breasts, we were young though so I could be wrong.

A little about me. I am tan, I was a swimmer so I had a toned body with long lean muscles, dark hair, dark brown eyes, and a 6 1/2 inch cut mushroom headed cock... which I had been playing with as long as I could remember.

A few months after Laura and I started dating we had started exploring each other's bodies more. I am very thankful that she was as open as she was because I was not very brave back then. As we were making out she would occasionally take my hand and put it on her breast!! I, being a teenage boy touching my first breast, did not have any problem with this. Eventually I got a little more courage and started to slip my hand up under her shirt and even learned how to take off a bra.

I don't think I ever actually removed her shirt and bra to see them with my own eyes, but I will never forget feeling my first uncovered breast. And OH the nipple! To this day I enjoy playing with women's nipples more than I enjoy playing with my own penis. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I don't have very sensitive nipples so when I see that I can give a woman so much pleasure just by playing with hers it makes me very happy.

Now flash forward a few months. We had been doing that same old any time we could and I could tell she wanted to do more. I had no idea how to make this happen and tried forever to figure out how to make the move 'below'. The night finally came when we went on a date to the movies. I would like to hear if anyone else first touched someone in a crowded movie theater. Ours was packed, I'm pretty sure the show was sold out, because we were sitting in the third row with people on both sides of us with no seats in between.

She was sitting with a jacket covering her body. My hand was holding her hand in her lap. I started lightly rubbing the inside of her thighs as we started to make out. I let my hand slide down her stomach and waited at the edge of her pants. I had never done anything like this, I don't remember if I was breathing at all. I think I was too scared to breathe. She didn't stop me so I kept going. I reached for the button. It was already undone. SHE HAD UNDONE IT FOR ME!! I was no longer scared of being stopped.

I slid my hand down, over her soft light covering of hair and finally let my hand touch the warm, soft velvet of a girls vagina. I was the happiest I had ever been, but there was a problem.. I had no idea what to do! So embarrassing to tell, I stuck my index finger in. Thinking back on it, she was very wet, I slid right in, but I had NO idea what this meant back then. And I moved my one finger in and out of her hole, not pressing anywhere in particular, for the next five minutes.

At about that time she leaned into my ear and said probably my favorite phrase I have ever heard, 'can I give you a hand job?' I dumbfoundedly responded, 'here?' to which she replied, 'well you are fingering me aren't you?' I had never heard such sound reasoning, and agreed to let a girl touch my penis for the first time.

We readjusted the jacket over me and she leaned on my shoulder and reached over to my stomach. Never before or since have so many butterflies been going around in there. I bit my lip as she undid my pants, reached down into them and took hold of my cock. Her lack of experience was as evident as mine as she just lightly closed her fingers around me and moved her hand up and down the length of my shaft tantilizingly slow. But I didn't care, this was the best day of my life.

As you can probably guess, she did not cum and neither did I, we just both didn't know enough. But I'm pretty sure she still had as much fun as I did, hopefully she was a masturbator and did herself right after the movie.. because I sure did. I think that there is nothing more amazing than first discovering sexuality and I love this site for allowing everyone to share their experiences with it. It is quite a journey.

To this day I always look around the movie theater when I walk in to see if there are any teenagers cuddling up with each other to NOT watch a movie, because even after all this detail I can remember.. I have no idea what movie we saw that night.



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